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  1. Leo is always so handsome :), for me he is like fine wine--- get's hotter with age.
  2. Camila would be the last one I would judge in this relationship. I think Leo is a creep for dating someone he's known since she was a child and her parents for allowing it just so they can fulfill their frustrated dreams of stardom.
  3. As usual these Leo pics leave me wondering ???. I wanted to say he looks bored but it looks more like the face of someone who has to wait 😄
  4. I think Django lives with the other dog George along with Leo's mom and boyfriend Dave.
  5. I already entered the fundraiser :). There will be one winner after all.
  6. I wish I could stay home but my reality is that my work still requires me to come in. I woke up at 4:30 am this morning and had to take public transportation. At least I have face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. It could be worse.
  7. I was wondering the same thing when I saw her post the other day. I'm currently super bored.... I'm a librarian in a University where I currently have no students due to quarantine but yet they are forcing me to come here. Anyways what I noticed is that Milano (his godson) has the same kind of dog so maybe it's a place Leo works with. Has Leo been waiting all his life for Camila to come along? Maybe? But I still find it hard to believe marriage or children are in his future. As to the gaited community.... his house I went to when I was in Los Angeles... you could drive right up to it even though there were very tall gates.
  8. Hey everyone! I am back from my five day trip to LA. It was a great trip but despite my biggest desires no Leo sighting. We stayed in a hotel that was right next to the Dolby theater but on the day of the big event they close every street and it's impossible when it comes to getting anywhere near it. I literally stayed next to the Dolby theater parking garage. My best opportunity might have been to try and go to "hot spots"/after parties at night but I was really sick and with my mom. Like I mentioned a couple of posts back, I went on a two hour mini bus tour. When asked what celebrities we wanted to see I yelled out Leo with so much "passion" our driver did a detour off his usual route so we could go to his neighborhood. We got to the gates but got screamed at by his security. We stayed on this bus the whole time so i wansn't being a complete creeper/stalker. Nobody judge me please. Still a great time, and I'm convinced by day will eventually come. The vacation was still great though, #noregrets.
  9. I don't understand this man at all... maybe he's going serious... maybe he's throwing her a bone to keep her entertained.. who knows.
  10. I saw the gate if Leo's house so far ladies 😁. Went on a Hollywood tour where the tour guide asked who we wanted to see, I yelled leo. He took a detour so I could see his house, very nice and creepy of him but I was still happy. Will try and go to vanity party tonight at least to be outside and try and see someone.
  11. Yes thank you ladies!!! Looking forward to LA, and I'll be praying hard I'll be in the right spot at the right time. I tried so hard to win Oscars Red Carpet fan tickets like I did 3 years ago because I know I would catch a glimpse of him but no luck :(. Being a fan for almost 24 years can be tough ladies... I was 13 when it started and I'm now about to turn 37, like many of us would love to just catch a glimpse of the man just once in my life time.
  12. Leo has been so quiet lately.... as much as I hate paparazzi I kind of like getting updates every once in a while...
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