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  1. Haha, now that's a story, lucky girl. Thanks ox.
  2. Calibi: Thanks for the article and sightings. Emma Stone will be at Leo's gala, how nice. I hope they take a pic together, they looked sooo cute in the Oscars.
  3. But some time ago I posted am article here saying Scorsese's new project is The Irishman, it seems they will start filming later this year, what means next year is edition and production, and we know Marty's movies take a lot of time do be made. And on that same article said Irishman is going to be released in 2019, to me this means Devil is going to be filmed in late 2019 or 2020.
  4. Yeah, hopefully there is a project we don't know about on the way... #fingerscrossed.
  5. I know, we will have to wait some 2 or 3 years for Devil, that's way too much time. But damn, until there Leo could do at least 1 movie, I mean, he finished Revenant almost 2 years ago... time to get back to work Leo. Thanks for Devil's script update, Kayyy.
  6. Man, I wonder when Leo is finally going back to work??? Missing Leo on the screen sooo much... the worst part is that we don't even have sure what will be his next project and when is going to be filmed? We need some movie news confirmed, ASAP.
  7. Ox: Thanks for the pics and sightings. bnkenobi: Thanks a LOT for all this amazing pics, this photogallery rocks.
  8. The costumes designs of Django Unchained, Leo appears at 5:13 A message from UN Messenger of Peace, Leo.
  9. Damn, Leo looks HOT!
  10. calibi: thanks for the video and sighting. bnkenobi: thanks for the new pics, love to see Leo with kids.
  11. Thanks ox, calibi and bnkenobi for all the updates.
  12. I would love to see Leo and Jared hanging more times together. Ah, and Milly Bob is so cute in that video talking about Leo, it's on youtube too, at 1.20 And nice to see Leo in Mexico doing his part to save the "vaquita".
  13. Thanks for the video and articles, calibi.