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  1. Thank you BarbieErin for the new pic Glad to see he's okay.
  2. 1) The Aviator (love it, one of my all time favourite movies) 2) The Departed (Great, exciting story and sexiest look for Leo) 3) The Wolf of Wall Street (just crazy uand funny) 4) Gangs of New York (interesting story and first grown up role for Leo) 5) Shutter Island (5th but still a great movie. I love the twist but read the book first so I already knew what was going to happen) The ranking might change when my mood differs 😊
  3. Here are my answers to the questions: 1. 11 2. Titanic 3. I saw Jack Dawson and just wow 4. Titanic, The Aviator, The Departed, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Catch me if you can, The Geat Gatsby 5. Jack Dawson and Billy Costigan 6. No 7. Both but if I have to choose older Leo 8. All of them 9. Eyes and smile (laugh) 10. His humor and that he seems to be very kind 11. Make it count 12. Kate Winslet ( love them together! When is movie #3 coming??) 13. Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett and Margot Robbie 14. The Bellazon forum is the best place to get the latest Leo news 15. Maybe see some other users reappear
  4. Happy Birthday Jade! And to Kate. She is my favorite actress since Titanic. She is the best. Thanks Lilja for the pics. A shirtless Leo is always appreciated 😄
  5. That was a really well made documentary. Really interesting amd a big plus listening to Leo's voice. I could listen to Leo reading a telephone book though. He has such a soothing voice 🥰 Thanks everyone for the new pictures!
  6. yes He was brilliant in The Revenant. But he was brilliant in most of his films. He deserved it so much and I'm glad he finally got it in 2016. But I think he should have gotten at least 6 oscars.
  7. That's cool study, Jade 😁 I liked the Notebook very much but it doesn't come close to Titanic which is my all time favourite movie
  8. Kate Winslet mentioned Leo in her new interview. It's really cute. It starts at 8:28
  9. I have seen all of Leo's movies. Even Don's Plum which is not forbidden in europe. Total Eclipse is not one of my faves but still his performance is great. In Celebrity only the scenes with Leo are interesting the rest is rather boring I think.
  10. I love The Aviator. It's one of my favourites. Leo was great in that movie.
  11. Thanks everybody for the latest news/pics I don't think Leo cheated on Bar. Then Bar would ahve reacted differnetly. Also her father was still very fond of Leo after the break up. But Blake was cool so I think it was a shame they didn't last longer. ---- I was gutted after break-up with Leonardo DiCaprio, says Bar Refaeli Bar Refaeli has revealed that she choked up and started crying uncontrollably, when she saw photos of her ex boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio dating his former girlfriend Blake Lively. The 28-year-old model said that no one knows that she went back to her room and broke down in bitter tears and couldn't stop crying, News.com.au reported. Refaeli admitted that she was devastated when her six-year relationship. Refaeli insisted that after taking a swim with a friend in Cannes, she felt she was cleaned and never cried again. The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model said that she is looking for someone who is serious, comes from a warm loving family like hers and has similar values. She confessed that her dream man is Ryan Gosling as she thinks he is amazing. https://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ani/i-was-gutted-after-break-up-with-leonardo-dicaprio-says-bar-refaeli-113101900142_1.html
  12. Thanks Lilja for the additional pics. Thanks Sugarwater for your videos.
  13. Thanks for the new pics Sugarwater and Lilja! LEo seems to be a beach lover lately I would also be at the beach if it were near ym location.
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