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  1. Governors Awards (November 11, 2017) American Cinematheque Award (November 10, 2017)
  2. Hello (it's been a long time) KikiRio Swim
  3. MTV EMA (London) November 12, 2017 Jared Leto by Mario Testino
  4. I see the site is having problems hope to talk with you soon lots of love xoxo <3333333333333

    1. French angel

      French angel

      I just managed to go back :D I answer you in few seconds xoxo lots of love <333333333333333333333333333333333

    2. bbrown4949


      Hi Diamond still trying to figure this out glad when BZ is really up and running again lots of love xoxo <333333333333333333

  5. Very talented photographer that I discover right now...Thank you!
  6. Vanity Fair Photoshoot by Justin Bishop Neue Journal Magazine Photoshoot by Brigitte Lacombe Esquire Magazine Photoshoot by Eric Ray Davidson
  7. Sorry english is not my language but...Please Erin fans!!! PEACE! Nobody cant say someone is too much involved being a fan, like nobody can't say someone is not enough a fan of Erin! Everyone have their way to love,to support Erin! Fairy Candice is fighting for justice! Thanks there are people like her in the world! When you are a fan everyone have their way to be! For some people a very little thing about Erin or their idols can brings you at the best feeling ever...I know some know what I mean Everey Erin fans & all people involved in the Erin votes are sad & feel it very unfair for Erin (even if we saw it coming at the end)! Some will be like "its just a game,its ok" others like "I have to fight for this unfair story",others "I don't care" ect...! Every way is ok if its stay in respect of the other people & of Erin! For me these reactions are absolutly right! Face to this situation or every situation, everyone have their way to act,to think, & to be a FAN! Please be just happy to support Erin, be proud of her if you are & between fans keep in the mind than others have maybe not the same way to be fan.We support the same person! Erin is an excellent model,her fans know it, win or not for us in real,we know what model she is, no?? That's what matters & that we have the chance to share things about her! We have the chance to see her having news projects,new pictures & still growing up fantastically in her career! We have the chance to show her our support by social network ect...We are proud of her,we see her happy and working & we know the talent she has,you all have yours specials reasons to love her,to support her,to following her and to be a fan,to find insiration in her work,personality,she maybe like for myself, helped you for some reasons... Keep this in mind the reasons you love her & forget the rest,stay happy to be her fan of Erin or every person you are fan of! it's not a SI game that will make it change right?! The world is enough hard like it is, for add fight cause a Vote stuff! Please people, Im not here for being bad,I don't write here since a long time, but what make me sad is to see people,especially fans of the same amazing person going in fight! Im not saying all Erin fans have to be friends & laugh together no but...But you can have different views and stay ok, just stay in respect with others view than yours & keep supporting Erin the way you want! Every support of her fans is right! Sure Erin would be sad too see us fight between us! We are all differents & have all our way to love to support Erin! Erin is an amazing model! Erin loves us & we love her, that enough for make us all happy no?
  8. Happy birthdayyy :D

  9. I adore her for vogue thank you
  10. Hi :) omg your new signature beautiful job <3 xoxo

  11. Thank you Kat It was what I thought but I was not sure with my english lol
  12. I'm not sure to understand all about this lol?? someone can explain me haha but thank you for the pics
  13. OMG your new signature with Erin <333 :D

    1. katchitup


      hehe Thanks! Erin looks amazing in glasses <3

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