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  1. I've never thought we'd get her early runway pics in HQ! thanks a lot, Ariana! ❤️
  2. It wasn't an interview, it was a quote from her book, that was reposted by thousands of other sites and lol yeah Gisele sure needs to mention Leo, who's still confused about his private life after all these years lol and Leo who's always been cheating on his girlfriends is an angel, just because he doesn't speak about his exes publicly lol seriously, what do you expect him to say ? That he cheated on Gi and on Bar, the girls who were his longest time girlfriends ? He'd better speak about his exes than cheat on his girlfriends lol And what do you want her to do about that ? Break up
  3. She wrote a book about her life and career and whether you like it or not Leo was a part of her life and all she said was that they had a different vision of life and future, she talked about millions of other things in that book but people only focus on that tiny mention of Leo and if she really wanted to talk about him I'm sure she had way more to say about him but she didn't, everyone knows shy she broke up with him but she never mentioned that to avoid degrading him. No offense but I find it so funny, that people still believe Gisele needs to mention Leo for some reason. Gisele
  4. love Hope pics she's such a goddess, I can't even
  5. those are so rare! I'm in love! Thanks a lot Ariana!
  6. she's so beautiful that close up pic is unreal Nino isn't that big photographer but he definitely captures her very good, like he shows her natural in and out beauty, we've seen some really gorgeous shots of Gi by him through the years.
  7. most important is people change with age, we all change, a nose is the center of our face and it changes too. just because she had kind of full face and nose when she was 15 and her face and nose changed and became slimmer, doesn't mean she got a nose job.
  8. she said she got boobs job after kids breastfeeding. she's never had a nose job, it's weird people still believe it.
  9. thanks, shella here's VI editorial Vogue Italia October 2018 ph. by Luigi & Iango
  10. I just love how Karlie loves and adores Gisele hope they'll have a shoot together!
  11. yeah, not a fan of her look, but it's still so iconic and proves her versatility
  12. Vogue Italia October 2018 ph. by Luigi & Iango fold out cover
  13. thanks, shella looking forward to their pic together
  14. Vivi and her princess dresses
  15. Hope VP rumor is true and if it is then we need Vogue UK her to get big 4 this year
  16. Gisele out in NYC, June 26, 2018 HQs giselebundchen-online.com
  17. thanks! my girl is back on Vogue US this is her 12th American Vogue cover! what a Queen!
  18. I've never seen this one thanks
  19. I hope they'd shot a cover already and had to do 73 questions
  20. thank you! do you happen to have HQs of Oscar De La Renta F/W 2000 and S/S 2001 ? I have tiny ones and would love to get HQs
  21. thank you for all the rares!
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