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  1. thanks calibi and ox for the updates. IDK if this was ever posted, Leo presenting best documentary at Oscars 2005.
  2. This pic from the wedding is... Leo looks HOT. thanks ox.
  3. thanks ox and bnkenobi for the pics.
  4. This is funny, haha. This Grandma Didn't Like Her Husband, So She Replaced Him With Leonardo DiCaprio
  5. thanks bnkenobi, calibi and ox for all the updates.
  6. Video of Leo talking about Marion Cotillard at Inception press conference, new to me at least.
  7. I was thinking that was Leo in this pics but I looked close and something on his face looks different... IDK. I'm cofused, and the ankle tatoo in close up does not look like his W tatoo.
  8. thanks a lot. This gallery is amazing. I have a question for you, are you Brazilian? I'm just curious... because this gallery is from Brazil.
  9. thanks calibi and ox for the updates. Shame, I missed this game on tv. IDK if this vid was posted before.. Leo at Mickey's Safety Club.
  10. thanks bnkenobi and ox for the updates. Leo appears briefly in this video, at 0.18, he's so cute.
  11. thanks for the updates, girls. One more cute gif of Leo and Emma.
  12. haha, soo cute, thanks jade. thanks for the video, calibi.
  13. This pic is new to me.