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  1. Jade Love your gifs story , so true Akastosh Tks for interview ciip with Leo's uncle
  2. Sugarwater Wow you got to see RR filming & will get to see Killers filming next year = I should have said Super Lucky you
  3. Sugarwater Yes, can well understand the desire to have the terrain as close to possible of real settings, but , to me , the casting element is the most essential to be true to real story Gosh, you were able to see RR filming ? Lucky you !!! Great photo of my fave duo , thanks , for sharing I so hope when Killers filming does happen, you can see it filming as well and share with us Barbie I think I've seen that photo before, but a great photo like that deserves multiple postings
  4. Sugarwater Yes , I read the book as well which is why I stated in earlier board discussions it would be ideal to film in area where the actual events took place , but outdoor scenes / indoor scenes etc could really be filmed in locales with similar outdoor terrain and sets could be built for indoor home & ranch house scenes / jail / courthouse scenes . It is like when they filmed Revenant in Canada and not in the US where the actual event took place, Innaritu just had to find similar outdoor terrain for the outdoor scenes And as you say what the outdoor areas may have looked like in summer May - August when they were due to start filming would not be same as terrain in February In my view the ONLY element they need to have is a large involvement of the local Osage area Indian groups in casting of major & minor roles = their involvement is the one element that is required to be true to real events Personally , I may be wrong , but I’m leaning more toward the filming not starting to the original time frame May-August , as with Scorsese taking a year to edit , starting filming Feb 2021 or May 2021 this type film won't be released to fall 2022 /Jan 2023 for award consideration
  5. Sugarwater Welcome back I do hope when production begins, you and your sister will be able to visit and see some filming
  6. Well , we finally have our answer as to when Killers of Flower Moon is due to start filming Scorsese is known to take a year to edit films, so if it doesn't complete to April 2021 , it probably won't be released to fall 2022
  7. Jade & Barbie Billy & Calvin so different except in one way = you can’t take your eyes off them .....
  8. Barbie Billy Costigan , be still my heart Also, tks, for news of new deal Leo's Appian Way has signed with Apple. I guess this new deal means than rather than Leo's documentaries being streamed at Netflix as they have in the past, they will now be streamed on Apple TV
  9. Happy to see these Japanese interviews from time of Titanic debut in Japan back online
  10. While this article from Film Stage doesn't give any specific start date, at least it does show that those connected to Killers are working on ways they can safely move forward with filming
  11. Akatosh Tks for recent photo that shows contrary to recent article Leo still has his tattoo
  12. Today we have another new sighting of Leo dining in CT once again with Bradley Cooper. The restaurant mentioned is not the same cafe where the fan photo of 2 was taken in the last sighting of Leo in CT with Brad from a few weeks ago I sure hope they are meeting in connection with Brad C joining the Killers of Flower Moon cast or possibly some other film project for the duo Also I had completely forgotten about the tatoo Leo used to have on his ankle area to I saw this article today https://www.thethings.com/heres-why-leonardo-dicaprio-had-his-secret-tattoo-removed/
  13. LuckyGirl Tks for longer version of Japanese clip Jade Tks for great Rick Dalton pix , as well as , pix from long ago teen mag photo shoot
  14. Jade & Barbie Tks for a photo and video clip that are both new to me And, need I say, that video , Leo's relaxed body language and his million dollar smiles , are reasons why I have always loved his Japanese interviews
  15. Barbie Tks for Appian/ Island news ; now if we could only get some film news about Killers or another film project for Leo Sunflower86 Yes , we could easily solve the mystery of who is that man if George would just kindly drop by & identify him
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