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  1. The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio was the only nominee standing for chiwetel winning best actor proves how amazing he is if this is true........unf god.
  2. He looks great! At least Chiwetel (he was also really great imo) won and not Mchougheyheyhey.
  3. ITA Neon. Not only is what's his face disgusting and (IMHO) makes try hard ~*~acting~*~ films....it would not, at all, look good on Leo, PR wise, for him to do a film w what's his face disgusting ( I didn't wanna scroll up and remember his name, ok.) Get someone else. Go work with Alfonso Cuaron or something.
  4. YAAAAY FOR LEO! Now I hope he wins the Oscar even though...I don't know if he will - and I'm not going to get my hopes up. Lol. YAAAAAAAY THOUGH!!!! HE LOOKED SO PRECIOUS. AND HIM BEING SO COMPLIMENTARY TO MARTIN AND BARELY SPEAKING ABOUT HIMSELF IN HIS SPEECH. Also I died over what Tina said when he came out to present.
  5. So I finally saw Wolf today and...Leo was ridunk in it. He is just...aces. I hate him. And Margot and Jonah were really good too. BUT LEO. A particular scene (that I won't go too much into cause of spoilers) involving him and Jordan's car...........like. hahahahahaahaaha. hahhhhha. like. ridunk. he is gross. acting talent outta the wazoo. Also I went in hearing a lot of criticism about people thinking the movie glorified these type of people that tricked people out of their money. I was expecting that...or maybe a little bit of it since I know people sometimes just like to complain ( ). But I actually never felt that? ....in my opinion, it just made all the characters look like selfish/egotistical/childish/cruel morons. (hilarious and really well acted and shot movie wise morons - but morons, none the less.) It was almost a parody of male culture (which it probably wasn't meant to be taken that way but I saw it like that almost lol) and rich people - what they will do for money, what they will do to keep it, and how much some blow it on drugs and other stupid shit. I didn't find it to glorify anyone at all in any way. It was clear to me that they were purposely trying to show these people in a negative light. BUT LEO. SON. EXCELLENT. Jordan's speech scenes? JUST LIKE.... (Y)
  6. Yay I'm really excited!! I just at this being a 'Christmas movie.' And, oh, of course women have to get all types of naked but god forbid a man be naked. THE WORLD WOULD END111. But...women should be naked all the time. STILL I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT.
  7. I don't think that's Leo. That dude's pants are too tight. Leo's are always almost falling off his ass. Lulz. And that coat looks cheap.
  8. I mean, they might have hung out and hooked up a few times pre Toni. But at the girl trying to act like they're madly in love. God, people will do anything for fame. It's sad. Also yay for Wolf coming out on Christmas! Even tho I don't think it's a very Christmas-y movie due to all the porn.
  9. Thanks for the all the pics/info/etc. Poor dude re what Avika posted. It's not his job to entertain people at a sporting event. Did t hey really expect him to stand up and like do a Queen of England wave and start juggling? Lord, leave the dude alone. No one else would have liked being pointed out and followed and stalked via camera. People annoy me so much with how they just think celebs are just always there to entertain them.
  10. He could be Chloe's dad. I could actually see that. That would be cute. MARTIN NEEDS TO DO THAT. But Emma? He's too young for that. BUT JESSICA CHASTAIN. YES. I VOTE FOR THIS. ALSO PENELOPE CRUZ AND HIM WOULD BE LUDICROUSLY HOT. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i hate you guys, now i want this badly.
  11. I don't think he lacks self esteem either. I just think he's the type of person where marriage is just not in the cards, so he dates very young women he thinks won't be as interested in marriage, unlike woman more his age. (also he's probably a 'dude bro' when it comes to his outlook on women's looks. le sigh.) Which is absolutely cool. Cause I'm not that obsessed with the idea of marriage either. But still...DUDE NEEDS TO BREED. and also date someone at least 25 even if all his girlfriends are gorgeous/seem sweet - but still: 25-30, LEO. I mean, he seems to be able to have long term relationships since he was with both Bar and Gisele for what like 5-6 years each? (no clue if he was faithful though but whatever whatever.) I just think he might be having a bit of a mid life crisis/not wanting to grow up/turn 40 bit. Who knows. It's like he's never changed his ideal lady frand since he was 19 years old; which, as much as I love him, is kinda sad and lol. BUT THAT'S HIS CHOICE. and I'm cool with it. you can't really be a leo stan and not learn to be cool with his dating hi-jinks (haha) - even though I will lol/slightly mock him. But I've always thought - even though he comes off as mature in his career/environmental concerns/charities/etc - he's kinda stuck at the mindset of a 22ish year old when it comes to his personal life in ways - aka the age he was when Titanic hit, harharharhar And that happens with a lot of famous people when EXTREME INSANE ABSURD LEVELS of fame hit. So? IDK. I think he's going to be dating 20-22 year olds for another decade or more probs and then possibly have a kid when he's like 55. LOL. BB LEO U SO DUMB. and that was a lot of blahblahblah.
  12. the dancing. the 'duh' part. the orange tan. i can't go on. no non onononono. i need gifs.
  13. SCREAMING. Yes, I approve of this potential Rasputin project. Historical, Romanov. YES GOOD. Gracias for the link, Kat.
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