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  1. The guy who took pic posted a video of it, it sorta looks now like Leo was giving an interview to someone
  2. Sugarwater Thanks so much for our long awaited first pic of Leo on KOTFM set Yes , he is clean shaven and his hair looks very short Barbie That adorable interview is new to me as well I would LOVE to see the whole interview!!
  3. Apparently DeNiro injured his leg, but article states it didn't happen on set, and he was already due to be heading back to NY as not needed on set for a few weeks https://deadline.com/2021/05/robert-de-niro-injured-on-set-martin-scorsese-killers-of-the-flower-moon-1234756139/ Mirella Yes, with all the set construction they are doing , one can well see how you have to have big budget For sure we need MORE set pix of Leo
  4. This is the poster who posted the filming videos when Leo was doing DLU , so, hopefully, she'll get some videos of Leo filming in weeks ahead Mirella When studios rent a building or home for filming, they agree in the contract to either return the building/house to original state , or they will leave any changes in place that you request
  5. Cara Meyers, who plays Mollie's sister Anna, reposted one of the set pix from yesterday She is so cute with her enthusiasm about being part of this filming Jade and Mirella Tks for latest Leo news Jade, my vote for movie I'm MOST looking forward to would be KOFTM hands down Mirella, the movie Holiday with Kate, Cameron, Jude Law, Jack Black is one of my faves as well. I rewatch it often
  6. First pix of DeNiro and Marty on set The scene they filmed yesterday was supposed to be wedding of Mollie and Ernest You can see church in overhead shot Barbie Very cute video , tks Mirella Tks for cute comment about Leo from Lilly
  7. Also NBC has cancelled the GG for 2022 , so it looks like we won't be seeing Leo or other DLU cast at GG this year https://deadline.com/2021/05/golden-globes-canceled-nbc-2022-hfpa-1234753314/
  8. And since we are ever greedy for new set pix, Osage news has kindly posted pix from today's filming in Fairfax, Okl
  9. Jade Yes , J Edgar look with just lighter hair Saw someone else thinks he looks with hair / makeup like James Cagney SexyLeo Now you know that one photo will only satisfy us for one day =by tomorrow we’ll want more
  10. Jade Tks for reply Leo’s left ear seemed larger to me when I first saw pic , but I figured it was just due to angle / the flattened down hair , but then I read that article , and it made me wonder was there something prosthetically added Now you have me wondering about his nose
  11. Ernest's ears ??? I just read an article that infers that they have added to Leo's ears to make them appear larger , does anyone else think that ???
  12. Jade As to pregnancy since it takes 'two to tango' I don't feel that there was any 'sex' that happened that April didn't go willingly along with = as we sure didn't see any scene that suggested that and birth control protection is a two way responsibility = but , I do agree, with Frank's background not known to many who saw the film, it may seem to some that Frank used the unexpected pregnancy to argue the Paris trip was now unreasonable since he had decided to take the new job with the firm Liljak No problem, I fault the Vanity Fair writer for
  13. Thank you Leo for hearing our request for a pic from the KOTFM set We can see Leo's hair is lighter like the real Ernest , and he is clean shaven Though , looking at the real Ernest's hair, I wonder why they went with the divided in middle look Liljak Tks for pic and article BUT IF YOU HAD NOT READ BOOK = DO NOT READ THE ARTICLE = MAJOR SPOILER
  14. Two other pix of Leo that are among my faves due to his million dollar smile and how his hair is styled
  15. Mirella Tks for interviews Jade Re : RR , I felt how you viewed certain scenes depended on whether you read the book. In the book we learn that Frank was a child born late in his parents' marriage and not to their joy especially his father's who oft reminded him of how his birth had a negative affect on things they had planned. He basically always made Frank feel that he would have preferred if he had NOT been born/aborted , which I felt in the movie we see in Frank's opposition to April's considering aborting the baby = it made Frank think o
  16. More KOTFM set pix Hopefully once the filming moves to downtown Pahuska we will get some glimpses of Leo's Ernest Jade As we fans know since 1998 the medial has been trying to CREATE the 'new Leo' Barbie Tks for photoshoot pic I wonder how many interviews Leo will do for DLU. For Once it was always either Brad & him or Leo,Brad, Margot. But with such a big well known cast beyond Leo and Jen as in Meryl, Jonah, Timothy, Cate,Rob, I do wonder how many video interviews he will actually do ::
  17. Sugarwater Re: Leo and pix , I think , we may both need to quit our day jobs and become the Pawhuska Pap Patrol 😜 In no time we would either get our pic or fall out of tree trying to get a pic !! Thanks for update on family member , I do hope either you or a family member or friend do get hired as an extra
  18. We need to train the residents of Pawhuska in art of taking Leo's pic From recent article about Pawhuska Jade & LiljaK Tks for Leo related movie news and pix
  19. Mirella Like with Revenant which was released in Jan 2016 , as long as KOTFM is released in January 2023 by stated Academy deadline , it will be eligible for Oscars 2023 I don’t know if you recall but years ago Aviator was the heavy fave for for Best Picture then Eastwood released Million Dollar Baby in mid January and stole the heat Some studios now go with Jan releases for 2 reasons : 1.Less crowded like December with multiple contenders being released 2. Combined with belief that award voters have short memories and best reme
  20. Jade Yes , I meant Dec’22 or Jan 23 Sorry for typo i corrected it
  21. From local news a video of them working in Pawhuska on set Sugarwater Looks like for this HIGHLY SEEN person they have changed age to 30+ = so that would seem to take in a lot of women , I can't believe locals didn't apply unless they don't know about the opening And, while it would be a thrill to be in any Marty movie, I agree, one would MOST hope for scene that includes Leo I read where one family said they all applied to be extras , but only their goat got selected, and they've heard Leo likes him Jade
  22. Sugarwater Tks for more casting news Sure hope we find a role for you Like Jack I must write a strongly worded letter to Marty on your behalf
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