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  1. News of a tribute to Django Reinhardt sponsored by Leo and his Dad
  2. Another Marrakech pix Calibi Tks for older pix
  3. Bnkenobi Tks for Getty pix without watermarks Jade & Barbie Yes , I'm looking forward to our first set pix
  4. Another great pix of Leo with his award from the recent Haiti Relief Gala , I wish I could find without Getty watermark
  5. Jade Like Barbie I've never read anything so far that infers that any characters, beyond the Manson murder victims, were based on any real people. However having said that , looking at this new description of Leo's character , I would say it reminds one of Clint Eastwood's career He had been in the popular tv western Rawhide that ran from 1959-1965, then his career stalled in the US , and he then went overseas and became a big star via low budget Italian westerns such Good , Bad, and Ugly /Fistful of Dollars, etc which then became big hits in the US , and he continued to have a successful movie career in the US thereafter I had looked last night at various articles about Sharon Tate , and I could find no articles that mentioned that she and Eastwood ever worked together or knew each other .
  6. From Deadline more information about Leo's character in Tarantino movie
  7. Leo with little boy in Marrakech; the little boy in photo is part of the Sadek Equestrian Show
  8. Leo attended the Stella McCartney fashion show last night in LA where her dad Paul and others performed
  9. From Daily Mail , some pix of Leo from Orlando's birthday party / dinner Saturday night
  10. Some more pix from yesterday This girl has several pix in her post Bnkenobi & Barbie Tks for pix & DM article LaLaGirl Tks for pix from years ago when Leo visited Marrakech
  11. Tweet from managing editor of Fandango; I hope this comes to be true ErikDavis‏Verified account @ErikDavis 2h2 hours ago ErikDavis Retweeted IndieWire I’ve also heard whispers - not confirmed, mind you - that Leo has a role in Scorsese’s THE IRISHMAN
  12. Videos of Leo that my earlier posted screenshots were from
  13. According to the guy who took these pix , this is supposed to be Leo driving/testing the car And I did notice that the driver above in his post said = I hope you were not scared on the quick lap around #Marrakesh #ePrix 😄⚡️⚡️⚡️🏆🇧🇷 Lucky Girl I sure hope Flowers of the Osage Moo will still happen
  14. Some more pix of Leo with Alejandro Agag the founder of Formula E You can , also, see pal Reeza walking behind him
  15. New pix of Leo at Formula E in Marrakech today
  16. Bnkenobi Tks for Leo/Tarantino news Hope we soon learn of tentative filming start date , as well as, more definite casting Leo/Marrakech ? Can see from Orlando's insta stories that he is definitely in Marrakech, just have to see if any sightings /pix of Leo
  17. Just saw this tweet at Twitter, maybe, this is reason for his travels to London ??? @LeoDiCaprio & #OrlandoBloom to attend #MarrakeshEPrix tomorrow with lots of action involved! https://www.motorsport-magazin.com/formele/news-244145-leonardo-dicaprio-und-orlando-bloom-besuchen-formel-e-marrakesch/ … @FIAFormulaE #FormulaEpic.twitter.com/r4U1mxPSDJ Below is translation of article he linked to :