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  1. I don't. I personally don't think there is anything to expose.
  2. I'm hoping movie theaters will be showing it this year to celebrate the 20 years.... I would love to re watch it in the big screens.
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    Sometimes I think it's unhealthy to care so much about a person I don't even know.... but at the same time it's been over 20 years of fandom for me so I don't think it will ever change.
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    I just try and make some sense of it because I don't get it. I have so much respect for him in certain areas of his life and in others it's just a huge ???? for me.
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    That of course is my superficial thought. I'm a huge fan and sometimes have some time off to daydream about Leo.
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    my theory on Leo is that one of his past relationship did some major damage to him and I don't mean the one he had with Blake who most fans seem to think he really cared about. I think its that one relationship he took to the Oscars that was damaging.
  7. is it safe to assume leo will be at the LA studio for the live show tonight? I'm in Miami and would go to see him but I doubt he's here.
  8. I will never understand it.... Leo just likes to keep me confused. I really don't blame him though... he is living a life he seems to enjoy and be comfortable with. As a woman I would say I would never be second place but I can't judge either one of them.
  9. oh Leo. Interesting Instagram.... I guess there are some things people don't even bother to hide anymore.
  10. Oh Leo... obsessed for the last 17 years with him and he's still so beautiful.
  11. Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    Unfortunately the lifestyle Leo has chosen to live has left him opened to peoples judgement. I don't even think it has that much to do with his celebrity. If I had a friend or family member who chose a similar lifestyle I'm sure those surrounding them would also have strong opinions. I think that many surrounding Leo have this let him do his own thing and we won't say a thing to him mentality. In my little miniature corner of this world I am known as the Leo fanatic. Everybody knows me for it.... work... FB..... family etc. For the past 17 years I have been following his life and career. I absolutely love the man. Along with really caring for someone also comes concern. With me its nor so much judgement but worry. There are consequences to lavish care free lifestyles.
  12. Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    I would think it would be the other one married to a famous football player....
  13. I don't think this young lady understands that she's not entitled to a picture let alone touch someone she doesn't know.