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I have joined this forum only to defend or support facts I know regarding Erin with info from sources close to her. I have such wonderful Leo fans as friends :chicken:. BUT..

I have received soo many messages since yesterday on my tumblr blog asking if they have broke up. Anyone who is familiar with me knows my closeness to her and my information to be true. I am the very source that is turned to when it comes to Erin ANYWHERE because of my sources. So the rumor about Erin and Leo breaking up? This rumor floats around once a month or so whenever there is nothing being said, or pics of them being shown. Ask yourselves how many times on here has it been said? Many times, only to be proven that its not true with a picture, or in the press. Rather then giving the hope that they are still together, many ASSUME, its easier to believe they broke up and take joy in that. NOTHING points to this Rumor being true as usual people like to decide for them! As fans you all know Leo is a very private person and Erin respects that. When nothing is being said its usually that they are VERY together and she is with him where ever he may be. As Leo and Erin fans we should respect both of them and know they dont need to announce anything or show us anything. Who are we anyways? They dont belong to us. We dont walk in their shoes or know whats best for them. They know! Rumors can be hurtful to them, family and friends. Again as fans we need to respect who THEY chose to love and as fans we need to be happy for them if we truly love them as we say we do. Lets wish them the best always ;)

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The HATERS are going maaaaaaaad... hahahahahahahahaha.

Welcome, erinheathertonangelwings... I do love your blog, yeah.

Thanks Ox, Wijn, Princess, Barbie, Pami, Kat and everyone for the updates :chicken:.

These are tweets from the same girl Princess posted yesterday...

May❀ @youremyredhead

@amaulz Retweeted that for my friend who is a huge Leo fan. Omg lucky little girl :') he's so sweet.

Allie Mauldin@amaulz

@youremyredhead but actually. He was like casually biking down their street. Like okay.

May❀ @youremyredhead

@amaulz He can casually bike down my street any day.

Leo loves bike... I think this is so cool.

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Welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio's General Discussion thread :flower:

This is the designated place to have discussions about Leo (comments about his career, love life, [unverified] gossip, etc,). All discussions must strictly relate to Leo, and be within BZ Rules & Conventions.

Please refrain from posting news or fan-related items (like fan art) in this thread. Only post image(s) if it is necessary to make or prove a point.

The main Leo thread is located HERE.


Thank you Ox for the answer :)

Oh god I can't read what you write LOL :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

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She's cute! Now I just really want to know who is going to play Nadine!

I think I might pick up the book sometime this week or this weekend. I wanted to read it when it was first being mentioned as a possible Leo project but then I forgot about it when it was pushed to the back.

Oxford. Do you have some secret Hollywood source~~~? :rofl: Where do you even read scripts? Do you have to...buy them? LOL idek.

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If tweet is legit, Leo is back in L.A . The tweeter lives in L.A, and just replied to another tweeter that the sighting was in L.A.

Megan McGrath@meg_mcgrath

Just saw Leonardo DiCaprio. My 8 year old self is swooning. ��


I have a fellow Leo fan who shares things with me like scripts of Leo's movies due to us being chatmates a long time.

However, on most IMDB movie boards, there are people who post script links :)

Leo is in LA so? Because the girl say that she saw him in LA...

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Yes, the tweeter claimed she had just seen Leo in Los Angeles.

However, since we've had false Twitter sightings in the past, I'll to we get more 'sightings' before I think it is safe to say Leo's back home :)


I've never seen that vid, thanks for sharing :)

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Agree with your comments (Y)

But really you're forgetting walking down the street, going to restaurants, having sex :p

I laughed so hard now... I believe he had sex with all his girlfriends :hehe:.

For example, I've never seen Bar riding a bicycle again or Blake.

