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  1. Jade & Barbie Yes, Leo, Kate, and Marty would love , love to see that !
  2. Kat Thanks for the information regarding the pix Because the Hamilton star Lin Miranda had posted the pix I wrongly thought it had been taken backstage at his play Hamilton, as I recalled Leo according to Page Six had attended a showing when it was off Broadway Hamilton made its off Broadway debut at The Public Theater in February 2015 and moved to Broadway in August 2015, thus the reason I mentioned that time frame as possibly when the pictured was taken However, now I see that the pictured Hamilton actress Mandy Gonzalez was ,also, in Lin Miranda's other award winning Broadway play In the Heights which was on Broadway 2007-2008 Not a new pix but certainly one that has 3 of my fave people in it
  3. And speaking of Oscars, so glad a fan took a photo of this billboard in LA, I can't wait to see him on stage Feb 26th
  4. Barbie Tks for the Leo /Oscar article Definitely agree it was a wonderful moment for all fans of his acting , and I truly hope he was able to feel all the love and support worldwide that his many fans were sending him that night Calibi Tks for posting Lin Miranda's #tbt pix of Leo backstage at Hamilton I don't have time to search old posts, but I remember one of our posters posted the NY Post Page Six mention that he had attended the play when it was still off Broadway back in either fall 2014 or spring 2015 Nice, also , to see Irmelin in background
  5. According to the tweeter below is a pix of Leo's private jet at airport in Indonesia In Indonesia it is presently 12:09pm on Tuesday Feb 14th already Nuri Arunbiarti ‏@nurinuriii 24m24 minutes ago LEONARDO DI CAPRIO DI BANDARA LABUAN BAJO, GAES!!! = Leonardo Caprio AT AIRPORT Labuan Bajo, gaes !!! Nuri Arunbiarti ‏@nurinuriii 24m24 minutes ago His private jet at Labuan Bajo airport @LeoDiCaprio
  6. DiCap Tks for information regarding where pix of Leo & Vinny was taken How exciting , hope you have a chance to see him
  7. Noticed the Instagram person pulled the Leo in Singapore pix off her page, but another girl posted same pix on Twitter Audrey Satria‏@AudreyOfficial 3h3 hours ago I can't believe that Leo is in Singapore aknsisni Another tweet from the girl whose tweet Calibi posted above , she explains how she came to talk to him sofea‏@hxnfea 22m22 minutes ago @bitchcaprio omg he went to singapore art museum and I served him I fucking died Calibi Tks for Singapore tweets and pix , as now we know Leo hasn't been in the States since Jan 22 thus why we've have no new US sightings Also , tks, for older ferry pix Barbie Tks for the various videos , like you, they may not be new , but some are new to me
  8. Lucky Girl Sorry , I don't remember that video , and I don't have any videos saved The only suggestion I can offer is to search You Tube Jade Yes , we haven't had any new sightings or pix since the Kyoto sighting. Hopefully that will change this week The BAFTA 's are this coming Sunday , but since Leo didn't present at SAG not expecting him to head to London to present Thanks for older pix
  9. Bsrbie Tks for Carter Thicke's comments regarding how Leo was of help during this difficult time
  10. Calibi Tks for another sighting of Leo & Nina at Golden Temple in Kyoto
  11. From Variety today official announcement that Leo and other past winners will present at 2017 Oscars The Academy announced on Wednesday that last year’s winners in the acting categories — Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson, Mark Rylance and Alicia Vikander — will all present awards at this year’s festivities. http://variety.com/2017/film/news/oscars-presenters-2017-leonardo-dicaprio-brie-larson-1201975419/ Calib Tks for sighting, does this mean that Leo & Nina are now in Japan ????
