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  1. Calibi Tks for Twitter sighting of Leo & Nina at Palm Springs restaurant I read that Katy Perry threw a 40th birthday party for his pal Orlando Bloom in Palm Springs this weekend , and I wondered if Leo was there for party as well ???
  2. The tweeter above posted a pix of Leo taken earlier today Calibi Tks for tweet letting us know their conversation
  3. Calibi Tks for latest sighting of Leo in Palm Desert ; lucky girl I wonder if he visited his Palm Springs home Hope someone gets a pix
  4. Barbie Yes, when I saw them on their Twitter feed , I agree, they reminded me of the pix below taken last September, as both Leo & Nina seem to have on same outfits However, having said that , the other pix on the Twitter feed seemed to be current, so I wondered why would they just yesterday retweet these old pix, but , who knows
  5. New pix of Leo & Nina clasos [email protected] 5h5 hours ago EXCLUSIVO!!! Leonardo DiCaprio y Nina Agdal conduciendo por las calles d... http://clasos.com.mx/historias/detalle/266486 …
  6. Another older pix of Leo that is new to me
  7. Calibi Tks for Leo / karaoke sighting Last night was karaoke night at Goal's , I wonder if that was the place she saw Leo ? i would have loved to have been there
  8. Pix from 2010 of Leo and Ethan in India that is new to me Rajan Chaudhary [email protected] 6h6 hours ago 2010: wonderful to guide Universal #Tiger Ambassador @LeoDiCaprio for @WWF #Tx2 > 2016: Wild tiger numbers increased! #Nepal #Bardiapic.twitter.com/3Nv5nm8fEh
  9. Pix of Leo with chef of Eleven Madison Park in NY
  10. Good video of Leo at recent Haiti Fundraiser
  11. Apparently Leo & Nina were at the Broad Contemporary Art Museum today in LA Myrka Mendoza [email protected] 17m17 minutes ago @NinaAgdal come back to the broad with @LeoDiCaprio I want my picture. I'm the one of the girls from the elevator lo Myrka Mendoza [email protected] 24m24 minutes ago When I failed at trying to get a picture with @LeoDiCaprio #comeback Myrka Mendoza [email protected] 1h1 hour ago When @Its_Issaa is standing next to @LeoDiCaprio in the elevator and didn't even realize it Isa Roque [email protected]_Issaa 14m14 minutes ago Fakest friend award goes to @xomyrkaa for letting me stand next to Leo DiCaprio in an elevator and not telling me until we exited Isa Roque [email protected]_Issaa 1h1 hour ago I stood next to Leonardo DiCaprio in an elevator and didn't even notice until he left Bianca Mendez [email protected] 37m37 minutes ago Was just in the same elevator as Leonardo Dicaprio and Nina Adgal. #nosweat #thebroad @LeoDiCaprio
  12. Pix of Leo and Ben at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for Live by Night premiere, as we know Leo is one of the producers of the film Barbie Tks for more Leo /GG pix Calibi Tks for pix of Leo & pal Jonah at GG party, as well as , Leo & Nina sighting at Jon & Vinny's and Live By Night premiere sighting
  13. From People magazine more Leo after GG party news Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal Cuddle Up at Jimmy Fallon’s Private Post-Globes Bash Leonardo DiCaprio was solo at the Golden Globes, but he and Nina Agdal are still going strong. The Oscar winner, 42, and his model girlfriend, 24, reunited at Jimmy Fallon’s private after party at L.A. hotspot Delilah on Sunday night, and the duo weren’t shy about showing off a little PDA. “Leo was in a booth next to the deejay and basically gazing longingly into Nina’s eyes,” a partygoer tells PEOPLE exclusively. “At one point, she leaned into him for a cuddle. They were very relaxed together.” DiCaprio also had his wolf pack by his side. He was seen drinking cocktails and laughing with Jonah Hill and hanging out with Tobey Maguire, who kept a low profile at the party. Hill also danced to live music with Andrew Garfield, who hung out with Riley Keough, his costar in the upcoming movie Under the Silver Lake. http://people.com/awards/leonardo-dicaprio-nina-agdal-inside-jimmy-fallon-golden-globes-party/?xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag
