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  1. Barbie Now Leo’s pal Vinny is posting insta story from the club celebrating Pookie
  2. Barbie As to recent sightings , well today was ,also, Leo's pal Pookie's birthday , and Judah posted an insta story of them celebrating his birthday at Goal , so that may well be the 'bar' the tweeters are referring to in the tweets I posted above as typically people use the term 'club' when posting sightings at 1OAK , Taos, Marquee , Up & Down , etc It would seem that he would ,also, try to stop by 1oak to celebrate Richie's as well We'll just have to see if more sightings surface
  3. Twitter sightings of Leo tonight EV‏ @ejv23_ 14m14 minutes I saw fuckin Leonardo DiCaprio at this bar I’m at OMFG !! matt‏ @mattrmccar 50m50 minutes ago Was just leaving a bar and @LeoDiCaprio walked by... UMMMM I’m on another LEVEL matt‏ @mattrmccar 49m49 minutes ago Walked back into the bar because #LEO @LeoDiCaprio so fucking cool meeting you tonight! Barbie Tks for information regarding lucky lady seeing Leo & Brad filming earlier today, I hope someone got pix Also, tks , for mention of Leo in HR's Power Ranking
  4. Not sure if with filming Leo will be able to attend, but his long time pal Richie is having his big birthday bash at 1OAK in LA tomorrow night . His actual birthday is today , but he will celebrate it tomorrow as today is the 2nd day of Yum Kippur , so we'll have to see if there are any sightings tomorrow night Bnkenobi Tks for the various sets of pix , we very much do appreciate your purchasing these to share with us
  5. Lucky lady Jane getting all those intro kisses from Leo Gosh, I didn't realize the other LDF award recipient artist Wayne Thiebaud was almost a 100 !
  6. The 2 vids below are from last Thursday's filming of Once scenes with Leo & Brad . In the vid you can see Quentin has on same blue shirt as in the set pix that surfaced on Friday https://scanpix.no/spWebApp/preview/video/td2e2172 https://scanpix.no/spWebApp/preview/video/td2e2028 Also if you recall last Monday Sept 10th a woman posted on Facebook about filming going on in her neighborhood Since then she posted a pix of the filming notice that was posted showing the dates/times /and streets involved in filming , as well as, an update about more filming done on Sept 12th
  7. A pix of Leo and LDF Award recipient artist Wayne Thiebaud
  8. Tarantino news has some information from a David Oman about Once filming on his Ceilo Street last week Oman lives close to the real Sharon Tate's house and apparently from his website runs paranormal tours talking about strange things that have occurred since the murders Below are the comments from Tarantino News , as well as, the You Tube video he posted on Sept 16th about things that supposedly had happened 2 days after the filming last week
  9. From HR today a link to an excerpt from the book Billion Dollar Whale all about Jho Low and the Malaysian IMBD scandal As we know from following Leo he was friends with Jho Low , and we can all well recall the various events/pix that surfaced from the various events mentioned in the article that were supposedly paid for by Jho Low : Leo's trip to World Cup in 2010 with pals and godson Milano , Leo and Jonah's trip with others to celebrate 2 New Year Eve's in both Sydney and Vegas Plus in an excerpt from the book that ran in WSJ this past weekend went into great detail about Jho Low's birthday party in Vegas which we already knew Leo , Jonah, and Margot attended while they were all filming Wolf What is ,also , amazing to me is that apparently celebrities are used to receiving expensive gifts , as in the excerpt they mention that while they were friends , Jho Low gifted Leo paintings with a total value of over 9 million dollars , which as we know he returned once the scandal /source of Jho Low's money was revealed How to Buy Your Way into Leonardo DiCaprio's Inner Cicle https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/how-buy-your-way-leonardo-dicaprios-circle-book-excerpt-1144127 Barbie Tks for reply about man with headband in most recent set pix Also, tks , for pix of Leo with Julia Jackson
  10. From JJ according to article, Leo and Brad filmed scenes on Sunday, and , of course , they were wearing their fave outfits Looking at Quentin's outfit and hair yesterday on set, I wonder if he was part of filming http://www.justjared.com/2018/09/17/brad-pitt-leonardo-dicaprio-continue-filming-once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood/ Bnkenobi Tks for more pix of Leo on set from last week's filming Barbie Tks for update on how much the LDF event raised , that's great
  11. SexyLeo I would have loved if the camera had panned over to Leo when Chris was talking , so we could see Leo's reaction I'm sure he loved it Yes, Leo always seem so protective of Jane when he is with her , and that reminds me of how he was with his beloved Oma And I’m just thrilled there are so many pix & vids from gala to post today
  12. From E this is too funny and priceless, Chris Martin talking about Leo's efforts to save cargo shorts from extinction The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation advocates for wildlife and environmental protection to help save animals and the planet, but apparently the organization's namesake prevented something else from extinction all on his own. That's right: Leonardo DiCaprio salvaged cargo shorts for all of mankind, according to Coldplay singer Chris Martin . The foundation just celebrated its twentieth anniversary and had a gala on Saturday night in Sonoma, Calif., which included a performance by Coldplay. Before Martin and his band began their set, the "Fix You" singer praised DiCaprio for his dedication to environmental and sartorial choices. Martin said, "I studied him very closely for about five or six years and what became clear to me was his unbelievable service, his commitment to the business of cargo shorts." He continued admiring the Inception actor's devotion to this one item of clothing. "This is a guy, he's seen cargo shorts and he said, 'I'm going to save these shorts from extinction. They should have gone out about 25 years ago. I'm personally going to fund the sort of renaissances of cargo shorts,'" Martin added. Perhaps DiCaprio really needed the extra pocket space. The intro was a perfect segue into Martin's original song about none other than...cargo shorts. Instagram user missy_ib shared the singer's intro to his new anthem in honor of DiCaprio. The Coldplay frontman also sang a cover of Céline Dion's classic song from Titanic "My Heart Will Go On."
  13. More sweet pix of Leo & Jane Goodall Whenever I see him with Jane , I feel like she’s become his new Oma
  14. Wow, Sophia Loren was there along with actor British actor Christian Tye Really nice to see two female screen legends like Catherine Deneuve and Sophia in attendance In his insta story you see Leo on stage and at table sitting next to Irmelin , and it seems to me in the two seats near stage that looks like Tobey from behind and his girlfriend
  15. More LDF Gala pix , Leo looks great \ Leo with Jane Goodall & artist Wayne Theibaud Leo with Arne Glimcher producer of Gorillas in the Mist