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  1. TODAY’S CASTING CALL June 18, 2021 Black Male Teens Needed for Major Film Black male teens, aged 12-14, are needed as background performers for scenes in a major feature film, now shooting in Oklahoma.
  2. TODAY’S CASTING CALL June 18, 2021 Current or Former Law Enforcement or Military Personnel Needed for Major Film Current or former law enforcement or military personnel are needed for scenes in a major feature film
  3. I don’t know when it was taken, but looks like it would have been mid to late 90’s.
  4. TODAY’S CASTING CALL June 16, 2021 Various New Background Roles Listed For Major Feature Film A new round of background performers has been announced for a major feature film, now shooting i
  5. TODAY’S CASTING CALL June 12, 2021 Male Square Dancers Needed for Major Feature Film A major feature film, now shooting in Oklahoma, is looking for Male Square Dancers to appear in scenes later this month. Professional da
  6. The Oilman’s Daughter is available all this week, but then it’s booked everyday until the end of July. I wonder if Leo will pop up somewhere other than Oklahoma this week.
  7. The dances at Grayhorse were held the first week of June. Here are some pix .
  8. TODAY’S CASTING CALL June 12, 2021 Tap Dancers, 2-Steppers, Cloggers & Swing Dancers Needed for Major Feature Film A major feature film, now shooting in Oklahoma, is looking for tap dancers, western swing dance
  9. So, I'm going to start by telling about some of my personal history. My grandfather was one of the native children that were forced to leave their homes and attend US run boarding schools where they were abused and forcibly stripped of their language and culture. Because of this, a lot of language and culture has been lost to me, and I have been striving and working for many, many years to reclaim my heritage and culture. Living in the capitol of Cherokee Nation and working for Cherokee Nation has helped this quest tremendously. I have even been learning how to speak and write Cherokee for the
  10. I'm not sure if there is a particular reason why they take place in June. Most, but not all, dances/powwows occur in the summer. Probably, because people come from all over the country and some are coming back home to see family and since the kids are out of school, it makes it a better time to travel. June in Oklahoma is hot and humid, but July and August take hot and humid to another level. It's like being in a sauna on the surface of the sun. The Osage dances in Grayhorse are held outside, and wearing regalia is hot and stifling, so that may be why they are held in June instead of the later
  11. I thought I would give some insight into why they might be using an owl in KOTFM. The pix below were taken from The_daily_leo_dicaprio IG. In some Native American cultures, definitely my tribe, Cherokee, owls are associated with death. In Cherokee culture, it is believed that if you see an owl, especially a horned owl, you will experience death in someway. It could be the death of someone close to you or your own death. Of course, I’m just guessing as to why they needed an owl to fly through a window into a house. However, knowing what the movie is about, an owl appearing to a Nati
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