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  1. Happy birthday Leo! I love you though I can't understand you most of the times! Still wish nothing but happiness to you! And to copy jade, thanks for the upcoming movies, that is exciting.
  2. It seems Mr Hood said goodbye... for the moment at least. Thanks for the pics, ox.
  3. Thanks for more pics, ox.
  4. Leo looks f*****g gorgeous!!! Thanks calibi and ox for the pics.
  5. Ox: thanks for the filming info and new vote video. And it's true, Leo's hair is looking lighter indeed.
  6. Wow, that pic of Leo and Brad... Where can I see that video?
  7. Ox: thanks for more pics and article. And a new article about Once, omg, I can't wait for this movie. http://collider.com/once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood-details-robert-richardson/#images
  8. Super lucky guy, oh to live in LA, sigh.
  9. I'am glad he's in LA filming, thanks ox.
  10. Edited because... wrong info, lol.
  11. ox and bnkenobi: thanks for all the pics.
  12. Bnkenobi: thanks for the HQ's. Ox: thanks for the movie news, that's great. I really hope Leo will have time to Once promo before starts filming Killers.
  13. Jade: thanks for more pics. It seems Rick is not a good driver.