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  1. ox: thanks for the tweet, movie locations and info. And here goes my request for the week: TONS OF SET PICS! haha.
  2. Hopefully soon, can't wait to see all of them together! Welcome Balevendriaukr!
  3. Wow, haha... won't stop requesting pics. Thanks for the new pics, ox. He looks so cute, his face looks like he just wake up.
  4. BarbieErin

    Margot Robbie

    That trailer is sooooo good, and Margot is such a great actress, can't wait to watch!
  5. His butt is looking great. Thanks bnkenobi.
  6. bnkenobi: thanks for the HQs. ox: thanks for the set pics. I have to say, Leo's booty.
  7. Insert song, haha. I got the power, LMAO. OMG it's working, I'am sooo happy for this set pics, today is a great day, lot of pics.
  8. Haha, I'am glad my requests worked... now I request SET PICS!
  9. Thanks for the new pics, ox. At least in the JJ ones we can see Leo's face. I guess now that LeBron is at Lakers than Leo will come back to watch the games.
  10. Question, where are the set pics?
  11. Yeah, I hope too. Quentin, I'm still waiting for the deleted kissing scene of Calvin and Sheba...
  12. More 10 actors joined Once Upon cast. EXCLUSIVE: Quentin Tarantino has rounded out his cast of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Spencer Garrett, Martin Kove, James Remar, Brenda Vaccaro, Nichole Galicia, Mike Moh, Craig Stark, Marco Rodriguez, Ramon Franco and Raul Cardona. https://deadline.com/2018/07/quentin-tarantino-rounds-out-cast-with-spencer-garrett-martin-kove-james-remar-brenda-vaccaro-1202424049/