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  1. There was a recent post on World of reel about Killers of the flower moon and one of the responses in the comments section was quite interesting. Don’t know how accurate this info is so take it with a pinch of salt. ” Okay, so take this all with a pinch of salt, but there are a number of reasons they haven't released the film yet and why there were SOME reshoots. However, none of these actually have to do with the quality of the film, which I'll get to in a minute. The main reason for the reshoots is fear of the political optics of the film and the fear of how mainstream critics will respond to it, as well as the various thought-pieces that will ensue. The primary issue is that the film primarily focuses on white characters, with the only non-white person with a very significant role being Lily Gladstone, who is given a very submissive role... Think similar to Robbie in Tarantino's latest or Paquin in The Irishman, but with more scenes and more poignancy... You'll understand what I mean if you read the book, but she has a ghoulish presence throughout. However, the plot does basically focus on a white saviour (Jesse Plemons) and a "complex bigot" (DiCaprio). The reshoots primarily focused on placing certain scenes to give the non-white characters a more substantial role. (Now - this is to be taken with an even bigger pinch of salt - but this aspect has apparently negatively affected test screenings, although the intention here is not to please normal audiences). The plan WAS to premiere it this year as Apple's main priority. However, after the politicization of a number of last year's Oscar films (and how this likely affected their awards chances), Apple demanded the reshoots, which took place during this year and they also decided to postpone the film to see if the landscape has even changed a bit this Awards season and to avoid competition with Spielberg (who also has made a film with a majority white cast). The truth is that a lot of these journalists have their knives ready for Scorsese after his remarks about Marvel. The stuff about giving Spielberg a year to himself is just something Scorsese has been half-lying to people about to save his pride. However, as for the test screenings themselves, they have been overwhelmingly positive, as has Scorsese showing the film to his fellow director friends. The latter of whom have told Scorsese that this is among his greatest films, but have warned him that it won't likely be appreciated to the extent it should during his lifetime, due to the white savior implications. As for its prospective awards chances, Gladstone is solid enough, but isn't likely to get enormous amounts of traction, unless the film does end up doing very well. Fraser & Lithgow provide solid supporting turns, with Fraser's portrayal being somewhat emotionally impactful and in a less-stacked ensemble some would suggest him for another Oscar nom here. Plemons does his usually very good job, I understand, and, due to his substantial screen-time, he could snag an Oscar nomination, but it doesn't sound win-worthy. However, DeNiro, who gets far less time on screen, plays a genuinely vile character, who deceptively seems like a kindly older man at the start. It's supposedly DeNiro's best work in years - perhaps, decades, at this point. Maybe a Best Supporting Actor winner, but the level of how horrible he is could be off-putting to voters and I have heard good things about Downey Jr. in Oppenheimer and Ralph Fiennes in Henry Sugar.... Then again, I've heard equally good things about Pitt in Babylon and, due to his controversy, he isn't even being mentioned by a lot of critics. DiCaprio is superb here and it could indeed be his ticket to a second Oscar win, if the film is lucky, but I suspect that the Oscar will go down the biopic route of either Bradley Cooper or Colman Domingo.”
  2. It’s the director of the movie. You can see him from the front in other pictures.
  3. To be fair…. Deuxmoi has been pretty accurate so far 🤔
  4. Honestly, if I was Leo at this point I’d be writing a tell all autobiography (defo not his style) but imagine all of the revelations and lies he could put to rest! I don’t known how he manages to stay quiet.
  5. It’s been a brutal news day out there for Leo fans today! Lols Hope you all made it through ok! I took a look on Twitter and it’s pretty bad! We all need to manifest some positive Killers of the flower moon news! Although I’m now thinking the poor man needs to stay away from press until the next Oscar season. Hope he’s doing well and that they broke up for reasons that make sense to both of them.
  6. The Sun is less trustworthy t he an the Daily Fail! 😉
  7. Still doesn’t add up to me. We know Leo’s at his place in Malibu and Camis in France and as late as yesterday Gigi was in New York.
  8. Like has one of her people sent this in to fast forward break up rumours?
  9. We know she is there but it somehow feels a little too revealing?!?
  10. This sounds like it could have been placed by a ‘source’ it’s so precise. But anyway… From Duexmoi Sunday spotted.
  11. I actually like him and Cami together and hope it’s not over between them. They look like they make each other laugh! It’s possible they may have broken up as the gap grows between their last sighting together. They may however just be taking time apart as a result of her acting schedule (she’s done three projects back to back, is in Utah at the moment and he had two back to back before that). I guess only time will tell. I think the reason he seems so much less affectionate with girlfriends since Giselle is just down to him growing more and more tired of his private live being viewed through a magnifying glass and being in the spotlight (he’s been super famous for over 30years. He’s probably fed up with all of the fuss over who he’s dating!)
  12. There are so many unconfirmed things surrounding Leo at the moment. Is he still in a relationship (it’s looking more and more likely not) Is killers of the flower moon premiering this year (it’s looking more and more likely not) We need some concrete Leo news!!! Im manifesting a new film announcement soon!!!
  13. I know none of us are huge Duexmoi fans right now but she asked everyone to submit posts of bumping into drunk/ drinking celebs and these two posted about Leo were quite funny.
  14. I know none of us are huge Duexmoi fans right now but she asked everyone to submit posts of bumping into drunk/ drinking celebs and these two posted about Leo were quite funny.
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