  12. Kat & Barbie Yes, I agree , while this character/book may be something that interests Leo , since in the announcement there was no director or start date mentioned only time will tell if the film ever comes to be , or as Kat mentioned, it ultimately becomes like Live by Night a film Leo remains a producer on but no longer is the lead actor Eastofeden Tks for Night Before poster, it is a charity event that Leo has been part of since its inception
  13. From Variety a report of a new starring project for Leo Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in, Produce Paramount Adaptation ‘The Black Hand’ Leonardo DiCaprio will star in and produce an adaptation of Stephan Talty’s book “The Black Hand” for Paramount Pictures. The true story about the origins of the mafia in America follows Joe Petrosino — nicknamed the “Italian Sherlock Holmes” — an NYPD cop who goes after the ruthless gang in the early 190os. The thugs (with the calling card black hand) migrated from Italy to America, and kidnapped people to extort money from their families. They were loathed by law-abiding Italian families who were frightened, but nevertheless helped Petrosino behind the scenes. Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Jeremy Bell of The Gotham Group will produce. DiCaprio’s producing partner, Jennifer Davisson, will also produce with Gotham, as well as Nathaniel Posey on behalf of his Appian Way Productions. Talty is the New York Times-bestselling author of six nonfiction books focused on history and individual achievement. As a ghostwriter, Talty’s work includes “A Captain’s Duty,” which was the basis for the 2013 Oscar-nominated Tom Hanks-starrer “Captain Phillips.” DiCaprio recently starred in “Before the Flood,” the 2016 documentary about climate change directed by Fisher Stevens. He will next play Sam Phillips, a pioneer in the music industry during the 1950s who helped launch the careers of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Paramount has been busy acquiring material for DiCaprio following his new first-look deal, which he signed in 2015. Appain Way is developing a reboot of the “Captain Planet” series with Glen Powell, among its many projects. DiCaprio is repped by LBI Entertainment. The news was first reported by Deadline Hollywood http://variety.com/2017/film/news/leonardo-dicaprio-black-hand-adaptation-1201974560/ Calibi Tks for another great pix of Leo with same fan in Dubai .
  14. Calibi Tks for keeping us updated on Leo 's time in Dubai
  15. An article about Leo being in Rawanda along with another new pix of him https://www.umuseke.rw/amafoto-ya-mbere-ya-leonardo-dicaprio-mu-birunga-byu-rwanda.html
  16. Calibi Tks for new pix of Leo in Rawanda I had noticed on IG that his pal Richie & girlfriend Megan had been posting pix from the area , so now we know where Leo has been since Sunday & why Twitter sightings of him in NY stopped Looking forward next to seeing him present BA at this Sunday 's SAG Awards
  17. Calibi Tks for all your efforts to keep us updated on the latest LA/NY Twitter sightings , as well as, the Villa & Leo & Nina dining pix Jade Agree with others that the pix you posted of Leo were great pix, I do remember seeing those pix before, but when I scanned just now through my 2016 saved pix , I don't see them Barbie & Leo Lover Yes, I love the look of Leo's hair in restaurant pix Kat Since Before the Flood wasn't on the documentary shortlist when it was announced Dec 6th, we knew that meant it was no longer Oscar eligible , but the Ivory Game was on the shortlist , and , like you and others, I had hoped l that it would receive an Oscar nod today
  18. Calibi Tks for Twitter sighting of Leo & Nina at Palm Springs restaurant I read that Katy Perry threw a 40th birthday party for his pal Orlando Bloom in Palm Springs this weekend , and I wondered if Leo was there for party as well ???
  19. The tweeter above posted a pix of Leo taken earlier today Calibi Tks for tweet letting us know their conversation
  20. Calibi Tks for latest sighting of Leo in Palm Desert ; lucky girl I wonder if he visited his Palm Springs home Hope someone gets a pix
  21. Barbie Yes, when I saw them on their Twitter feed , I agree, they reminded me of the pix below taken last September, as both Leo & Nina seem to have on same outfits However, having said that , the other pix on the Twitter feed seemed to be current, so I wondered why would they just yesterday retweet these old pix, but , who knows
  22. New pix of Leo & Nina clasos ‏@clasos 5h5 hours ago EXCLUSIVO!!! Leonardo DiCaprio y Nina Agdal conduciendo por las calles d... http://clasos.com.mx/historias/detalle/266486 …
  23. Another older pix of Leo that is new to me
  24. Calibi Tks for Leo / karaoke sighting Last night was karaoke night at Goal's , I wonder if that was the place she saw Leo ? i would have loved to have been there