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  1. Haha love it, he was so cute in theses interviews, really sweet and kind with a little bit of cheeky ;-) you gotta love a bit of cheek. The decor is very grown up, I would have expected lots of posters of girls and stuff. love the fact he collects things ;-) Thanks for those vids xx Packing off to New Zealand at stupid o'clock tomorrow so won't be on the net for next 5 days so have a good week and stay strong with any resolutions ;-) if you have any xx
  2. Oops forgot to say; Fash I love the gif of Leo and his Mom that's adorable xx
  3. Aha yes the paps seem to be getting pics of the other celebs but no Leo, gosh he is good, though I still want pics ;-)I feel that he will be a good dad too, he has a good mix of childlike and professionalism that I feel transcends the adult and child barriers. I have always felt that it is essential to hold onto childlike qualities not only is it important to most artists /creative people but it also makes it easier to connect as a parent. Oops waffled a bit :-). My point I feel Leo would make an excellent father. It is very good as he has that family support, certainly would have liked that
  4. Kim and Kanye are supposedly in aspen paps tend to be following close behind ;-) Definitely, agree there, though Leo can hide away when he wants some me time:-) Though I am gonna be totally selfish and say I want pics te hehe xx
  5. Not sure when the premiere is though I think it comes out in UK just before or after I get back around 16th/18th Jan 2014. Definitely, love seeing Leo and Tobey together and his mom and bf, seem like very level headed but fun bunch to hang about with. Hope they all have fun in Aspen. You gotta love a bit of skiing :-) I've read before that Aspen has a lot of paps so hopefully we will get some good pics ;-) I guess he wanted to go somewhere different as he has been to a few sunny places this year :-) I am having emoticons withdrawal ;-(
  6. Might sound thick but what's NP? Will it make me feel old ;-)?Yay pics think we are due some pics ;-) xxxHaha no worries, it just means NO PROBLEM. Ah ha text speak ;-) the first time someone text me LMAO I though they we're callin' me lame! :-) that was a while ago though ;-) xx
  7. Might sound thick but what's NP? Will it make me feel old ;-)? Yay pics think we are due some pics ;-) xxx
  8. Always a pleasure FD :-) He could pop up anywhere :-) love the pics, thank you xx can't wait to see WOWS when I get back yey can't wait can't wait x
  9. Merry Christmas my favourite CrazyLady :p :D

    1. Crazylady


      Merry Christmas FD, my favourite message mate. Hope you had a great day and lots of fun ;-) xxxxxx

  10. Happy Birthday to Leo, hope he had a great night and a wonderful day Thanks for all the wonderful tweets, pics, vids and articles. I haven't seen them yet but I know I will see them when I have some time
  11. I deleted a bunch of stuff so I had to re add you as a friend <3 By the way.. Where are you??I miss you!! <3

    1. Crazylady


      Hia missed you too, been manic at home lots to do and my laptop died and then my computer crashed, so I gave up for a while! ;-) managed to get the computer running without crashing but then I had to fix my fridge freezer, board the next part of my loft transfer all stuff up to the loft and just finished my 1st assignment on my new module, whilst working ahhhh ;-) I think I mentioned that I tend to give myself too much to do lol ;-) How are you good I hope? xxx

  12. Toni appears to be in LA, she was spotted at some store there either yesterday or today... though like ToniGarrnMania said it could be from before Ibiza... but I think that sighting was within the last day or so. Just mentioning all that because Leo could be in LA as well... but id bet more money on him being in Monaco right now Hi CrazyLady!!!!! Hi Fash OMG loads a photos of lovely Leo since I was last here, would soo like to have a go on that Flyboard, looks like a riot. Leo has good balance to stay on for so long Thanks for all the pics and vids peeps
  13. http://www.peoplepets.com/people/pets/article/0,,20494808,00.html Found this as well but think it is just an image of the type of giant tortoise he brought I've decided to call it Arnold since he doesn't have a name yet! (Lets hope it's a male tortoise or it'll get teased rotten by all the others at the zoo !). I think Leo should take it for a walk around the park
  14. Thanks for your answer oxford! Thanks Kat for the Leo and Toni scans Would love to see new pics of them soon. Crazy lady, something tells me he takes care of the tortoise financially but it lives in a zoo or some other animal establishment.. But who knows! Would love to learn more about this gigantic tortoise Probably the best place for a gigantic tortoise I liked the idea of it randomly walking around in Leo's place, though it would bugger up the flooring
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