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  1. Sick Tks for all the HQ versions of Leo out in NY Monday Jade Looking at the pix, Leo's slicker may have kept his shirt dry, but the front of his shorts were all wet
  2. Funny tweet from tonight Zana@zanajjjar 18m Leonardo DiCaprio opened a door in my face tonight and I think it was the highlight of my summer
  3. Leofan Going by their instagrams accounts, like Leo , both Milano & Vinny have dogs, but who knows could even be Leo adopting a new dog, or it just happened to be the place Leo stopped to get some privacy to talk I' m just hoping his conversation was about his next film project's start date
  4. Leofan Yes, between money/ credit cards , keys , vape pen and phone, and other items you can tell why he hasn't given up his beloved cargo pants
  5. Bnkenobi Wow, tks, for all the new pix of Leo out in NY Monday with Vinny & Milano , it appears to have been a rainy day Looking at the pix of Leo putting soda bottle in his jacket pocket, I do wonder how many objects he has in his jacket or pants' pockets on a typical day
  6. Pix of Leo with fan that I haven't seen before
  7. New pix of Leo eating at Nobu in Tribeca Jade Yes, I know what you mean this pix of Leo and that beautiful blondish head of hair melts the heart
  8. Love this tweet from a Boston Red Sox fan, so true Mac‏ @CoryMac33 4m4 minutes ago Billy Costigan you go put your Red Sox hat on right now @LeoDiCaprio
  9. Bnkenobi Tks for more Leo /NY pix Calibi Tks for Leo/Yankee tweets, vids, & pix I love that ESPN keeps showing him, they just showed him again a few minutes ago
  10. Another Leo /Yankee pix from tonight
  11. Some more Leo biking pix from Bnkenobi's site that were not part of the original DM pix Lucky Girl Yes, IF the Leonardo da Vinci film project does come to be then Leo would be starring as Leonardo da Vinci, it would be a role , that personally, I would like to see him do It would probably allow him to spend a lot of time in Italy for the filming which would be another plus for him
  12. LeoFan Yes, I was just coming to post same article from Variety, like you, I think it is a very interesting project for Leo
  13. This might be an interesting role for Leo to do if it comes to be considering DaVinci was inspiration for his first name and his being an avid art collector Leo Meet Leo: Paramount, Universal Vie For Walter Isaacson Da Vinci Book For DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio Wants to Play Leonardo da Vinci, But Which Studio Will Buy the Book for Him? August 11, 2017 Leonardo DiCaprio wants to play his namesake Leonardo da Vinci in a movie. The question is, which studio is going to pony up for Walter Isaacson’s new book about the legendary artist/inventor and give The Revenant star an opportunity to win his second Oscar? Universal and Paramount are locked in a heated battle for the book heading into the weekend, and while Paramount is believed to have a slight edge given the fact that it has a first-look deal with DiCaprio’s Appian Way banner, it may come down to money… and whether Paramount has any to spend on this kind of prestige literary acquisition. Paramount has been waiting on a $500 million investment from China’s Huahua Media that has yet to arrive, which has reportedly prompted studio executives to fly to China to try and rescue a deal that has been discouraged by the Chinese government. If the studio is low on funds, is it really wise to plunk down big bucks for a Leonardo da Vinci book just weeks before the studio starts releasing its fall slate? Universal is believed to have made a very strong offer for the project, but Paramount is well within its right to match it under the terms of its deal with Appian Way. The only reason Paramount wouldn’t come away from this book battle victorious is if its war chest is running low. But let’s say money isn’t a factor, and take it out of the equation. If there’s any reason Isaacson opts against choosing Universal, it may be the fact that the studio wound up with the Steve Jobs movie based on his biography of the Apple co-founder, and despite a great writer, director and cast, the movie failed to make much of a dent with critics or ticket buyers (though I personally liked it quite a bit). Regardless of which studio wins, expect Appian Way to produce this movie as a potential star vehicle for DiCaprio, who still hasn’t decided what he wants to do next. He’s also attached to star in Paramount’s The Devil and the White City as well as several other projects around town, all of which seem to be moving quite slowly despite DiCaprio’s involvement. And this is an actor-producer who puts a lot of thought into picking his projects. Isaacson reportedly used Da Vinci’s personal notebooks to research his book, which will be published in October by Simon & Schuster. Expect more clarity on this situation tomorrow, as ICM Partners is brokering the auction. For more details, check out Deadline, which broke the news on this one.
  14. Another pix from last night of Leo at Faunces Tavern Museum
  15. Looks like from new article that when Leo was biking yesterday his group included German model Lorena Rae , she is the same model we saw him talking with on yacht in St Tropez , and was part of the group in these Cannes pix
  16. From DM more pix of Leo biking yesterday ; looking great
  17. Calibi Tks for Leo /Marquee pix It must be great for Milano to turn 21 and your godfather Leo can get you into all the hot clubs in New York
  18. Winsletbeforebloo No problem , I had always planned to scan rest of article when I had time, plus to show others what Star's claim of '15 pix" really meant
  19. Now the rest of the article , parts of page I didn't scan before as I didn't have time As to their claim of 15 photos , they are counting the new swimsuit pix plus the old pix of the duo in the article to arrive at 15 , typical Star Page 3 of article = all pix on this one page add up to 5 Page 2 of article = they consider this page as 2 pix Page 4 of article = 5 pix And this first page of article would add up to 3 more pix or total of 15 pix
  20. Leo is still out riding Liv‏ @liv_long16 43m43 minutes ago When you see leonardo dicaprio casually riding a bike through the city while vaping.. dam
  21. Scans of the new Leo & Kate pix from Star , I only scanned the part of the article that had the swimsuit pix
  22. New pix of Leo biking today in NY ; the photographer in park taking pix of cyclists and happen to take pix that included Leo
  23. Leo is still out walking around NY today Devonta White‏ @FitFlyFellow 10m10 minutes ago Just walked past @LeoDiCaprio on Madison Ave. He was incognito with his baseball cap and glasses on. #NYC
  24. Appears Leo is out walking in NY today , hopefully we'll get some new pix Ben‏ @btak18 24m24 minutes ago I just walked past Leonardo Dicaprio on the street! Only on the Upper East Side.