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  1. YES! I need one Leo movie per year. Or at least every other year. The waiting time between The Revenant and OUATIH was way too much 😩
  2. Thanks to everyone who posted pics/news/articles I also don't belive this blind story. People always try to make up stories about Leo. I think if he had a child he would surely take care of it. He seems like a decent guy.
  3. I love Ellen and Gey's Anatomy. So she's also a fan of Leo. Nice to know 😃
  4. New pic of Leo and Kate from Titanic set: https://twitter.com/patti_oreillyca/status/1381451674749833216?s=2
  5. Carey Mulligan has some nice things to say about Leo. The part about The Great Gatsby starts at around 50 minutes.
  6. Leo is such a sexy kisser. I'm curious if we will get any kissing/love scenes in Killers of the Flower Moon. I now there will be in Don't Look Up.
  7. I also watched Ginny and Georgia. Great show. And the guy does have a little similarity to Leo. Very interesting. But of course no one comes close to Leo's on screen presence.
  8. Thanls for the tip Jade. I will check it out. Seems like a tv series I will enjoy.
  9. Jade: Yes Tarantono still hasn't released his directors cut for Django unchained (and also Once Upon a Time in hollywood). I'm desperately waiting for more Leo scenes. My favourite leading lady will always be Kate. They are fantastic together and I hope we will see their third movie in the near future!! Lilja: I also ship Leo and Margot (I only love Leo and Kate more). They had fantastic chemistry and it's a shame they did not share more scenes in OUATIH. oxford: Thanks for the new pics Happy International Women's Day, everyone!
  10. I love this outfit! And more Kate about Leo. this story is hilarious!!😄
  11. thanks for the interview and pic oxford. Yeah I agree that Leo is probably used to being stared at
  12. Kate Winslet talking about Leo https://www.instagram.com/tv/CL4YtwxomtX/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Btw how can I insert this instagram post like you guys do?
  13. Is this new? https://twitter.com/UXINinvestment/status/1360211843923521537?s=20
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