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  1. Barbie & Jade Tks for Titanic & TD set pix ; both are new to me For sure 2005 was a hard year for me, I couldn't decide who I loved more Billy Costigan or Danny Archer
  2. Barbie Tks for news of Leo presenting to Marty at TCM event next week I can’t wait to see new pix of Leo in a suit
  3. Bnkenobi & Barbie Tks for more pix and vids
  4. From DM a video that goes along with pix above http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/tvshowbiz/video-1670502/Video-Leonardo-DiCaprio-gets-close-Girlfriend-Coachella.html
  5. Barbie Wow when you wish for new pap pix, your wish gets fulfilled big time ! Tks for all the new Coachella pix
  6. Barbie I see your wish was heard Tks for more Coachella pix
  7. Fallen & Calibi Tks for new vids & sightings
  8. Caibi Tks for Leo /Tokyo pix, various LA Twitter sightings , as well as , correction about Tarantino filming article Bnkenobi Tks for Leo /Jane Goodall pix SexyLeo Tks for article regarding Leo /Jane G luncheon
  9. Calibi Tks for Tarantino filming locale news I wonder since filming begins in August & some will be done in France , if Leo will go straight there from his annual July /St. Tropez gala in France ??? Or if the France filming will be later ?
  10. Jade Tks for older pix ; one with baby =adorable
  11. Sexy Tks for R&J article
  12. Jade, Calibi, Barbie. , Lucky Girl Tks for latest news , vids , pix & sightings Noticed Leo’s pal Vinny posted insta story from Tokyo , so we know sighting was legit And that via Camila’s friend Isabella insta story that she & Camila are in Tokyo as well Interesting news that Leo will be celebrating Easter in Japan
  13. Jade, LuckyGirl, and Bnkenobi Tks for keeping the Leo new pix and vids coming
  14. Barbie Tks for new Leo & Camila pix
  15. sap675 Oops, you're right, as I knew it was in March and was thinking it was at the end, but it took place earlier this month. So , I guess , the next public event that Leo normally attends where we get pix will be Coachella /April 13-15
  16. Barbie Tks for GONY clip Today is VIP showing for annual Amory Art Show in NY , we know Leo has attended in the past, we'll have to see if he shows again
  17. Some more snaps of Leo arriving at Al Pacino event last night Calibi, Barbie, Jade, Lucky Girl Tks for your efforts in making sure we see the lastest news, pix, and sightings
  18. Barbie Tks for article , like you , sure hope Margot does sign on Calibi Tks for various Leo sightings this week I guess from lastet tweet we are to take it that Leo is now in Utah ?
  19. From Deadline Hollywood : Margot Robbie Now In Negotiations To Play Sharon Tate In Quentin Tarantino Film Calibi Tks for information that is a ring that Leo is wearing along with his wolf pendant
  20. Barbie Tks for Leo/Lakers video As Jade mentioned, it has been a long time since we have seen him attend a Laker game , maybe, the draw was the fact that they were playing LeBron & the Cavaliers
  21. Calibi & LaLaGirl Tks for latest Leo pix and news
  22. Barbie Tks for posting Domnhall’s great comments about working with Leo Calibi Tks for our latest Leo /sighting pix Sick Sorry , I don’t remember that pix of Leo at all , if I should come across it , I will post
  23. Jade Tks for video Love that the countdown is on to new movie related news each day Can’t wait for our 1st pix from set