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  1. Barbie Tks for keeping us updated with lastet film castings , as well as , 1st pix of cast at rehearsal Hope these are just the first of many filming pix to come
  2. Barbie Tks for more information about Leo/Operation Smile event
  3. Barbie Tks for another Cabo pix
  4. New pix of Leo & Camila at wedding
  5. Barbie Tks for Emilia’s comments ; hopefully she will get to do a movie with Leo one day Calibi Tks for news / pix as to where Leo spent his Memorial Day weekend , as well as , article about his shopping trip in Japan
  6. Some new pix of Leo and Kevin having lunch today in LA
  7. Calibi & Jade Tks for our new Leo/ La sighting / pix
  8. Calibi Tks for more Leo/SNL party vids Jade Tks for Millie / Stranger Things article I don’t think 🤔 it will happen , but agree with Barbie that Millie has a crush on Leo
  9. Pix of Leo with Melvin Whittenburg (he's running for Sec of State in SC ) at last night's SNL after party in NY With Jerry Seinfeld at same party
  10. Twitter sighting of Leo this afternoon in NY Ashley Weatherford‏Verified account @sincerelyash 1h1 hour ago Just saw Leonardo DiCaprio riding around soho in his uniform lol. You know the look: sunglassses, baseball cap, hoodie, backpack, citibike. (PYT MIA.)
  11. Barbie Tks for older pix , is new to me as well
  12. From JJ new pix of Leo from last night with Camila at Bowery Hotel in NY
  13. Leo and Spielberg are joining together for a future project
  14. The art article below gives us a clue as to one reason Leo has been in NY recently, a big art sale took place last night at Sothebys Bnkenobi & Shepherd Tks for more HQ Leo/NY pix
  15. Another new NY pix of Leo with Alex Bult
  16. Barbie & Shepherd Tks for more white tee pix Kelly Ditto
  17. Jade,Barbie, Bnkenobi Did I mention I look logging in to new Leo pix every day Tks
  18. New pix of Leo in NY today
  19. Jade & Barbie Tks for latest Leo film updates : Jade , love Timothy as well
  20. Great pix of Leo from last summer that I haven’t seen before
  21. Leo/Cannes Noticed just now Leo’s pal Emily is now in Cannes , so guess our next sightings may be in Cannes
  22. Calibi Tks for Leo/Quentin IG sightings Jade Tks for Variety / salary news , probably as in past , rather than take all his fee upfront , he’ll get a percentage of box office Also , tks, for IG posts , the clothes Leo has on in that pic are from the anniversary/ window scene with Mal Agree he looks great
  23. Barbie Tks for more Tarantino film casting ; I can’t wait for it all to begin Jade Tks for IG posts
  24. Calibi You are on fire today , more GREAT news ! Yeah , Margot , tks ,