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  1. thanks ox and calibi for the updates. I'm almost sure this pic of leo and nina is from months ago.
  2. calibi and ox, thanks for the pic, video and articles.
  3. Oh, I hope he walks the Oscars red carpet at least, rooting for you.
  4. And don't forget the SAG at january 30.
  5. In this article have the video of him presenting the award.
  6. thanks ox and calibi for the updates. Man, watch the whole Golden Globes just to see Leo for a few seconds, anyway it's always worthy. It was funny because the girl almost needed to push him to leave the stage after the actress finished her speech, lol. I don't think he walked the red carpet since he was there just to present the best actress, I think he was not even at the cerimony, just arrived to present and left for some pos-party, I guess.
  7. thanks calibi and kat for the updates. Great article about Leo and Denzel. Loved this pic, he looks hot! Going to be my new avi.
  8. kat, thanks for the pic and video, new to me as well. ox, yeah, hopefully he will be presenting at SAG, Bafta and Oscars too.
  9. YEAH!!!! thanks for the info, calibi
  10. thanks for the article, calibi. IDK about you guys... but I'm missing awards season from last year, soooo much Leo pics, videos, amazing moments. I really hope this sunday he will present best actress in drama at the Golden Globes.
  11. Man, so many hate here lately... kat and dicap, you said girls.
  12. thanks calibi and dicaprihoes for the updates. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  13. BTW, Leo is number 13 in the 50 most popular celebs from JJ list.
  14. If you see something about Leo in Brazil it's not true, brazilian press is going crazy saying this guy below is Leo, of course it's not. This guy just happens to be in Trancoso (where brazilian press said Leo would spend new years), obviously they were wrong since Leo is in Mexico right now. To think this guy is Leo is too much for me, he doesn't look nothing like Leo, LMAO.