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  1. ^ . Nope. Someone from Florianópolis posted on facebook a couple days ago that she heard from another someone he was coming ... not sure if it's true or not, just putting it out there . Then I looked on instagram and it looks like some of his crew is visiting Brazil next week, just saying.
  2. Happy holidays, girls . I heard Leo is coming to Brazil January 2nd or 3rd... Floripa! I see you, Barbie . Thanks for the updates .
  3. ^ I think they are on break... after the holidays, maybe? It's strange . Thanks girls for all the updates . I found this via instagram - bo_seaofb... this girl is sharing a story about how she met Leo ... http://www.seaofbeesnyc.com/leonardo-di-caprio-the-story/#comment-1258 And she also posted some pics she took before she was kicked out ... Also some tweets from last night... And one pic... Where's Waldo? jonathancw
  4. Long time no see, y'all . Hope everyone is fine . My man is forty now, damn! BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY . Soooo, Leo is (was?) in LA yesterday with Tom and friends... Aaaand... if you wanna be a true stalker you gotta do this the right way - you have to zoom in the top left corner ... @ Beverly Hills Tennis Club photo by alidgabler
  5. Leo in Brazil... OMFG... why Brazil has to be so big? Damn, I wish I was a bit closer . Tweets are so funny right now (minus the Titanic + iceberg jokes, old stuff )... this thing of Leo and this yacht is everywhere down here, even my aunt called to tell me the "news" . First pic... shitty quality... cacau_dias Thanks girls for the updates .
  6. Look how thrilled she is! I can't stop laughing . bobbiekeith Such a cute photo . Thanks girls for the updates .
  7. Thanks Ox, Fash and Kat for the upates Last night at 1oak NY... aneelines
  8. ^ Hey, you too . And yes, his smile is something else .
  9. Hello, girls . I'm a busy bee so I can't post that much right now ... thank y'all for the updates . Pic from last night (well, only his back )... serenaarchetti And a video... we can see Leo @ 0:10 ... http://web.stagram.com/p/729085808212384116_173799549
  10. Loved the pic... the girl was caught in the act ... thanks Kat. And thanks Calibi for the info. Leo on a bike again ... alexmaooo I wonder who is the guy with him in both pics.
  11. ^ Are you sure he is going to Cannes? He is still in NY...
  12. ^ Leo needs to do something... he's not that old to be falling apart like that . Arm, shoulder, back, ankle... and on and on and on .
  13. ^ Indeed! Here's another... carolinerodman I think I spot David and his daughter in the pic . And yes, I wonder what's the problem with Leo's arm or shoulder... second time this year, or maybe it was last year that he was with a similar problem .
  14. Thanks Ox and Kat . And thanks Magali for the magazines . Loved the pics she took .
  15. Thanks Ox and Kat . This girl was celebrating her 18th birthday (last night in NY) and look what she got... mot_ley The pic is not the best quality, but I mean, c'mon... so jealous right now . And this is a very nice pic from 2010... Leo was playing basketball with this dude (he said his aunt used to date one of Leo's friend)... tre_jay91
  16. ^ You're welcome, hun But you were reading the article before I posted the pics? What a coincidence!
  17. Two more... bokovfactory & yoox_com I spy Lukas over Leo's shoulder . Edit: Yes, it's him... he photobombed this guy . BTW, the event is the FRIEZE New York 2014 VIP Preview.
  18. Leo at an art gallery in NY some minutes ago... Photo by Casey Fatchett I think the guy with him is Ethan . Thanks girls for all the updates .
  19. ^ Yes, I think it's a club or something... the girl talked about the Roosevelt Hotel so maybe he was there .
  20. NP, girls . Another pic from last night... atdanielle Old pic on the set of "Catch Me If You Can"... takeitez_zita
  21. Thank you so much girls for all the pics . Love to see him with Kevin again . Another one with Mark Ryden... he looks really good... feliciathegoat
  22. ^^ Aww, cute photo . Thanks, Kat . OMFG, it's Bob from "The Walking Dead"... I wasn't remembering he was in GONY with Leo, damn! That's cool . Leo was spotted having dinner at The Waverly Inn in NYC, and if the Google Tradutor serves me right the girl said he was with his girlfriend (probably discussing the photo Toni posted on Instagram... kidding, couldn't resist ). No pics, which is a shame.
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