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  1. Gelling

    Nina Agdal

    I agree. Especially in an age conscious career like modelling. I doubt it was her choice to work less, you don't sign onto a behemoth like IMG if you wanna slow down. But I wonder if them dropping her has made things more difficult. Let's face it it's not like Nina is the face of 10 brands - which is where the coins are really made.
  2. Gelling

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Agreed! Speaking as Brit, Karlie Kloss, Gisele and Kate Upton are 3 'international' models who maintain a presence in the usually insular UK Vogue and in our pop culture. (Doutzen Kroes is a close one too) Karlie at this point can open any show for our LFW and no one will think "How Sway"?
  3. Gelling

    Bar Refaeli

    To be honest Go Daddy adverts or attending mall openings in Canada are hardly prestigious ventures. And interviews Bar gave alluded to hoping to being big name in America and/or creating a future empire Heidi Klum style. Post her SI cover, if the big name brands or Vogue, W called I'm quite sure she would have answered I'm sure she's happy now but I disagree that her career being where its at, was her choice.
  4. Gelling

    Bar Refaeli

    But that hasn't stopped Gisele and Kate Moss (the two highest paid for several years now) Or Doutzen, Adriana et al who are all Forbes regulars And Bar has said in he past that she wants to emulate Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum's careers who still work well into their 40s.