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  1. Videos of Leo at the Climate March.
  2. kat, eastofeden, calibi, bnkenobi and ox, thanks for all the amazing updates. I'm really glad that Leo went to the march.
  3. bnkenobi, thanks for the pics. jade, thanks to post the pics. ox, thanks for the People article and explanation about Irishman. kat, as ox said, it seems Irishman might not even happen... so perhaps that means we will have a new movie before we think, hopefully.
  4. haha, love it. Leo without hat is amazing, his hair is perfect. And damn, he looks HOT!
  5. thanks calibi and ox for the sightings. Hum, so the Irishman is having problems... but I would prefer if they did Devil instead of Killers of the Flower.
  6. LOL at this vid, Channing Tatum Gives Stripper Names to Stars. Loved the name he chose for Leo.
  7. Hopefully not kat, because than we will have to wait too much.
  8. Time 100 Gala in NY
  10. Ohh, how sweet of Joel... I love to read this things, makes me love Leo even more. thanks jade. thanks ox and bnkenobi for the new pics.
  11. thanks ox, calibi and bnkenobi for the great updates.
  12. thanks ox and calibi for the updates. I know this interview was posted before but I think this video have a better quality. This interview with Letterman is akward, I think I can understand why Leo never came back to his show again. Although the part about Lassie is funny, lol.
  13. That's great news, thanks ox. thanks for the pic too. thanks for the video, glitter. It's really cool to see that Bar's father like Leo so much.