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  1. Love this woman, love her style. Classy yet very sexy, gorgeous, unique and the ultimate image of glamour . Thanks for those Great pics, PlayGirl.
  2. *GiPsY_grl*


    All great pics, Magic. Thanks! The shoes that go with the red dress are so fun.
  3. *GiPsY_grl*


    That is one hell of a picture! Beautiful, thanks jal718.
  4. Beautiful! Thank you mbinebri. Marisa looks stunning, as always.
  5. She's one of my all-times-favourites! She was so beautiful and glamourous!.. Thanks Carmelita!
  6. You can see the pregnancy doe her really good, she looks so happy. Thanks a lot for those beautiful pics guys! Can't wait for how the baby's gonna look like, but when she has her DNA It can't be any problem...
  7. Nope, it ain't her. Check especially the eye-brows. (And Lima is way prettier of course )
  8. The more I see of her, the more I love her . In my eyes she can be (one of the) most beautiful woman in the world. Thanks Tinkerbelle for the pics! And yes, lovin' her big eyes too.
  9. Dajana, thanks so much! Aish looks more than gorgeous...
  10. Dlag, I love the video you made, thanx for sharing.. It reminds me of how many overwelmingly beautiful pics Adriana has had, in the last couple of years..
  11. *GiPsY_grl*


    Wow. I don't remember seeing them before, so many thanks jewels!
  12. Yeah she looks amazing, what a hot thing! And she cut her hair a lil bit, she said she didn't have her hair cut in years.
  13. Thanks a lot jewels, love how she looks on that shoot, just exquisite..
  14. *GiPsY_grl*


    Petra looks absolutely adorable! Thx for the pics.
  15. Thanks guys for the new candids , Adriana looks wonderful.
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