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  1. Some new pix of Leo taken in LA , the article states taken Saturday night, but since Dave posted a daytime pix of Irmelin during day on Saturday in Cannes, I would say they were taken Friday night before Leo left town Can see in pix pals Scott Bloom & Lukas Bnkenobi Tks for HQ versions of Fashion for Relief pix
  2. Short vid of Leo arriving and at Fashion For Relief event yesterday in Cannes In this vid you can see pal Tobey Maguire is with him along with Milutin Gatsby
  3. Another new pix from today , we can see he is with his friend Multin Gatsby
  4. Person said photo was taken a month ago at Hermes Party , is new pix to me
  5. Hopefully larger pix will surface, new pix of Leo today at Naomi Campbell's Fashion Relief Event in Cannes
  6. Calibi & Bnkenpbi Tks for latest Leo pix
  7. Jade The woman is Carolina Parsons , she is the wife of Leo's LDF pal Milutin Gatsby You can find pix online of her at recent Before the Flood premiere in Paris / her Instagram
  8. Barbie & Ardilla Tks for new Leo/Malibu pix
  9. Hope this NY Post article means that we will soon be hearing some definite news about this possible film project Leo DiCaprio to play NYPD detective who led crusade against mob NYPD officials and the family of an undercover detective who led a dangerous crusade against the Italian mob in the early 1900s are set to announce Friday a new movie about the cop’s murder. Leonardo DiCaprio will take on the role as Italian-born Giuseppe “Joseph” Petrosino in the upcoming adaptation of Stephan Talty’s book “The Black Hand,” which follows the cop’s doomed investigation into the roots of the mob in America. The movie will be announced at the Italian American Museum in Little Italy. Petrosino, nicknamed the “Detective in the Derby,” was dispatched to Italy in 1909 and was waiting for an alleged informant in Palermo when he ambushed by a group of gunmen and shot four times. His murder had long been a mystery until 2014, when the Italian police arrested 95 suspected Mafia members in connection to his death. Calibi Tks for tweet from fan who met Leo on Thursday, lucky girl Barbie Agree those gifs are adorable Bnkenobi Tks for more Leo /Pitt art studio pix
  10. Another nice pix of Leo from recent Sean Penn /Haiti event
  11. Some pix I haven't seen before of f Leo and his Dad at Brad Pitt's art studio Bnkenobi Tks for new pix of Leo & Nina at Itacho Sushi Leolover Tks for pix of Leo & Innaritiu , I would like to see Leo work with him again Barbie Not happy to learn that Irishman is now out of stall mode and greenlit for August. So now that we know any Scorsese project is out of the near future, like you , hope he will move on to another project
  12. According to this tweeter ( who works at movie theater ) Leo took in a movie yesterday Layke Duccaine‏ @Mars2kim 8h8 hours ago Both World Peace and Leonardo DiCaprio were at my job. Pitah‏ @pitahhh73 8h8 hours ago Oh my godddd I'd die!!! was Leo amazing?! Yessss he was incredibly amazing! But he was tryna be super lowkey so I didn't even bother asking for a pic Aww no way?! but he wasn't rude? Ugh I've been wanting to meet him since I was a kid No he was a sweetie. Me too!! I froze when he first walked in lol. Go to iPic theaters you might catch him after his movie Kat Tks for posting her Leo & Nina pix Calibi Tks for more information regarding what Leo bid on at recent Haiti auction
  13. Leo /LA sighting from this morning at Republique From Page Six Leo drops $180K on painting at charity gala Leo DiCaprio donned his newsboy cap and snuck in late to Sean Penn’s J/P Haitian Relief Organization gala at Sotheby’s on Friday, but the crowd knew he was there when he bid in the auction. The actor successfully bid on a painting called “Yellow Clipping 2,” by Jonas Wood for $180,000. DiCaprio’s art collection includes works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Takashi Murakami, and Frank Stella. Gayle King hosted the event, and Damien Rice performed. Kat Tks for Lunley's comments
  14. Well, the tweet below answers my question as to how much longer Leo would be in New York It appears he is now back on West Coast SteFano Langone‏Verified account @Stefano 6h6 hours ago When @TobeyMaguire and @LeoDiCaprio casually walk into your live night #Delilah #WeHo #LiveMusic
  15. Some cute pix of Leo & Claire from R&J premiere after party that are new to me Calibi Tks for Leo pix and Twitter sightings Kat Agree Leo is looking great Cannes begins May 17th, I wonder if he'll stay in NY to then