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  1. DiCaprio still hates this photoshoot 🤣 This banana pic is so f*cking weird. He never worked again with LaChapelle after that 😂
  2. Nobody talking that he dating with those women, lol. But relationship with Moss is another thing, they were spotted together not only one time, they traveled together, etc. and the insiders confirmed their short summer fling. They broke up after Leo's cheating with Vanessa Haydon.
  3. I can't send you a link cause I read about it many years ago. Leo dated with Moss in 1998, for 2 months, that was just after her break up with Depp. In 1993 they were just friends.
  4. It's Harmony Corine, movie director. He was a member of Leo's squad in late 90's.
  5. She WAS with Depp in 2012. They started dating after Rum Diary (2011). And yeah, Depp talks sh*t about Leo. And Kate Moss is one of the reasons, she dated with DiCaprio after broke up with Depp and Depp didn't like this. That's why they are not friends since late 90's.
  6. She auditioned for "The Wolf of Wall Street", not Gatsby, that was in 2012, and she dated with Depp at this time. And Depp wasn't kind to Leo in 2016, even in that speech. He alluded that Leo is fat.
  7. It's not Jill, it's another female dog. Jill is darker
  8. The pic was deleted. Pls, can you tell me what was there?
  9. He was 17 in February and his birthday in November. In the end of the year 1992 (when he was 18) he looked older and taller. He was 18 when he worked in "Gilbert Grape".
  10. The smaller pup isn't Jill. Jill has darker fur and should be bigger. Look at Camila's post, the puppies are the similar (except color of fur). This little guy is another puppy.
  11. Django died few years ago. Before that he lived with Irmelin (Leo's mom) probably 5 or 6 years.
  12. She's adult. She's not a teenager. With make up she looks 30. She will be 23 very soon. And DiCaprio isn't 80 year old dude, he looks good. Stop judging people. There are a lot of couples with big age gap: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Taylor Johnson and his wife, Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington Whitely, Florence Pugh & Zac Braff etc. Numbers are nothing.
  13. Leo and Camila are living together more than a year. Since December 2018. This is serious relationship. stupid fans in Instagram should calm down (finally). P.S. Lainey Gossip site - a piece of crap.
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