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  1. 2021? Thats impissible. I think Scorsese will start working on TDITWC much earlier.
  2. http://www.vanityfair.com/style/photos/2016/12/leonardo-dicaprio-oscar-year-2016?mbid=social_facebook I just saw this article from Vanity Fair. Leo definitely had an amazing year.
  3. Exactly! And I sometimes think that maybe he thinks all the fans are crazy about only Titanic and Jack Dawson, but that's not true, righ? persnally I started loving Leo this much after Blood Diamond movie. Sometimes I hate the fact that he is very, very private person we need and do deserve recognition!
  4. He never, ever thanks his fans and I feel so bad because of this why doesn't he love to mention fans, I mean, he never shows off his respect to us. Anyways I love him. No matter what, I do. And thanks for the updates you amazing people <3
  5. MariLerman

    Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    Well I think she shouldn't be reading all these comments that are written down there, she might know that there will always be one negative comment. I didn't like her answer, it actually was more mean than a fan's comment
  6. Can you please tell me which magazine wrote that list?
  7. OMG Leo loooooks so nice in that new pic with a fan I'm in love <3 Thanks calibi
  8. MariLerman

    Nina Agdal

    Interested in that too He was dating Kelly Rohrbach last year and she attended the event.
  9. I just can't wait for the Lana&Leo common pic
  10. MariLerman

    Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    Does anybody know when this pics were taken? I think it's from 2014
  11. MariLerman

    Nina Agdal

    They have been friends for a while
  12. Wait, what? After Indonesia, now Egypt, sounds bad. I really hope that's not the truth. I'm so interested in details
  13. MariLerman

    Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    Okay, so,I just want to say that months ago I had the same accident with her. I asked the same thing and she blocked me. It's funny to see how some people think their fan-pages are the first and the best ones, and on the other hand they copy everything from other fan's accounts. Can't do anything with that kind of people.
  14. But what about Chelsey Weimar