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  1. thanks jade, bnkenobi, ox and calibi for all the updates.
  2. calibi, fallenangel, ox and jade: thanks for the updates. kat: Hey girl!
  3. ox and calibi: thanks for the pics.
  4. thanks ox and calibi for the updates. Aww, Judi Dench and Emma Stone. Monaco gala, Leo appears at 1.33 and 2.02
  5. Thanks fallenangel, calibi and ox for the updates. Italian article translated by google. The article mention Leo said this at an interview for magazine IO Donna, probably around the time he was promoting Revenant. Leonardo DiCaprio: "The woman I marry will have to be ecologist" Leonardo DiCaprio is an avid single, but if he ever decides to get married, his dream woman will have to be an ecologist. Very busy in the defense of the environment, the Hollywood star can not fail to share his vocation with the woman he loves. All the news about Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio blessed among Leonardo DiCaprio women and friendship with Kate Winslet Beautiful and talented, Leonardo DiCaprio has been hurting hearts in recent years, winning top models and great actresses, all overwhelmed by his magnetic appeal. In addition to dedicating himself to a beauty routine that allows him to always appear at its best, DiCaprio is also an interesting and passionate man, like the one for the environment. The actor, in fact, stated that if she felt the desire to get married, the woman of his dreams should be an ecologist. Love for the Environment: Leonardo DiCaprio puts the planet in the first place After a number of interrupted sentimental relationships, such as those with Bar Refaeli, Gisele Bündchen and Blake Lively, the handsome Leonardo never lost their minds; indeed, his success with women is always assured, and he is often willing to dictate The conditions. His professional career, especially after winning the Oscar Prize as Best Actor of Revenant, is experiencing an explosive moment, but the actor does not lose opportunity to devote himself to the environment. His passion for ecology has become a true vocation, so that the Hollywood star has funded several projects dedicated to protecting the environment. For this reason, when thinking of a hypothetical marriage, DiCaprio emphasized that his dream woman would have to be a convinced eologist. During an interview with IO Donna, the actor talked about his love of the environment and the need to spread the information needed to understand how much the current lifestyle is not sustainable any longer. His attention to all matters relating to respect for the environment is not a way of passing, indeed: the actor has made this subject almost a second profession, becoming one of the activists who invests more money in projects geared to sustainability. For this reason, the woman who should be close to him for the rest of her life will have to share with him such strong motivations. http://mag.sky.it/lifestyle/2017/09/29/eonardo-dicaprio-donna-che-sposero-ecologista.html
  6. thanks ox and bnkenobi for the new pics.
  7. Yes. But I think some of this projects are just speculation... because Leo won't be able to do all this, he might produce some of this movies and other actors will star in it. I do think he's going to do Killers of the Flower Moon, it seems this one will actually happen. From all this other projects the ones I like are Devil in the White City ad the Da Vinci biopic, the others I pass... but I'am still curious about the Tarantino project, if it's really going to happen and if Leo will be in it, although I don't want him doing the Manson part...
  8. Interview promoting The Revenant, I'm not sure if this one was posted before, but I had not seen. At the end he talks about his Russian blood.
  9. Ok, so Leo is now the name of a spider as well, haha. Scientists have discovered 15 new species of "smiley-faced" spiders and named them after David Attenborough, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bernie Sanders among others. In a study published in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, researchers detailed the new spider species named Spintharus davidattenboroughi, S barackobamai, S michelleobamaae, and S berniesandersi as well as S davidbowiei and S leonardodicaprioi. "In naming these spiders, the students and I wanted to honor people who stood up for both human rights and warned about climate change - leaders and artists who promoted sensible approaches for a better world," said Ingi Agnarsson, professor at University of Vermont in the US. Until now, the yellow, smiley-faced spiders in the genus Spintharus - named for a smiley face pattern on their abdomens - have been thought to have one widespread species "from northern North America down to northern Brazil," Agnarsson said. http://www.dnaindia.com/science/report-new-spider-species-named-after-barack-obama-leonardo-dicaprio-and-bernie-sanders-2548723
  10. ox, thanks for the pic and Paris sighting.
  11. Thanks leolover and ox for the news.
  12. thanks for the pícs, calibi.
  13. Exactly Jade. I mean, just look at him.