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  1. Seems others have ,also, seen the finished KOTFM and were impressed Jade Tks for more news regarding the rumored PTA & Tarantino film projects
  2. Jade Thanks for great news from KOTFM costume designer, as well as, update on Leo /Tarantino's last film Like you love the idea of Leo & Jessica working together As expected once the focus was off Oscars and nominees, the studios are starting the hype for their 2023 films and new productions
  3. Jade What a wonderful visual you paint for us this morning, thanks for sharing Oscars Barbie and Jade , you can count me into your group who were puzzled by the glowing comments about EEAAO Very happy for Brendan , his was a comeback story that ALL actors can relate to & cheer for . Hoping to be able to watch The Whale this weekend
  4. Thanks to ALL for new Green Carpet event pix , ss well as , news & pix from he assorted pre Oscar party events Jade He may not win, but for sure Colin has my vote
  5. Jade Tks for latest new Leo restaurant pic ,as well as , Devil news I read Larson’s book Devil & White City and one of Holmes’ key traits is that he was extremely charismatic and could easily charm both women & men which was key in luring his unsuspecting victims to their deaths He was so charismatic, that even after he was convicted of the murders , Larson stated that the prison authorities had to keep an eye on him as he was charming all of the prison guards & getting special treatment Leo is extremely charismatic and when he flashes his million dollar smile , be it woman or man , one is easily blinded from seeing what is behind the smile = and , sometimes, it is a killer Would LOVE for Leo to do the role
  6. Jade, YouNotMe, Barbie Tks for latest Leo pix & vids Richie posted on insta last night was there last night in Paris , so it does seem Leo’s whirlwind European adventure is over just in time for him to attend pre Oscar parties : Personally I’m hoping once the media industry focus on Oscars are over , is when Apple will announce KOTFM release plans
  7. Jade Tks for recap of all the KOTFM filming news Hopefully SOON we'll have a trailer to discuss
  8. Another day another woman (even a blast from the past when he was in Sydney) they are trying to link with Leo . The pr teams of these various women must be filling DM coffers to get their client's name mentioned at same event /restaurant /club where Leo was seen https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11795335/Leonardo-DiCaprio-ex-girlfriend-Madalina-Ghenea-party-night-club.html Barbie Tks for Variety /KOTFM article It was about time one of the industry trades gave us an update on the film Thanks to all who have contributed latest pix , news , vids
  9. Jade Tks for new pix Yes , all the models at a Vogue parry surrounding the editor of British Vogue or as DM would claim Leo alone & surrounded by models Sugarwater & Jade Yes , in contrast to book , not only is Ernest no longer a supporting character, but most importantly, nor is Molly 👍
  10. Just a little side note IF Leo does do King's Billy Summers, Billy uses a lot of aliases while setting up a hit , and one of them is Dalton Smith . So we would move from Rick Dalton on the screen to Dalton Smith Thanks to ALL who contributed our latest Leo related news/pix /etc
  11. Sugarwater So painfully true And while I well understand as a woman if I was in the group I'd like to be 'next' to Leo , but DM and other gossip sites never consider these women might actually be with one of his male friends that travel/ go out with him
  12. Once again DM is busy matching Leo with a new girl https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11775325/Leonardo-DiCaprio-enjoys-LFW-parties-stunning-Camila-Morrone-lookalike.html
  13. Pic of Leo & pal Edward Enniful at Vogue /BAFTA in event Alice T I wanted Colin to win as well Jade Tks for latest KOTFM news Personally, IF the film is still over 3 hours & 20” long , I think Marty & Thelma should ask for our “input” as to what should be cut As surely it isn’t any scenes involving Ernest
  14. We don't see Leo in these pix, but supposedly Leo is in LONDON and threw a pre Bafta party last night https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11768597/Maya-Jama-shows-incredible-physique-joins-Leonardo-DiCaprio-pre-BAFTA-party.html\\ Thanks to ALL who work to keep us alerted to latest Leo news /pix / videos
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