  14. From ET article about GG after parties After Casey Affleck's Golden Globes win, his older brother Ben was looking for him at the after party held at Chateau Marmont. The famous siblings were joined by DiCaprio and Maguire. http://www.etonline.com/awards/206939_golden_globes_2017_after_parties_stars_mingle_with_their_a_list_squads_at_swanky_soirees/
  15. Barbie & Calibi Tks for Leo /GG updates Shadow As to Leo presenting , prior to last night's GG event, my fellow fan reminded me when Leo presented the Best Picture winner to Lord of the Rings at the GG 2004, that he never walked red carpet/sat in audience, only appeared on stage to present, so that is what she was expecting this time, and as we now know , she was right So , personally, I think that will happen at all the upcoming awards , so whiIe I would love for Kelllybslover to see him at Oscars ( I'd love to see him in person one day as well ) I think he will only appear on stage to present
  16. Another Haiti Rising Gala pix ; I noticed Leo is sitting next to same man he was with at US Open last year Short video from gala, we can see Leo from behind at one point raising his paddle to bid Kat Tks for great Forbes article ,as well as , hot Vibe pix of Leo Calibi Tks for Haiti Rising Gala pix & tweets , LACMA pix , Obama video and sightings of Leo & Nina at recent Scorsese/Soho House event & CAA GG party at Catch
  17. Calibi Tks for pix /news of Leo's Cabo /museum visit , as well as, official announcement that Leo will present at GG I hope to see him at all the big award shows GG, SAG, Oscar presenting to the winner of Best Actress Kat Tks for cute R&J pix & Growing Pains vid
  18. Daily Mail has article about Leo & Nina being in Cabo for holidays , other pix show Nina and pals Alex & Emily http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4083346/Leonardo-DiCaprio-shades-face-towel-enjoys-getaway-girlfriend-Nina-Agdal-Mexico.html
  19. Calibi Tks for via tweets & pix letting us know where Leo spent his New Year holidays , you were a great source of accurate reporting unlike some other sources DiCap Tks for cute pix of Leo an kids in Cabo Barbie Tks for keeping us updated on various lists that Leo appeared on , as well as, alerting us to false rumors about where he was for the holidays Wishing you a Happy New Year as well
  20. Calibi Tks for Leo /Universal tweets Strangely the person below claims that Leo is eating at present in Thai restaurant in Jackson Hole Wyoming Simon Dudley [email protected] 15m15 minutes ago We just went up a level. @LeoDiCaprio is in our favourite Thai restaurant in @jhski. Huge fan
  21. The poster said the pix was taken at Bel Air Hotel ; looking at Leo's clothes looks like same as Scoresese pix event
  22. From a year end CNN column : I definitely agree it was "the moment" for me But this year's Instagram gold medal moment goes to actor Leonardo DiCaprio after he received the best actor Oscar for "The Revenant" -- his first win after earlier snubs. With more than 1.2 million likes, Instagram calls it "the" moment of 2016 20/20 [email protected] Dec 20 An American treasure. @LeoDiCaprio finally won his #Oscar, becoming the most tweeted moment in @TheAcademy show history #TheYear Calibi, DiCap , and Barbie Tks for recent Leo news & pix
  23. Pix of Leo and rest of Growing Pains cast at Alan Thicke's memorial in LA on Sunday night http://www.eonline.com/news/816844/alan-thicke-honored-in-memorial-attended-by-full-growing-pains-cast-bob-saget-alex-trebek-and-more
  24. Eastofeden Tks for Scorsese interview , glad to hear that Devil in White City is still planned Calibi Tks for UNCA pix , as well as, information as to what Leo was doing when he was sighted in NY yesterday Jade & Kat First, tks, for reminder as to who is working on Devil script Agree with Jade that considering how long Scorsese takes to edit a film , I don't expect that he'll begin on Devil in 2017 : I can only hope it will happen in 2018 So , I'm hoping that Leo will do the Sam Phillips project or another film project we haven't heard about in 2017