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  1. hi girls I been out for so long now but, I found this video of Leo's Home, the one where he lives,
  2. this is the link to watch the Ceremony, it's almost time. http://webtv.un.org/
  3. what I don't get, is why to do this to her so often? is kind of rude, I can't see the bad part of been linked with Rihanna she is Gorgeous and cool, and by far better than some others model that the media said he has something with them and he never said a word.
  4. Any of you Now just want to put Leo under a box? how we could defend him? my heart is bleeding literally, I hope he lets die the news and do not rush, bad press with silence Leo.
  5. If something occure after Leo win, I love you all and Leo of couse, get ready girls! it´s almost time.
  6. what is more interesting is that a simply opinion for just one voter of the a cademy can go so easy as a big news, is simply Jealousy from this people, who cares really, we should not pay attention in to these negatives articles, that's what they are, and if at the end Leo don't get the award the academy will show they have something against him.
  7. Is true, I'm kind of nervious too, because is like all the Haters have appear, for me Leo is the best in the race, I don't believe in the theory about he deserving just because "is time", is like getting down his work in the The Revenant, of couse as a everlasting fan, for me he should have like 4 Oscar Already or more Lol, ( what's eating Gilbert Grape, The Aviator, Revolutionary Road, Django, The wolf of Wall Street etc) I'm so happy when I see people celebrating his career but this is NOT AN HONORIFIC OSCAR, HE IS THE BEST ACTOR OF 2015 BECAUSE HIS PERFORMANCE AS HUGH GLASS IS AMAZING, and is so Great people from the academy can see it this time.
  8. girls have you try this game?, is sooo hard to win the Oscar for Leo Lol, http://redcarpetrampage.com/
  9. I read on the golderby site that The Big Short, won with just 3 votes ahead, so the race is so competitive, that even experts know what is going to happen, I really hope big Night for Leo, not only best Actor, Picture and everyting, I know is much but a girl can dream.
  10. I didn't find their joke funny at all, it was kind of rude.
  11. I seems like he was going to kiss her on the cheek, and she had her eyes open , I don't know you but I close my eyes when I kissing somebody, So is clearly a bad angle, people do Things bigger than they are. Thanks for the pic.
  12. I found this video about early interviews of Leo and it was kind of Great to see he was so Pasionate about making movies that it is simply amazing!
  13. Well I think he really looks good with Yao Chen, it is kind of a good match, don't you think? thanks for the pics and updates.
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