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  1. Yes, exactly what I think, that's it. And from now on I will try to avoid talking about Gisele or any other ex GF.
  2. Nevermind, like I said before better stay quiet, my opinions are always not very liked anyway. Just forget.
  3. Why? I didn't lied, her nose and boobs are fake, that's all, I'am not judging her, just saying the truth. This is not much different than when people say Leo have extra weight, which is absolutely true and I'am not judging him as well because I also have extra weight.
  4. This pic is as fake as Blake's nose and boobs... #sorrynotsorry. It's photoshop.
  5. And there is a cute video inside this article too, Leo playing in water with Camila's little brother Sky, than later I think I see Peggy and Normandie... not sure, but I think it's them. Someone else think it's them too?
  6. New pics, he looks happy, good to see. http://www.justjared.com/2020/08/18/leonardo-dicaprio-looks-like-hes-having-a-great-time-during-his-shirtless-beach-day/
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