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  1. bnkenobi, Danielle, please, read the direct message from me.
  2. Oh, the best Leo's gallery in internet now closed. So sad. I'm talking about this one - www.dicapriophotos.com They had more than 50.000 Leo's pics (RARE photoshoots, scans in HQ). Now all this stuff is gone. ? But admin of this site told me that we can back gallery again! They need just 100$ until December 1st. Come on, guys, we should help them! If you wanna send some money, go to this link - https://www.paypal.me/marcielucas. Admin's page in facebook, you can connect with her there - https://m.facebook.com/dicapriocom/
  3. dicaprihoes, thank you so much ?
  4. Guys, I wanna download "Before the flood" trailer, but I can't ? Can you load it in Youtube or Vimeo, please?
  5. Hello everyone! calibi, please, load again pic of Leo & Nina leaving Bao last night I can't see it.