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  1. Thanks ox and jade. I think it's time for some famous requests from Barbie, so here are my requests for february: OUATIH poster OUATIH stills OUATIH trailer, or at least a teaser trailer.
  2. thanks for the article, ox.
  3. Happy New Year, @marinebing!
  4. Thanks ox and jade. The last pic from IG, it seems Rick Yorn there, I think it's really him.
  5. Same my friend. But I have a feeling just february or march for a trailer. The good part is that usually before a trailer we get a poster and maybe some stills.
  6. Thanks for the pics, ox. Yes, looks like Rick Yorn in the first pic.
  7. {name}

    Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    Happy New Year htttps.
  8. Thanks jade and ox for the updates. Yes, could be that ox, maybe she's playing an actress and that's her role name and than "real" name on the movie.
  9. Did she play 2 different roles or twins on the movie? I'am confused. #giveusthistrailerasap
  10. thanks for the pics jade. More pics from NY.
  11. thanks for the new pics, ox.
  12. Another Chinese car commercial, he doesn't say anything but looks great, lol.