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  1. I watched it last night. It really is a masterpiece! Incredibly moving and…That ending! 🤯😶😭 Oscars for all! I much preferred it to Oppenheimer and I thought that was great. Ps. I went for a bathroom break around the 2 hour 10 min mark and I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss anything major haha 😂
  2. Yaaas! Seeing it on Friday. Could I politely ask anyone seeing the film (I include myself in this) that we keep the site spoiler free. I somehow have managed to stay ignorant about the ending so far and would love it to stay that way untill I see the film 😂🤣
  3. Historically speaking, performances rise and fall in popularity/ favour. Its one of the things I love so much about movies in general. They never stop living. When Titanic first came out, Leo was famously snubbed for the role of JD. Many people thought it was a simple and unimpressive performance (everything was nominated including the iceberg but Leo missed out!) but now (26 years on) people feel that what Kate and Leo achieved was central to the films enormous successes. I personally love the Revenant and believe in time, that it will build back up in popularity along with Leo’s truly Oscar worthy performance.
  4. I just relieved he’s found his new bonafide girl (single Leo makes me nervous!) Hopefully the Daily Mail will chill out a bit now and just leave them be (doubt it!) She seems cool and she’s super beautiful too. Great pick Leo! Has he ever dated an Italian before?
  5. Haha Jade I think we must have been making our lists at the same time! 😂
  6. Loved the idea of a ‘Leo’s most attractive movie moments’ list so much that I created mine. I haven’t included a few for obvious reasons (critters 3, dons plum, the foot shooting party or any of the short films like the audition etc). Here’s mine below: The departed - No explanation needed Romeo and Juliet - It all started here for me Titanic - Iconic, Eyes!!!! Blood diamond - Muscles!!! Catch me if you can - Soo charming The great Gatsby - Enigmatic Inception - Action man Gangs of New York - That chest scene! Marvin’s room - Just beautiful The Wolf of Wall Street - Naughty Once upon a time in Hollywood - Relatable Shutter island - Nice tie haha The Aviator - Scenes with KB Revolutionary Road - Looks good in 50’s shirt The Basketball Diaries - Rain sequence Celebrity - Hotel sequence Body of lies - Where are those deleted scenes The man in the iron mask - Two of him The revenant - Manly Leo in the wild haha The beach - Shirtless Don’t look up - Smart and cute —————————- Can’t say I find him hot after this point but still love the performances!!! ————————— The quick and the dead Total eclipse J Edgar Django unchained What’s eating Gilbert grape This boys life
  7. https://twitter.com/usopen/status/1700987128304501044/video/1
  8. Also Bradley cooper. Reviews for Maestro are strong. I have to say I thought Cillian was excellent in Oppenheimer though. It’s an understated and restrained performance but he carries the film. Obviously I’m rooting for Leo. It will likely be one of those three. I thought the trailer for Napoleon made Joaquin Phoenix look quite bad. I’m not sure he’ll be in the race this year.
  9. Leo’s at the centre of a growing media debate on age gaps. The debate doesn’t seem to be slowing down ( in fact it seems to be growing in aggression) Im just amazed his representation doesn’t seem to have cottoned on to this yet. They need to pick up on their responsiveness to these accusations. By the time they release an anonymous statement to page 6, all of the news sites (daily fail, just Jared etc) and the podcasts have already run their damming stories and it’s too late. No one cares if it’s clarified after the fact. They are not going to go back and correct themselves. Taylor Swifts representation is on this sort of thing immediately with a statement to all of the outlets.
  10. I see you’ve been catching up on the Goldderby/ awardsworthy threads Jade. Here’s hoping that all of the noise about his private life won’t affect his chances of being nominated (my real worry!) I think at the moment people are still willing to separate the two things for the most part.
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