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  1. Evidently these first posters are character posters, with the first one showing Rick and Cliff and their fave yellow car , today a new poster dropped featuring only Sharon Tate/Margot And the film deals with the stories of each of these characters as the navigate their way in Hollywood Jade Yes, with so much space between Brad and Leo on the poster, I saw lots of memes putting other characters between them The one I liked was this one , another person appreciating their yellow car
  2. Barbie What official site ? Are you talking about Tarantino News IG site which is done by fan ???
  3. Barbie Tks for information regarding that Leo/Gisele trip I never saw that video or any other video , so it was all new to me
  4. SexyLeo Re poster : it is probably just a teaser poster as well , but I noticed they they didn’t name the actors as they probably felt all know WHO those 2 are
  5. Tarantino News site stated the trailer is due to drop sometime this week, so probably since they rolled out the official poster this morning , they will roll out teaser trailer another day , just know I can't wait
  6. Leo just tweeted this , so I guess Dave did give a sneak peak of the official Once poster, the yellow car is the 3rd lead The pix are certainly not new, but I've never seen these Leo & Gisele trip pix from long ago
  7. Sighting of Leo in Big Sur today Barbie That poster is adorable ❤️
  8. Barbie Great news, tks Jade Tks for video, it was too funny Timothy's comments about arriving in electric car versus Brad's helicopter
  9. Leonardo DiCaprio is backing a $150 million climate fund https://www.businessinsider.com/leonardo-dicaprio-is-launching-a-150-million-climate-fund-2019-3 New pix of Leo with members of Princeville Capital
  10. 👍 Jade Tks for Titanic pix & Volkswagen director news Like Barbie I would hope we would start getting more new about Flowers
  11. Also I see Dave removed the Once poster pix , thank goodness I saved it
  12. Another party pix , I’m sure glad Robin had a birthday as we got lots of new pix of Leo to start off our week
  13. From ET Online : Inside Robin Thicke's Intimate Birthday Dinner With Leonardo DiCaprio, Fiancee April Love Geary and More https://www.etonline.com/inside-robin-thickes-intimate-birthday-dinner-with-leonardo-dicaprio-fiancee-april-love-geary-and?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
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