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  1. I know this crazy woman from another crazy IG account that used to offend Leo, so yeah, she's certainly a troll. Please, this is just ridiculous, BUT of course people will want to believe this crazy lady, hopefully Leo will prove he has nothing to do with this shit and will sue her or something. Ahh ok, she said she asked for DNA and Leo said no because he doesn't know her, ok. That's probably the truth, lol. Plus, the woman, according to herself slept with a bunch of men in Hollywood, so basically anyone can be father of her kid, lol.
  2. Thanks jade, lilja k, sugarwater and ox for the updates. Leo mentioned on Brad Pitt presenting best supporting actress, at the beggining talking about Amanda Seyfried.
  3. Thanks for the article, jade. It seems DLU will be released in november or december, so I guess a trailer is not coming anytime soon.
  4. Yeah, I'am soo excited, finally filming started and that set pic is WOW, beautiful! Thanks ox.
  5. About Wolf's alternate ending Wolf Of Wall Street's alternate ending would have brought back Cristin Mililoti's Teresa and painted Jordon in a (slightly) more sympathetic light. How I Met Your Mother star Cristin Milioti also appears in The Wolf Of Wall Street as Teresa, Jordan Belfort's first wife. She supports Jordan throughout his early career as a stockbroker, and she's the one who points out the ad for stockbrokers in the newspaper selling penny stocks. Jordan soon makes a financial killing at this, leading him on a path of drug addiction and corruption. She later
  6. Just for fun. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, like most Tarantino flicks, left fans to come up with plenty of theories. Some are way more plausible than others. https://screenrant.com/once-upon-time-hollywood-good-bad-fan-theories/
  7. Adam McKay about Don't Look Up Filmmaker Adam McKay is hard at work directing his next film Don’t Look Up, which pairs Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence together as the leads, but even though the film just recently wrapped production it’s already shifting away from the central idea with which McKay began. The film is being made for Netflix and continues McKay’s recent trend of tackling pressing socio-economic issues with his feature films. Indeed, one didn’t quite expect the director behind brilliant-yet-silly comedies like Step Brothers and Anchorman to win an Oscar for co-w
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