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  1. Filming I,Tonya in Atlanta.
  2. Very interesting article to read. Why Johnny Depp, Paul Mccartney and Leonardo DiCaprio can not be cloned?
  3. Damn Nichole... she makes me more curious everytime she mentions this kiss, such a shame the kissing scene was cut from the movie. I wanted to see this soo bad, especially because she can't stop talking about it even after all this years. thanks for the article, calibi.
  4. I agree. ox, thanks to post the billboard pic, loved that.
  5. thanks calibi, ox and dicap for the updates. This I will post below is soooooooo true. World in desperate need of “Leo level” Oscar win. Now that the 2017 Oscars festivities are only days away, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is hoping to provide an uplifting, underdog narrative that can unite the world in perfect harmony. “It’s going to be tough to top Leo’s big moment from last year,” said Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs, recalling how actor and sentient man bun Leonardo DiCaprio finally snagged a Best Actor award back in early 2016. “It’s not everyday that a rich, handsome actor with millions of worldwide fans gets the recognition he deserves.” The Academy’s decision to award DiCaprio with an Oscar for his beardy performance inThe Revenant was met with widespread praise and celebration across the globe, from the sweltering streets of New Delhi to the basement of the Laurier Avenue Royal Oak. Seriously, it's not because I'm a Leo fan, but his win was something a lot of people around the world, not only his fans, were waiting for so long, it made THAT moment so so special, it was magical. I'm sorry but no one else can beat Leo winning the Oscar, not this year, and probably not in many years to come... I think even if Leo himself wins more Oscars, and I think he wil eventually... will not beat his first win. That moment was unforgettable, it's crazy because it's going to complete year already, time flies. At least we are going to see him at stage preseting best actress, probably to Emma Stone, I guess.
  6. Finally new pics, thanks calibi. Is he back in NY?
  7. This video seems to be kind of a short bio of Leo, not current... but have some footage I haven't seen before.
  8. I know this interview was posted before, but this video seems to have a better quality than the one posted years ago.
  9. thanks for the pics, jade. luckygirl, I searched on youtube with the title you posted here and didn't find the video... and I also don't have this video saved, sorry. Leo is quiet... I wonder if he's still in Japan?
  10. Alan thicke's son, Carter talks about Leo. "You could see [Leo's] genuine love and respect for my dad," Carter said of the Oscar winner and environmental activist. "Leo is just the most amazing guy. I mean, when it's the environment and then this, he is the most incredible, down-to-earth, just loving guy." "And, you know, [he's] also the busiest guy on earth," Carter continued. "To take his time to come out and share his respects and spend time with the family -- he was really, really incredible through all of this." "I think Leo's," he revealed. "Leo's tweet, the press release the day before was really, really beautiful, and he even went -- I didn't even have his number -- he went out of his way to send me a text. I think his was really, really touching." In the video too, you can watch in the page.
  11. thanks jade, calibi, ox and eastofeden for the news. Loved this pics with the fan. It seems an interesting new project, but I wish we could know if this is really going to be his next movie, like dates and everything. I'm glad to know he will be at this event before Oscars.
  12. thanks calibi, marinebing and ox for the updates. IDK, but this info about Scarface doesn't seem true... and I hope it's not true indeed, I'm not interested, tbh.
  13. calibi, thanks for the pics ad sightings. jade, thanks for the pics, he looks great indeed.
  14. calibi, thanks for the article. Hope we get some new pics now that he's back in L.A.