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  1. I wonder what they told him here that Brad Pitt is mentioned.
  2. The last pic from the post above is not Adam, it's Leo's friend Alex Mace.
  3. Ox, liljak and jade: thanks for the pics, he looks good.
  4. Yep, agree with you. Though I don't think it's only because he likes to date women under his status, I think he's afraid of independent woman like Rihanna.
  5. I didn't said he hasn't hooked up with any women he was seen with, I just mean that I don't think he hooked up with ALL the women media says he did, because it's TOO MUCH. I mean there is some women he was only linked to and was never seen with and yet once in a while I see a headline like "Leonardo DiCaprio ex GF bla, bla, bla"... and I'am like: Leo was never EVER seen with this woman in his life, lmao. And I do STRONGLY believe he had something with Rihanna back in 2015/2016, and tbh I loved and wish it could have worked.
  6. I doubt Leo hooked up with half the women media says, Leo can't be seen close to a woman that he's alrrady sleeping with her...
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