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  1. It's not confirmed too. Rumors. And I think she denied this relashionship
  2. Ella Balinska? Lol, guys, mission impossible 🤣 He loves white chicks. And yeah, I heard about Naomi, but it's not confirmed.
  3. American people, please, buy this People's magazine special edition about Titanic. We need all scans of it. Or PDF file 🙂
  4. New pics on Aflo site from October 1. DailyMail didn't post them yet.
  5. New article from THE SUN https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/6262826/leonardo-dicaprios-ex-camila-morrone-finished-stay-home-babies/
  6. Yeah, writing horseshit about people's private life -- this is HUGE sign of your success.
  7. His private life is his private life. Why every dirty dog in town has opinion about his dating life? Clowns.
  8. There are new pics of Leo with Lucila & Al Pacino on the Aflo site. I hope JJ or DM will buy them
  9. And you still obsessed with another person's private life. Happy people do not sit on forums, condemning and humiliating the personal lives of other people. Pitiful and wicked.
  10. Omg, you're so obsessed with his relationships with women. This is disgusting. I guess you have TOO MUCH free time. Maybe you don't have personal life and that's why you are so mean and talking trash about his choices. I guess you're just jealousy toxic persons, like this abominable аnd untalented Amy Schumer, lol
  11. I think the only ratchet & trashy here is you with your filthy comments
  12. Wtf?! She's filming in "Daisy Jones..", that's why she didn't attended party
  13. Of course you think so, hater. But, unfortunately (for you) J. Lawrence is out from all prediction lists from big media sites, including Gold derby, Variety and Awardswatch. Lol
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