Bar I know she had... (29th May)... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2151615/Bar-Refaeli-Maxims-hottest-woman-world-pictured-cycling-New-York.html

But Blake... I'm with you in this one... cycling isn't her favorite ride, I think she prefers to go shopping :hehe:.

the Departed has my favorite Sex scene from Leo is so sexy

OH! I loooove that scene as well :Angel:. Tks for the video.

Thanks Ox for all the news and the tweet.

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I wanna love you and treat you right

I wanna love you every day and every night

We'll be together with a roof right over our heads :nicole:

I think I'll make a playlist with my greatest hits...what do you say girls? :angie:

I'd love to hear :gocho:. If you say that will have Aerosmith or The Beatles in your playlist I'm sold... I'm also obsessed with music of the 90's :heart:.

You have a great taste in music... BSB, Bob Marley... I love :hehe:.

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Hey guys, Top of the day to you all! Thanks for your welcome. Not much new, but I thought I would add this to the mix, since it's new:

From the New York Post on June 17: http://www.nydailyne...ksEnabled=false

Erin Heatherton is working hard to keep her romance with Leonardo DiCaprio going strong

“LEONARDO DICAPRIO may have met his match. According to an insider, the “Inception” star’s latest leggy love, Erin Heatherton, is “head over heels” for the actor and is “doing everything possible not to mess up” the relationship. Our source says Heatherton, 23, who’s been seeing DiCaprio since December, appears to be much less high-maintenance than some of the famed bachelor’s previous girlfriends (see Bar Refaeli) and notes that the couple “rarely argues.”

Whatever Heatherton is doing, it appears to be working. Compared to the extremely secretive beginning of their relationship, the super-discreet DiCaprio has been much more relaxed about showing PDA for his blond babe.

According to our source, Heatherton, 23, has divulged her feelings about DiCaprio to a number of her fellow Victoria’s Secret beauties, and we wish her luck. We don’t see Leo as the marrying type, but he and Heatherton surely could make some beautiful babies together.”

Can you imagine the kids? Gorgeous! Love these two.

LOL, I think this BS article has some truth to it! Giving Leo's reputation with women, who wouldn't work hard to keep him? I don't blame Erin! I'd be walking on eggshells to keep him happy! Although, a big part of me believe this relationship is more of "friends w/ benefits" type of arrangement, rather a real relationship, but that's another story! Still, I don't blame Erin!

oh and I should probably say Hi to everyone. I've been lurking this board for a while! It's so peaceful here lol

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oh and I should probably say Hi to everyone. I've been lurking this board for a while! It's so peaceful here lol

With all discussions... I would not trade this place for no other out there :gocho:. The best Leo fans are here Flower%20for%20you.gif.

Hi to you... and welcome to the madness! :hehe:

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Looks like we have our Nadine as well :)

The Martin Scorsese film is based on the true-life story of a stockbroker's rise and fall.

Margot Robbie is in talks to play the female lead in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. She would play Nadine, the wife of Jordan Belfort, the Wall Street trader to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Robbie, who most recently appeared on the ABC series Pan Am, is an Australian actress whose credits also include the upcoming film About Time and the Australian TV series Neighbours.

Red Granite Pictures is financing Wolf of Wall Street, which is being adapted for the screen from Belfort’s memoir by Terence Winter. Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland, DiCaprio, Scorsese and Alexandra Milchan are producing, with Irwin Winkler and Georgia Kacandes as executive producers.

Article below has picture of her



from her face alone, she looks perfect for the role, literally perfect. here's hoping her acting is up to snuff too ;) but to impress scorsese, it has to be! so glad all the casting is being announced, omg

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With all discussions... I would not trade this place for no other out there :gocho:. The best Leo fans are here Flower%20for%20you.gif.

No discussions. :blah: Differences of opinion. :blush:

Yeah, right :).

Thanks for the pic... I would like to see more from behind the scenes.

Thanks Ox for the info about Nadine... I immediately went to her page on IMDb and her filmography is not impressive at the first look, but I can't judge her only by this... better wait. Martin knows what he does ;).

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