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  1. Calibi Tks for comments from Tommy Leigh of Barstool Sports who took the video I posted , I especially loved these comments he made He’s that rare level of celebrity that is a complete show stopper. Every guy wants to be him, every woman wants to be with him. Barbie Tks for BD interview , is one I've never seen
  2. And another new pix of Leo and pals in NY at NY Shaving Co on Elizabeth St wearing his University of Amsterdam sweatshirt And another video of Leo out walking today from same corner
  3. Another Leo /NY sighting from tonight Faith Bowles‏ @AcoolDrinkOfH20 1h1 hour ago Just ate dinner with @LeoDiCaprio behind us....Glad I wasn’t an asshole that would ask for a pic...also wish I was n asshole that asked for a pic..
  4. Girl was standing behind Leo on corner today and took a short vid of him before he rode off on his bike
  5. From Page Six mention of Leo at Rhi's 30th birthday party last night Rihanna rang in her 30th birthday on Tuesday with an elegant dinner in New York with close family and friends – followed by a champagne-flushed party with a performance from Toni Braxton. RiRi celebrated her milestone birthday at the luxuriant Landmark Rooms with stars including Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio, who snuck into the party later. Also, there was Rihanna’s billionaire Saudi boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, whom sources say she looked “very close with” all night. Rihanna’s group shared a four-course meal at The Grill, before moving to the landmarked Pool space for the afterparty, where Braxton performed. An insider exclusively told “Page Six TV,” “It was a really elegant black-tie event. Rihanna and her guests dined on gnudi with caviar and peppered filet mignon, washed down with a lot of champagne. “The dinner was followed by a big party at The Pool. Rihanna was with her new boyfriend, who was at her side all night, and Toni Braxton performed.” Other sources say Braxton is revered among RiRi’s circle of friends, and the birthday girl “is a huge fan” who was “clearly delighted” to have the recently engaged singer perform six songs. “They crushed hundreds of bottles of champagne, and Leo DiCaprio snuck into the afterparty through a side door.” DiCaprio, 43, has remained friends with Rihanna after she briefly dated one of his friends in 2015, we’re told. Bnkenobi Tks for more larger Leo /club pix
  6. Bnkenobi Tks for Leo biking pix
  7. Calibi Tks for club video of Leo & Camila; glad to know my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me when I posted girl looked like Camila to me Barbie As always Leo maybe can’t keep the paps away , but he does his best not to give them their desired money shot
  8. Below are some new pix of Leo coming out of 1 OAK in NY last night, the caption claims the blonde in pix is not Camila, but it looks like her to me
  9. Have no idea of when this pix was taken , but it is new to me
  10. A NY sighting of Leo , IF legit and he is out walking , we might get some new pix georgia‏ @georgiajmeyer 1h1 hour ago Just walked past Leonardo DiCaprio in nyc Thank you! And good night. Calibi and Barbie Tks for recent London sightings of Leo Jade Tks for article, as we well know everyone wants Leo for their future film project = he's boxoffice gold
  11. Another Gala pix Jade Tks for up to now unpublished Greg Gorman pix, as well as, Forbes article , agree Leo is box office gold
  12. Have no idea when or where taken but is pix I haven't seen before
  13. Pix of Leo with Miss Netherlands at recent Gala The BAFTA Awards are this Sunday, and they posted a nice pix lead up pix of Leo and Kate taken backstage at 2016 awards Angell Going by Milano's insta story Leo & pals are in Cognac France as of today
  14. Jade Tks for more Leo vids The blonde you mentioned next to Leo in the pix I posted above , is tv host and actress Nicollette Van Dam, she is infact the person who took the insta story vid of Leo and Nadal going to their seats that I posted above the picture of her and Leo
  15. Another short vid of Leo in theater Bnkenobi Tks for more HQ pix from the event, much appreciated