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  1. New pix from today (?) of Leo at restaurant/bar (?)
  2. Barbie Tks for another event video
  3. Video of Leo entering last night's event, the reaction of the girl to the left after he looks her way is priceless
  4. New pix Leo at One Peace Festival in LA last night at Mayfair Hotel
  5. Barbie Tks for LACMA screening pix The screening was last night Dec 11th , so, yes, he must be back from his trip
  6. Another Leo sighting from today AJ‏ @AlexJohn__4 FollowFollow @AlexJohn__4 More I met Leonardo DiCaprio today no big deal 8:27 PM - 10 Dec 2018
  7. {name}

    Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    Another ski resort tweet , so feel the above one is legit avery‏ @averyalexanderr FollowFollow @averyalexanderr More I work at a ski resort and today I scanned Leonardo DiCaprio. very‏ @averyalexanderr 20m20 minutes ago More Replying to @conciouscass he went by so fast I couldn’t get a picture I almost had a heart attack
  8. {name}

    Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    I don't know if accurate, but this tweeter has Leo and Cami at some type of ski resort Wilmer Flores‏ @Dub_Flo93 48m48 minutes ago More So Leonardo DiCaprio is here at the resort.....that's fuckin dope Wilmer Flores‏ @Dub_Flo93 5m5 minutes ago More this man is hiding in his snowgear (goggles/ ski mask) so no one can recognize him and his girl. #trueee Barbie Tks for tweet and article
  9. {name}

    Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    Another article about this past week Art Basel parties, etc, they mention Leo and Bono dining together one night https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/Cardi-B-Pharrell-Kanye-Draw-Crowds-During-Art-Basel-Miami--1.html?_osource=SocialFlowTwt_MIBrand
  10. Barbie Tks for our latest Art Basel articles & pix Also , tks , for GG article, I’m certainly looking forward to next time Leo attends
  11. An older pix that I've never seen Jade Tks for pix of Leo with Jim Carroll
  12. I think this is new pix of Leo at Art Basel event from last night Jade Tks for another Paris pix Agree is great cover
  13. Barbie Tks for older Leo pix
  14. Looks like Leo still loves his dinosaur bones Leo DiCaprio eyes $2.5M dinosaur bones at Art Miami By Mara Siegler December 6, 2018 | 8:30pm Modal Trigger Leonardo DiCaprioGetty Images SEE ALSO Leonardo DiCaprio hits VIP preview at Art Basel Leo DiCaprio is eyeing some dinosaur bones as his latest art acquisition, Page Six has learned. Art spies said that the Oscar winner and environmental activist expressed interest through an art adviser in a $2.5 million piece on display during Art Miami as part of an exhibition called “DeXtinction” from Avant Mining and Interprospekt. The piece that caught DiCaprio’s eye includes 150 million-year-old skeletons of an Allosaurus mom and baby from Wyoming, which took more than 2