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  1. My parents lived in South Texas, so I’m more familiar with that area, but it looks like this week San Diego is around 19-23 degrees Celsius.
  2. For those that may not know, Texas and Mexico in the summer stay around 37-40 degrees Celsius with high humidity. I would not want to film there during summer. Temps there in the fall would be closer to 30-31 degrees Celsius.
  3. Thanks for the video. When they were here filming KOTFM crew members were zipping around from place to place on those things. Never saw Leo one though, darn it.
  4. For anyone still interested in the Osage Nation oil saga. Unfortunately no Leo involvement in this one, but they are currently casting and filming the following in Bartlesville area. SARAH'S OIL is a major feature film by Kingdom Story, the people behind such films as I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, AMERICAN UNDERDOG and JESUS REVOLUTION. It is produced by Kevin Downes, John Shepherd and Zac Levy. The film was written by Betsy Giffen Nowrasteh and is being directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh. SYNOPSIS: In 1914 little Sarah Rector was granted a plot of dusty Oklahoma land, where she not only discovered an ocean of oil, but a rich vein of greed, corruption, violence, and betrayal that threatened her life and all she loved. Poor, and only 11-years-old, Sarah was pitted against the mightiest forces of the time, yet she prevailed with courage, family, friendship and faith to become the wealthiest Black girl in the world.
  5. We’ve had extremely destructive EF 4 tornadoes in Osage and Cherokee Nations the past few days. Wondering if we might hear of Leo helping with rebuilding funds. Although, unless it’s environment related, he tends to keep his donations quiet.
  6. Now if we could catch him without a hat, because his natural hair is definitely longer.
  7. https://www.oklahoman.com/story/entertainment/2024/03/30/new-beyonce-album-cowboy-carter-inspired-killers-of-the-flower-moon/73148078007/
  8. Yes! I think she was more proud of that then any Hollywood award.
  9. I was watching videos of Lily being presented yesterday with the tall headdress by the Blackfeet Nation for her accomplishments on KOTFM. So cool!
  10. Good! Hopefully they will leave Leo out of it, because I don’t believe he did anything wrong.
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