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  1. Jade I don't think he would have been amused either. 😆 Thanks for all the R&J. Barbie Erin Thanks for the Instagram links. I haven't seen that last one.
  2. Lilja K Thanks for the Gala video. Jade Leo used to have an official fan club. They used to send us things like pictures, VHS copies of Titanic, calendars, and we got access to exclusive information. One of those things were what everyone back then called "The Official Chats." The Leonardo Dicaprio official website would post the chat link in a password protected area of the website right at the time the chat was to start. You just kept having to refresh until the link to the chat popped up. Since the chat was hosted by the official website, we trusted that when Leo popped in, it was truly Leo. As I stated before, Leo only chatted a few times, usually the person hosting was someone very closely connected to him. Although when Leo wasn't there, a person with the screen name HLime would show up as someone from the official chat admin and we all were pretty sure it was Leo trying to go incognito. HLime stands for Harry Lime. Google him. As to what Leo talked about, it's been so long ago, I don't remember specifics. He usually asked US questions and talked about upcoming projects. He had just finished filming The Beach although it wasn't released yet and he was preparing for Gangs of New York. I remember asking him if his character in Gangs would have an accent and he said he didn't know yet. I also remember one of his friends, (I can't remember which friend), probably Alex, because he seemed to host the most, asked us if we would see Don's Plum if Leo asked us not to. This was when he was going through the lawsuit. A couple of people said if Leo didn't want us to see it then they wouldn't. However, the majority of us said, sorry Leo. If you're in it, then we would still see it. We were just being honest 😃.
  3. Niaf Gala video . Just Leo’s part https://www.instagram.com/p/CHC_bgunA0Q/?igshid=fgi4vsebfykq
  4. LiljaK Thanks for the Halloween pics! Oxford25 Thanks for the new pic! Love new pics!
  5. Did anyone here take part in Leo’s official chat room in 1999? Most of the time it was his friends or people from his production company or foundation who dropped in to chat, but Leo, himself, did chat with us a handful of times. I think they were just experimenting with the social media of the time. The chat room didn’t last long. I don’t think it even lasted a year. Knowing how little Leo interacts with social media now, it doesn’t surprise me that it was short lived. Is anyone here old enough to remember this or am I the most ancient one 😄.
  6. Thank you everyone for all the delicious goodies! Loved seeing Leo last night.
  7. I’ve seen pics from this photo shoot before, but I don’t remember ever seeing this particular one.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0S7VVDYMW/?igshid=hcptdowj8zqd
  9. Thank you Lilja and Jade! He is the ultimate thirst trap. 🤤
  10. Okay. I’ll play. 23 I honestly don’t remember. I remember watching him on Growing Pains, but it wasn’t until Romeo and Juliet that I really sat up and took notice. After watching Romeo and Juliet. I Just thought he was a great actor and quite adorable. His intensity drew me to him I think. Inception, Shutter Island, Departed, Great Gatsby Dom Cobb, Billy Costigan, Jay Gatsby No, but got very close to him. Older Leo I’ve seen 11th hour, Before the Flood, Ice on Fire. His eyes He does what he likes and doesn’t care if it’s considered “cool/in” or not. “Be thankful for the hard times for they have made you.” Lukas, Ethan Margot Robbie Yes No (just wish there were more Leo news right now)
  11. Hadn’t seen this photo before. He has such a sweet face.
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