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  1. I agree. Especially in an age conscious career like modelling. I doubt it was her choice to work less, you don't sign onto a behemoth like IMG if you wanna slow down. But I wonder if them dropping her has made things more difficult. Let's face it it's not like Nina is the face of 10 brands - which is where the coins are really made.
  2. stay signed out

  3. Agreed! Speaking as Brit, Karlie Kloss, Gisele and Kate Upton are 3 'international' models who maintain a presence in the usually insular UK Vogue and in our pop culture. (Doutzen Kroes is a close one too) Karlie at this point can open any show for our LFW and no one will think "How Sway"?
  4. To be honest Go Daddy adverts or attending mall openings in Canada are hardly prestigious ventures. And interviews Bar gave alluded to hoping to being big name in America and/or creating a future empire Heidi Klum style. Post her SI cover, if the big name brands or Vogue, W called I'm quite sure she would have answered I'm sure she's happy now but I disagree that her career being where its at, was her choice.
  5. But that hasn't stopped Gisele and Kate Moss (the two highest paid for several years now) Or Doutzen, Adriana et al who are all Forbes regulars And Bar has said in he past that she wants to emulate Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum's careers who still work well into their 40s.
  6. Oh God not this again! No one knows. Neither of them have ever spoken about it and this has just opened up for another bout of lets s*it on the ex girlfriend haterade. Not you Ox, Kat and Fash Anyway I think Sick is right. They wanted different things in life, and it was 2 years ago. On Topic - Just logged on to say the BAFTA committe allegedly met and Gatsby is a front runner for costume design. Its very early yes, but its good news for Leo and co. and bodes well for the Oscars in that department Fash - Sent you a pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. @slacker That's a legitimate point. I think Candice is beautiful but as a British observer I have to be honest I see Candice in swimsuit/beach wear more than I see Kate Upton! I expected her to be more versatile in that she would at 25 had made more inroads into HF getting more Vogue, W, Harpers Bazzar covers editorials e.t.c 2 years ago I would have sworn she would be the next big thing But her career appears to have taken a step back IMO to the shrine of VS. Doutzen and Karlie bury her when it comes to prestige projects and versatility. Even Anne V has a broader range of work/contracts I u
  8. @ If anything that just shows how ridiculous America is, because the rest of the world seems to know exactly how amazing Karlie is. Kate Upton's one cover for Vogue US does not trump Karlie's nineteen Vogue covers around the world, not to mention all the times she has been in Vogue, just not on the cover. Erm Kate Upton has not only had the "one cover for Vogue US" She's covered Vogue Italia as well as UK Vogue These are not the lesser Vogues. Upton's covered 3 of the big US, Italy, UK - only Vogue Paris left for a home run Kate's also had various Vogue editorials not only in US vogue but als
  9. It has zilch to do with image rights. Of course VS has ownership and can use the pics to wipe their butts if they so choose. The question is surely they must have viable models for their catalogue whom they have not publically dissed right? I mean VS has what 15 models on rota; 6-7 Angels representing them; not to mention the 20 or so models that have walked their runway since 2011 They couldn't use any of them????? C'mon now.
  10. If this is true particularly the bolded part I understand why the careers of VS models are now what they seem. I'm legit surprised that Candice is not bigger right now. It appears she's the de facto head angel in Adriana's absence and considering how high profile she was last year (Paris & NY Fashion Week), VS promo tours and some campaigns. I expected her to be on course for superstardom about now. I read on some other blog and I concur that her career seems stagnated. Almost every picture I see of Candice she's contorting in a bikini someplace for VS. That seems to be 95% of all she doe
  11. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's worked for Gillete, Samsung, Skull Candy, Sobe, Guess, Beach Bunny, been featured on the cover of SI back to back two years running, and been on the cover of Vogue more then once including British, Italian and American Vogue. She may not walk on the runway, but in the end how many average joe's pay attention to who the hell walks on what catwalk? No one, unless you're either buying what the girl is wearing, or you're a member of the fashion community. It's all about public recognition and I'd say she has that in spades.
  12. Gelling

    Blake Lively

    @natanel FAKE! (N) Same with the facebook page - FAKE (N) Leighton Meester,Jessica Szcor and Taylor Momsen are the ONLY ones with legit twitter accounts. Not Blake, Not Penn, Not Chace Not Ed. <_< Hover over the ticker of https://twitter.com/iam_blakelively/ and it does NOT say 'verified account' as real twitter/instagram ones do That account is one of many false celeb accounts created with a copied and pasted check mark Kinda creepy that people go through that much trouble to co-opt someones life Glad to help
  13. Think it was smart of her. Go more under the radar and have your fun. I suspect she would have been torn to shreds by the usual suspects - - if she even attempted to punk it up. Let them save their hysteria for her upcoming Vogue Cover :brows:
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