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  1. hey all! i'm not sure how many of you use the dicapriophotos gallery for leo pictures, but the owner of the gallery needs help paying the bill to keep the gallery server online. if anyone wants to help with any donations, please head on over to http://simplyleonardodicaprio.com/gallery/dicaprio-photo-gallery i hope we can all band together and help because that was one of the greatest sites for HQ photos from his various photo shoots and projects. thanks!
  2. videos of toni at Queen of The Night in NY http://instagram.com/p/l_Xro-y7ox/ http://instagram.com/p/l_Xnj2S7os/
  3. what are all the instagrams of the people you guys have been mentioning?
  4. The photographer is Ben Baker but I don't know if it was published or anything . It's a beautiful picture, no doubt. thanks!
  5. does anyone know where this picture is from? it looks fairly recent! thanks in advance
  6. those are two of them! there's another of him looking at a koala in a tree that i'm looking for thanks
  7. does anyone know where this picture is from? also, does anyone remember those two instagram pictures of leo in a zoo in australia during the filming of the great gatsby? can someone send me them/post them here? thanks!
  8. I'm guessing this was the Vanity Fair After party? There's a pic of Toni with a similar back setting. am i the only one not seeing a picture?
  9. does that mean ET is going to have a preview of the outtakes tonight or something? they made it sound that way, no?
  10. does anyone know if this interview will be available to watch anywhere?
  11. those are scratches made with scissors/a knife to keep the bottom of leo's shoe from slipping on polished surfaces. it creates traction between the shoe and the floor
  12. there have been whisperings that leo might make an appearance on SNL tonight with jonah. i'm not sure if it'll be a live sketch or if it's something that was recorded in advance, but a couple people unofficially confirmed leo's appearance if he's not on SNL, hopefully he makes it to the DGA! or maybe he'll pull a super leo and do both tonight!
  13. his films never impressed me. i recently saw American Hustle and it was so bland, i was so disappointed. and that was before i learned about how much of a horrible human being he is. he sexually assaulted his niece (told her not to tell anyone, blamed it on her for being "provocative"), he has a history of verbally and physically abusing his actors/extras on set (there's a video on the internet of him absolutely LOSING IT on the set of one of his movies), he's gotten into confrontations with the likes of George Clooney (Clooney has infamously claimed his experience with david o russell was the worst of his professional life), and all kinds of other stuff. he also, very recently, compared Jennifer Lawrence's work with Hunger Games to being a slave (allusion to 12 Years A Slave). he's definitely one of the slimiest, most disgusting men working right now, which you'd never know bc everyone is constantly kissing his ass and praising his mediocre work. that's why i don't want leo associating with him. it's bad enough that david was all over him at the golden globes with bradley. i'd really hate for them to get together on a film, i don't think i could support that. and honestly, i hope leo has half a brain enough to stay away from someone like DOR despite whatever outside voices are urging a collaboration. he's bad news and he would do nothing for leo's public image or career. i'd much prefer leo to pursue his environmental work for a few years before another substantial film project comes up for him.
  14. i didn't want to clog up the main thread with this post, but i hope that Legacy of Secrecy project doesn't get beyond the stage it's in now. david o russell is the last person i want leo to work with, especially as a follow-up for the wolf of wall street. he's a mediocre director and a genuinely horrible person, definitely someone leo should avoid associating with at all costs. no good could come of them working together. if leo is going to work with de niro again, i hope it's under scorsese's direction bc he's the only one capable of doing their personalities justice together on screen.
  15. ah i see thank you so much for answering! i thought they were piercings at first!
  16. what are those two white spots under her top? pardon me if that's a silly question, but i'm genuinely curious :s
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