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  1. Thanks jade, he looks great indeed.
  2. Bnkenobi: thanks for the new pics.
  3. Exactly... Nina was a "fast fling", but they end up dating for 1 year. So, better wait and see.
  4. His hair is so beautiful.
  5. Bnkenobi, calibi and ox: thanks for the great updates. He looks soo cute in the game pics. Loved the one he's doing the Peace sign.
  6. Calibi and ox: thanks for the pics and sightings.
  7. Thanks to post the scans, ox. Thanks for the updates, calibi.
  8. Thanks jade and ox for the updates.
  9. I need to see this pics ASAP.
  10. Thanks calibi and ox for the updates. Michael: thanks to clean the thread.
  11. Thanks ox and calibi for the updates.
  12. I hope his next project will be confirmed soon.