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  1. NY sighting from today arielle‏ @arielleisack 39m39 minutes ago Leonardo DiCaprio came into my work today arielle‏ @arielleisack 37m37 minutes ago And started vaping Jannat Sumra‏ @jannat_sumra 10m10 minutes ago pics or it didn't happen Replying to @jannat_sumra U would've thought I could take pics while on my shift i wouldve thought you got your priorities straight and taken a pic at Leonardo fucking DiCaprio!!! Dude I was legit shaking and staring and my manager was like focus bitch I like was too shook to whip my phone out i'm just happy you lived to tell the tale Calibi Tks for all the new pix of Leo & friends at the new Public Hotel yesterday Jade & Barbie Ditto
  2. Pix of Leo from Georgia Fowler's birthday party last night Calibi Tks for latest Leo /NY sightings and various articles As to the 'insider's comment about Leo putting on weight, I can only go by the all the many pix of him we saw last week walking around NY , and in those his body looked mighty good
  3. Another NY restaurant sighting Mackenzie Newcomb‏ @MackinStyle 7m7 minutes ago Tonight I had dinner at the same restaurant as Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio.
  4. New York sighting from yesterday Neff‏ @Nef_Film 19m19 minutes ago Yesterday when I met Leonardo DiCaprio I had shut the door in his face . Now usually I would cringe at that thought but the story is amazing Neff‏ @Nef_Film 16m16 minutes ago Replying to @Nef_Film He was hiding from the paps and just trying to go to dinner lol I was like you need help ? I didn't recognize him until he looked up Neff‏ @Nef_Film 19m19 minutes ago Scruffy with a paperboy hat on I took him to the restaurant like I was Kim Possible or something .He thanked me and smiled Replying to @Nef_Film I told him " you're welcome"... but he didn't leave , he just stood next to me for 10 mins until the Hostess found a secret table for him Neff‏ @Nef_Film 14m14 minutes ago Replying to @Nef_Film We didn't talk, we just stared. So now I'm pretty sure I am Mrs.DiCaprio.
  5. Another NY sighting José (32-37)‏ @BravesScorer 39m39 minutes ago LEONARDO DICAPRIO WAS ON ONE OF OUR FERRY BOATS I'M DEAD José (32-37)‏ @BravesScorer 28m28 minutes ago Replying to @BravesScorer HE HAD THREE CITI BIKES TO HIMSELF OH LEO Calibi Tks for latest Leo/NY sightings Barbie and Kayy Yes, I'm hoping Leo surprises with an announcement of next film project very soon
  6. Girl took video of Leo walking with friends today
  7. Seems from Twitter sighting that Leo is out walking around again Laura Gesualdi‏ @LittleLauraGee 25m25 minutes ago Just walked into LEONARDO DICAPRIO in Union Square and now I'm gonna go die because all my dreams have come true. Bnkenobi Ditto what Barbie said, your photogallery rocks
  8. Wow , new pix again today, this is why I love, love when Leo is in New York ! Thanks, Bnkenobi
  9. Zeba Blay‏Verified account @zblay 4h4 hours ago I JUST SAW LEONARDO DICAPRIO AND HAD AN ACTUAL BREAKDOWN ON THE STREET I AM REELING HE SMILED AND WINKED WHO EVEN WINKS ANYMORE? WHY DOES HE INSIST ON WEARING CARGO SHORTS Literally just called @annetdonahue SCREAMING 10 minutes after bumping in to @LeoDiCaprio on the street and suddenly my credit score is up and my skin is glowing??
  10. The smile on the girl at the desk says it all ; Leo at NoMad Hotel restaurant
  11. Leo and Vinny out walking today Bnkenobi Tks for HQ pix
  12. New pix from Wednesday of Leo out walking with pals Orlando & Tobey Bnkenobi Tks for HQ pix Barbie Ditto Damn, Leo looks HOT! Also, tks, for Django vids Calibi Tks for latest Leo /NY sighting
  13. Calibi Tks for Twitter sighting of Leo Bnkenobi Tks for new pix of Leo & family with Tobey's family
  14. Bnkenobi Yes, considering Daily Mail has run new pix of Brad several times recently with his longer, bushy hair, it's amazing they didn't realize that was him and not Leo's stepbrother
  15. Bnkenobi Tks for new pix of Leo leaving Hollywood Bowl on Saturday As to the man Daily Mail thought might be his step brother Adam Farrar , looks like his pal Bradley Cooper to me going by recent pix I've seen of Brad with his longer hair Calibi Tks fo vid of Leo with pals
  16. Bnkenobi Wow, tks, for all the additional Leo/Mexico pix
  17. Leo speaking on behalf of World Ocean Day
  18. More Leo /Mexico visit pix
  19. Calibi and Barbie Tks for latest Leo news and best of all new pix
  20. Bnkenobi & Barbie Tks for new Leo/ play pix Gosh , Leo's goddaughter may be an actress one day
  21. Calibi Tks for Leo / Prive vid
  22. Bnkenobi Tks for HQ pix