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  1. Another Leo/Art Basel pix Cute pix of Leo with little girl who played his daughter in WOWS
  2. How did Leo compare to other celebrities in terms of how they treated you and other photographers? I never had a problem with how he treated me. The only thing is sometimes he hides his face. But you never get a palpable hostility from him. You get a little discomfort, but he’s not a mean person. I think he’s genuinely a nice person. Once when he was outside the Mercer, around the same time I got him that time, he had a little posse with him and some of his friends were being a little aggressive to the photographers. And Leo called them off. He didn’t allow them to be overly aggressive. It could’ve gotten out of hand. So he’s genuinely a peaceful person, in my opinion. How valuable is a photo of Leo? When you get a picture of Leo DiCaprio, you’re going to sell it. Right now the market is terrible. I never made a lot of money off Leo DiCaprio at all. Many celebrities I’ve made, you know, a ton of money on. But not Leo DiCaprio. You make some money, and consistently. His image is valuable. He’s considered a sexy star. For a male star. By the magazines. People want to see pictures of Leo DiCaprio. I’m surprised. He does seem like a consistent subject. Could that be the reason he doesn't sell for a lot? Consistency? I once took pictures of a Leo DiCaprio lookalike, I think he was from Sweden or Denmark. He was sitting at a restaurant on Madison Avenue. I got a tip. I went and photographed him. I made more money off the lookalike photograph that I ever made off Leonardo DiCaprio. I swear to god it’s true. I swear. I had a big spread in a Spanish Magazine, Hola. It sold all over the world. They called him Leonardo DiCappucino. He was sipping coffee. It was a big spread and it made a lot of money. I never made a lot off Leonardo DiCaprio. I made, you know, a bit of money. I don’t really care. I see him, I shoot him. And that’s it. I want to talk about one of the more popular Leo photos of yours. Him on the set of Celebrity in 1997, months before Titanic was released. What comes to mind when you see this photo? If I recall correctly, and it’s been a long time, I think it was at the Stanhope Hotel, near the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was a gorgeous hotel. I believe they were filming a scene inside the hotel. It may have been through a window where I got a focus on him. He had this sort of candid moment where he wasn’t turning away or anything. It’s not a big money maker, but it captured something. I have a hard time [talking about it.] You can see his mind churning. He’s not hiding anything. Do you think Leo has changed much since the release of Titanic, from your perspective He’s got an ego about him, like anybody would when you’re successful. He’s conscious of who he is. But I don’t think he’s changed all that much. He’s a little more mature. He’s become environmentally conscious. He just comes and goes. Ducks his head and moves on. I’m relieved to hear that he’s genuinely a nice guy. He’s a gentle soul. Just like his friend Tobey Maguire. They may not always be thrilled, but they have a little self respect and know how to act in public. They’re not hostile jerks.
  3. Interview with pap photographer who has taken pix of Leo for 20 years 1 Photographer on What It Was Like to Shoot Leonardo DiCaprio at the Peak of Leo Mania "He's a gentle soul. Just like his friend Tobey Maguire."
  4. The tweeter who said Leo came into story earlier posted a pix of him
  5. More Leo sightings Anthony Novoa‏ @PanConBistec99 1h1 hour ago When Leonardo DiCaprio walks in your job an you don’t take a pic fml 🤶🏼‏ @cinnayum 3h3 hours ago leonardo dicaprio came into my work and i almost cried 1:33 PM - 11 Dec 2017
  6. Calibi Tks for pix, Miami sighting, and Paris Jackson post Calibi Tks for enlargements of LA/Beverly Hills luncheon pix & Komodo /Miami pix
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  8. More pix of Leo at Art Basel yesterday
  9. Another funny Leo sighting tweet karma‏ @xalllllllyx 7h7 hours ago I saw/made eye contact with Leonardo DiCaprio at work yesterday and now I can die in peace A short clip that does show Leo walking from behind from yesterday's VIP event http://miami.cbslocal.com/video/3773811-art-basel-miami-beach-kicks-off-with-vip-preview/ Another pix of Leo in his 'burglar outfit' from yesterday Calibi Tks for all the Leo/Art Basel pix and articles Agree with Barbie , super cute pix with little girl
  10. Funny tweet this time from a male who encountered Leo at Art Basel Slim Leonardo DiCaprio was next to me walking into Collector's Lounge I swear the air quality changed #artbasel
  11. Our 1st Leo Art Basel /Miami encounter , this woman reacts the exact same way I would The Sixty hotel is where Richie's Up and Down have their Art Basel pop up club Jade Tks for new LA pix
  12. QuangDang Welcome Like other posters here, it is impossible for me to name one performance as my most favorite Barbie Tks for Paris Climate article Calibi Tks for latest Leo /LA sighting
  13. Have no idea when or where taken, but it is new pix to me The girl's sister posted she was amazing, so I gather from flowers in her arms, she had just performed at some event When asked the girl who posted pix with Leo said that it was taken at her vocal recital SexyLeo91 Glad you got to see Titanic on big screen , tks, for sharing your back to Titanic experience Jade Love your comment below
  14. Jade Agree with your comments about Leo , and they remind me of a tweet I recently saw = Leo is in a league of his own Tks for girl's party post , love the part in her video when she said seeing Leo blew her away , I'm sure he would me , too