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  1. Bnkenobi As always , you spoil us , tks : Jade Yes , like the rolled up sleeve pix as well πŸ˜›
  2. People has volleyball pix and article https://people.com/movies/leonardo-dicaprio-and-ansel-elgort-play-beach-volleyball-in-malibu/ And AFLO has tons of pix, hopefully we'll see some enlargements of these
  3. Post talking about Once filming later tonight and into tomorrow morning, could be when Leo is filming today, as I've already seen online new pix of Brad arriving on set today
  4. Wu Tang's U God talking about his encounter with Leo years ago https://melmagazine.com/a-conversation-with-wu-tang-clans-u-god-about-being-a-child-of-rape-nearly-fighting-leonardo-5edfe395c7c
  5. As per Barbie's request for new pix of Leo , we today have pix of Leo playing volleyball in Malibu this past Sunday . we can see his long time pal Damon in pix , as well as , it looks to me in the last 2 pix that the girl in black pants is Camila
  6. I wanted to repost this earlier Leo /IG sighting that was posted here in May, now we know what Leo & Quentin may have been discussing at their May Musso & Frank Grill dinner = their future Once filming at that locale
  7. More of Quentin's recreations of Hollywood 1969 Balevendriaukr Welcome Like you, I'm still hoping to see Leo in person
  8. The poster below speculates that the characters of Leo the actor and Brad the stuntman were inspired by real friendship of actor Burt Reynolds and his good pal stuntman Hal Nedhman Looking at his filmography Reynolds was on popular western Gunsmoke for 3 yrs
  9. Some possible Once filming news for this coming week
  10. A little follow up from tweeter who saw Leo , according to her he was eating at restaurant
  11. A Twitter sighting Saniyaba πŸŒ»β€ @saniyyahL15 4h4 hours ago OMGG I just saw Leonardo DiCaprio and holy fuck he’s so fine in person. Bnkenobi Tks for HQ of most recent set pix
  12. Gosh, Barbie, when you request new set pix, you get new set pix !!
  13. Bkenobi Wow , so many great pix of very sexy Rick Dalton : Barbie Ditto
  14. Barbie, it's working , it's working , new pix from Once set !!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5947409/Leonardo-DiCaprio-action-set-new-Quentin-Tarantino-movie-Time-Hollywood.html