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  1. Remember this interview? Djimon has a lot of respect for Leo and Leo respects Djimon. I love that when Leo realized only his name was on the invitation and not Djimon’s that he was gracious with it.
  2. How Hounsou’s Career Has Been Affected By Systemic Hollywood Problems Unfortunately, Hounsou’s description is not shocking when tracing his acting journey. Hounsou's "very limiting” acting choices are evident by his early track record of playing slave characters. Hounsou had his big Hollywood break playing the lead in the Steven Spielberg historical drama Amistad, and in short, the succession went on to play two more slave roles in Gladiator and The Four Feathers. Hounsou’s lack of name recognition in Hollywood today further highlights his assertion that accolades do not necessarily equal financial prosperity when it comes to the film industry. By the time he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Blood Diamond, Hounsou was a two-time Oscar nominee, having been nominated for the award two years prior for In America. While Hounsou has since gotten roles in big-budget projects such as Captain Marvel and Shazam!, it took several years for his accolades to manifest in high-profile offers. Hopefully, through his roles in both Marvel and DC Films, Hounsou can continue to break free from his initial type casting. Hounsou stars as Wizard in the recently-released Shazam! Fury of the Gods and will play a role in the upcoming Zack Snyder adventure film Rebel Moon. Perhaps, Hollywood can reverse the wrongs of Blood Diamond and give Hounsou a Best Actor nomination for a future project. Source Dijmon is absolutely correct. Hollywood knows it. Leo knows it. Based on Leo’s actions, he sometimes seems embarrassed by the white, male privilege that is afforded him when he knows other just as talented actors are not able to benefit. It’s not Leo’s fault, but I’m glad he is able to show awareness of the reality. It’s also good to see Leo use his white, male privilege to bring awareness to the stories of various minority groups.
  3. Very rarely does Leo allow the gray to show, but you can catch glimpses of it every once in awhile. When he does allow it to peep through, it’s usually in his stubble. This is one of those rare times you can not only see it in his stubble, but you can also see a tiny bit in the roots at his temples. This pic is several years old. Imagine how gray his hair must be now. I think he would look quite dashing with a little more showing through.
  4. Wonder if Leo is going to be coming back to the states for all the Oscar’s parties and stuff.
  5. Thanks, @Jade Bahr I made some adjustments to make it easier to see.
  6. Technically, the girl is standing by him, so does this still count?
  7. I’m pretty sure his role is the main character. I have never heard anything about him being in a supporting role. @Jade Bahr Thanks for the David Gann info! Thanks everyone for all the new pics and info. I see Leo stood next to a girl again. 😂
  8. Lately, it seems like we all should just read the headlines like “Leonardo DiCaprio stands next to a girl.”
  9. Found my video and some more pics. You can see the back of Leo walking through the rubble at the beginning. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRtHEGaw/ https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRt911xu/
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