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  1. Leo sighting in London. Lindsay Lohan, Suki Waterhouse Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy were all on hand this past week to help London party spot The Box celebrate it’s 7th birthday. http://metro.co.uk/2018/02/19/lindsay-lohan-tom-hardy-party-pals-celebrate-boxs-birthday-7326359/ thanks ox, jade and calibi.
  2. Rafael Nadal posted a pic with Leo.
  3. bnkenobi, ox and jade: thanks for the updates. Jade, on that video I thought the girls were crying because they saw him... but no, poor girls, I would be devasted if I lost the chance to see him because of 5 minutes. thanks to explain what happened.
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    Unless she means "single" on Valentine's Day, by meaning she was "alone" because Leo was in another country. Still, IDK.
  5. ox and bnkenobi: thanks a lot for the amazing updates, you girls rock. edited: Just saw calibi had posted about the movie before me, hehe. thanks calibi. And thanks jade.
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    According to Camila herself she's single... so I guess Leo is too, LOL. They might have something really casual.
  7. thanks for the link, ox. thanks for the pic jade, never seen too, but it seems GG 2013 by his looks.
  8. Hopefully this is wrong.
  9. ox: thanks for the article. bnkenobi: thanks for the HQ pics.
  10. hahaha, LOL. Excellent comparison. Well, I'm guilty too.
  11. thanks for the pics, ox. Hope we get those bigger.