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  1. I guess so! "The Black Hand" is set to be released in 2018, according to IMDb.
  2. Leonardo walking in Soho yesterday (March 20) URGENT: he is not wearing THE SHOES. hahahaha 😂
  3. 5 pictures of Leo and Nina in Central Park:
  4. Great Gatsby star Elizabeth Debicki opens up about working with Leonardo DiCaprio “He was very generous and kind ... I learned a lot from that set,” Debicki said. “Leo was incredibly well-researched and had done so much work prior to coming on set.” She added that he was the funniest cast member, and that he and childhood friend and co-star Tobey Maguire would often pull pranks on each other during filming. “Leo is quite funny, and Tobey too — they’re very cheeky when they get together,” Debicki revealed. “It’s because they’ve been friends since they were kids.”
  5. I don't think that's him because of the tattoo and because of the face, looks a lot different. And of course, for the reasons you mentioned, except those pictures, nothing more was published about - inside pictures or tweets, which is weird. Thanks for your opinion!
  6. And the place of the tattoo is a bit different from Leo's tattoo. His lips look bigger in this pics.
  7. Bl4nk Magazine posted this TBT
  8. I don't think this is him. What do you think, guys? I saw the pictures this morning and it doesn't look like him to me...
  9. Yes, I am, dear. You are from Brazil too, right? OMG
  10. One more. Is he taking a picture of hers?
  11. Leo with his mother during the game. Wish the pictures were bigger SO CUTEEEE
  12. More pictures of Leo at BNP Paribas Open:
  13. Leo and Nina leaving Crustacean in Beverly Hills yesterday:
  14. Leo for BYD Auto. Took from here:
  15. Thanks oxford25 for the updates. <3