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  1. hey all! i'm not sure how many of you use the dicapriophotos gallery for leo pictures, but the owner of the gallery needs help paying the bill to keep the gallery server online. if anyone wants to help with any donations, please head on over to http://simplyleonardodicaprio.com/gallery/dicaprio-photo-gallery i hope we can all band together and help because that was one of the greatest sites for HQ photos from his various photo shoots and projects. thanks!
  2. videos of toni at Queen of The Night in NY http://instagram.com/p/l_Xro-y7ox/ http://instagram.com/p/l_Xnj2S7os/
  3. what are all the instagrams of the people you guys have been mentioning?
  4. The photographer is Ben Baker but I don't know if it was published or anything . It's a beautiful picture, no doubt. thanks!
  5. does anyone know where this picture is from? it looks fairly recent! thanks in advance
  6. those are two of them! there's another of him looking at a koala in a tree that i'm looking for thanks
  7. does anyone know where this picture is from? also, does anyone remember those two instagram pictures of leo in a zoo in australia during the filming of the great gatsby? can someone send me them/post them here? thanks!
  8. I'm guessing this was the Vanity Fair After party? There's a pic of Toni with a similar back setting. am i the only one not seeing a picture?
  9. does that mean ET is going to have a preview of the outtakes tonight or something? they made it sound that way, no?
  10. does anyone know if this interview will be available to watch anywhere?
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