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  1. Such a cute Baby... and I love the name Plus her pics showing the baby She looked absolutely gorgeous
  2. Blog http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/19/wombfire-of-the-week-legend-pearl-phillips_n_3623675.html?ir=Black+Voices#slide=2715872
  3. Her latest pics are just GORGEOUS
  4. Wow I didn't see this coming Ehhh congrats? I also think she could be pregnant but I've never understood this of she's pregnant and we have to get married... 99% of the couples I know that do this barely last. I guess in hollywood should be even more difficult.
  5. Hmm Idk... Maybe Otis or Ruby Sweetheart when they were babies?The pic was from about a year ago so I don't think it's ruby or Otis.
  6. Not to play Blake's advocate but if she was interested in Ryan, to be fair seems Leo couldnt kept his eyes away from other girls neither... Example: Anna Jagodzinska. :morning: So I agree that was just a summer fling.
  7. Huh? oh Leo! Angela ‏@lastrosepetal 2h Idk if anyone cares but Leonardo DiCaprio was at Disneyland yesterday and wore a V for Vendetta mask on Star Tours.
  8. I confess when I saw all those pictures posted, For a moment I thought that maybe Leo agreed with this and he wasn't so paranoid about privacy anymore. Guess i was wrong Well to be fair... I asume the accounts were closed or switched to private i dont know because people dont like their accounts so exposed like that in public? I mean, One thing is be seen by your friends or followers but the link posted in a tabloids as Lainey and Post and then be ridiculed for it? Besides for being about Leo who is super private and everyone knows this (I asume even Toni's friends). Still I dont thi
  9. OMG . . “Girl Meets World” Star And Leonardo DiCaprio Photobombed By Mel Gibson.
  10. Cody Kennedy ‏@itsCodyKennedy 1h Party of the year with Leo DiCaprio. Not gonna lie, I'm completely starstruck. #icandiehappynow #namedropping 6:04 AM - 5 Jul 13 · Details
  11. So many more pics here http://fan-girl.org/...nardo-dicaprio/
  12. Alex Nixson-Evers ‏@alexne_ 3h Leonardo DiCaprio cycled right by us in Central Park but of course I missed him because I was taking a pic of a stupid road sign, WHY 12:23 PM - 3 Jul 13 · Details
  13. GSmith ‏@Kreeah 5h Us mag: VIP Scene. Leonardo DiCaprio riding his bike after a meal with a friend at Battery Gardens in NYC.
  14. FABYORK ‏@FABYORKCITY 2h #leonardodicaprio partyin with us at #Thedarby classic on tuesday #fabyork #rockinwiththebest #DiCaprio
  15. Agh! No more superhero movies ... Give us a rest Hollywood!
  16. Oh Geez, Wijn Emma is only 14 years younger than Leo so He isn't that old. Edit: Just in case...
  17. More pics Leonardo DiCaprio rides a citibank bike in soho ny http://fan-girl.org/2013/07/leonardo-dicaprio-rides-a-citibank-bike-in-soho-ny/
  18. A tweet but not sure where the girl is. I Hope she post the pic Jami Feist ‏@jamilf4 5h Just took a picture with Leonardo Di Caprio #lifeiscomplete #niceguy Jami Feist ‏@jamilf4 2h @erin_oshea12 yeah he was really cool..he's very laid back edit: Checking it seems the girl is in California right? It seems unlikely that she met Leo.
  19. Others Sightings from yesterday LAURIS VIDAL ‏@laurisvidal 2h Last night-NYC-the HIGHLINE-best chocolate tart ever-ran into @palefaceonline -dinner w the ADONA's @ Chinese place & ran into Leo DiCaprio Jerome ‏@Jerome_Pylyp 13h Leonardo DiCaprio walking in a club before me...... What the fuck
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