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  1. Sighting of Leo in LA today thackery binx‏ @SOLONIALLRlSE 19m19 minutes ago Leonardo DiCaprio is at Ham LA right now and the entire women’s ensemble is freaking the fuck out
  2. Bmkenobi Tks for new pix of Leo leaving club in LA
  3. Jade Tks for news of Leo attending COP23 conference in Bonn in Nov ; hope you get to see him Barbie Yes, that smile
  4. Another pix of Leo at Golden Hearts Awards Jade, Calibi, and Barbie Tks for new pix and vid
  5. I guess this tweeter is also at Flaunt party Abbie Richards twf you don't see Leonardo DiCaprio standing in front of you because his girlfriend 's disco pants are TOO CUTE
  6. Tonight's Leo/ NY sighting petty wentz Leonardo DiCaprio just walked into Flaunt Magazine party which is being hosted in Richie Akivas new club Bnkenobi Tks for Leo & Tobey pix Noticed just now that Daily Mail says they were twinning with their matching outfits
  7. Calibi & Bnkenobi Tks more NY pix & vid
  8. Leo & Tobey sighting Pema Dolkar HEY LEO ! Saw you with Tobey a few hrs ago at some deli w the girls !! Calibi Tks for more Leo / NY pix
  9. Today's Leo / NY sighting Daniel Wanrooy Just saw Leonardo DiCaprio walking by . Anything is possible in New York
  10. Jade Tks for vid of Leo's telethon segment Bnkenobi Tks for Leo / NY , about time we get some
  11. Leo was on telethon , his clip was short , but since we haven't had any recent new pix it was good to see him As mentioned above his clip must have been filmed at NBC NY studio Glad he participated Glad I had something on tape to return to just now
  12. This tweeter is from Brooklyn , and they claim they just passed Leo & Tobey So IF this tweet is accurate ,maybe, Leo isn't on the show or his segment is being filmed in NY Cracc Kicks It was funny having a staring match with Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire for 5 milliseconds as they walked past @GIANINYC and I just now KellyB See my above post , as if tweet is accurate Leo isn't in Miami or LA Who knows , I may have set the screen for nothing before I left home
  13. Looking forward to seeing Leo on Disaster Relief Concert tonight streaming live from NBC Studios in LA & Miami
  14. Our Thursday Leo/NY sighting Eric J [email protected] I still have to process both , seeing Leonardo DiCaprio on Citi Bike and then the Florida Project is the most intense double
  15. Another Leo / NY sighting Nate Garner the moment I became a fan girl i just took a pix with a fan outside a restaurant in NY and when I turned around Leonardo DiCaprio was sitting there He asked me who I was Calibi Tks for Leo / NY sighting Kat
  16. FallingAngel Tks for another Leo / Paris club pix
  17. Calibi Tks for pix of Leo at Cartel I need Paris ; looking good
  18. Finally some pap pix from Leo's time in Paris; the article states they were taken Sept 30th when he visited a museum http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/3968850/leonardo-dicaprio-visits-museums-in-paris-with-friends-04/
  19. Last night was Leo's pal & 1OAK partner Darren Dzienciol's birthday party at 1OAK LA , according to Instagram comment below Leo was there Calibi Tks for posting White House pix
  20. Barbie Tks for Monte Carlo Gala vid As you know I was quite annoyed that Getty has 365 pix from the event, but none of the gala's honored guest (Leo) on stage being presented his award & speaking Marinebing Going by comments from people in Leo's Paris squad on Monday, it appeared the group would leave Paris sometime on Tuesday , but we'll know for sure when the next Leo pix appear wherever that might be
  21. A couple of pix of Leo enjoying his last night in Paris
  22. From recent EW interview with Judi Dench
  23. Our Paris group Among the group we several Leo pals including Richie, Vinny, Lukas, Helly, Bert, Milutin Gatsby ; two models are Juliette Perkins & Candice Blackburn
  24. A video of Leo from Monte Carlo