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Bellazon Rules, Guidelines, and FAQ

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Bellazon Rules and Posting Guidelines

1. General Rules

No Flaming/Bashing
Don't personally attack other members or the staff. We also ask that you please refrain from the bashing of any celebrity, model, and etc. featured on the forum. Bashing includes making offensive comments, or saying something offensive related to a person (i.e. calling someone a slut, a whore, a bitch, etc.). Giving "constructive criticism" of a model such as, specifying that you do not find them attractive because of the length of their nose, or the size of their hips is deemed acceptable but we ask that you please try and refrain from that as well as it still upsets some members.

No Trolling
Don't pretend to be someone you are not. That includes lying about your identity and pretending to be someone famous (e.g., a celebrity, model, athlete, etc.) If you are truly someone famous and want to post as one, please contact the Bellazon staff with proof first. Also please try and refrain from saying you look like a certain celebrity and etc. because this often causes huge arguments that are unnecessary. Any member who knows or suspect of another member trolling must contact the BZ staff for an investigation. Your report will be kept confidential.

No Multiple Accounts
If you want your name changed please submit a request in this thread. Remember, you can only change your username ONCE, and you may NOT request a name change if you have been a member for three months or less. If you have lost your password, please contact an Admin and the problem will be resolved. Having more than one account is a bannable offense. If you have more than one account, or know/suspect of any other member having more than one account, please contact a BZ staff member immediately. In the case it is you who has multiple accounts, please contact the staff with an explanation. If the explanation is logical, you might not be warned/banned.

Our Policy on Name Changes
Again, read this thread before requesting a name change

No Pornography
Bellazon is not a porn site. Don't post or link to pornography (images, videos, etc). If you have a question contact the staff.

No Offensive or Illegal content
This includes illegal software ("warez"), copyrighted materials, Child Porn, images depicting cruelty to animals or people, images or text showing racism or other content widely considered offensive. If you have a question contact the staff. 

No Advertising
Please do not post information promoting yourself, your band/group, boards, blogs, websites and etc. All advertising posts & threads, including those promoting for-profit sites, external sites & etc., will be deleted. You may post certain information under the "Your Website" field in your profile page. In addition, soliciting for membership onto other sites/forums, such as The Fashion Spot, is not allowed.

Posts must be in English especially conversations. If you find something online that is not in English (like an article) it is common courtesy to translate it into English prior to posting and credit the original source.

Other Non-English content including, but not limited to, scans, PDFs, images of articles & etc.
Members may post this type of content however we strongly encourage members to also post a summary of the text in English whenever possible as it is the forum common language.


Licensed content

While Bellazon takes pride in always being one of the first sites on the internet to find the best content on models, please be aware that certain publications such as Playboy, Pirelli Calendar and Sports Illustrated take very seriously the release of their content and we cannot have leaked/unreleased material in the forum as it's illegal to have. So please, refrain from posting leaked content from these publications, if you are in doubt of what's okay or not to post contact someone from the staff. If you post leaked content it will be deleted and you will get a warning. This also applies to OnlyFans content.

Regarding Patreon, we work on a case-by-case basis, and you can see the people whose Patreon content is NOT allowed to be shared in our platform in the pinned announcement.

2. Image Posting Guidelines

Nudity is allowed but it MUST be textlinked or placed between spoiler tags with a warning. Nudity includes, full nudity, partial nudity, nippleage of any sort and etc. Any images found will be deleted or made into a textlink by an admin or mod. You will also have your warning level raised and if at any point your warning level reaches 30%, your future on the board will be discussed between the admin. It may result in a temporary or permanent ban. For more information, refer here.

Embedded images over 1050 pixels in width must be thumbnailed or textlinked. Although oversized images do resize automatically, but before it does that it must load/process fully and then condense. With that said, please keep images under 1050 pixels in width.

As for thumbnails or small images posted side by side, please do not exceed 600 pixels in width.

For further information, click HERE.

One thread per model, celebrity, subject/topic and etc. Before starting a thread make sure a similar thread does not already exist. You can do this by using the search function. Click HERE for the steps on how to perform a search.

For-Profit Hosts:
All images and etc. that are uploaded onto for-profit hosts (like FileJoker) are not allowed on BZ.

Private/Candid Materials and Images Of Celebrities & Models
If it is accessible to the general public, meaning ANYONE can find or view the material (this includes, but not limited to, text and images), then it is ok to post them. However, if the material is private and cannot be viewable by the general public please refrain from posting them. For example, Facebook. If you find personal pictures on a Celebrity's or Model's Facebook page, and it is only viewable by those who are on this person's friends list, then it is not a good idea to post them elsewhere, this also means that is a person has been the victim of a hack, we do not allow that content to be posted in the forum as it was not meant to be public in the first place. 

Requesting Tips & Tricks for HQ Images from Photo Agencies
Please DO NOT request HQ photo tips & tricks for copyrighted materials from photo agencies such as (but not limited to), gettyimages, wireimage, corbis, filmmagic, rexfeatures, etc.


Age limits

Please DO NOT open threads for anyone under the age of 14, all threads for anyone under the age of 14 will be deleted, no questions asked. If you want to create a thread for a model who is underage (14 to 17 years old), it must be created under the Development Models subforum. When asking for a Model ID, use your common sense, if the said model is modeling children's products then you shouldn't be asking for her ID.

3. Profile/Signature Guidelines

Signature Size:
Signature images should be no more than 600 pixels x 140 pixels in size. If you choose to include text underneath an image please limit it to three lines, including spacing, on default text size. However, if you wish to just have text (and no image) you may have up to 5 lines including spacing on default text size. The default text size is 2.

Avatar Size:
Avatars should be no more than 200 pixels x 200 pixels in size.

Bellazon staff reserve the right remove or edit a signature or avatar at any time, for any reason. If you disagree with the decision, contact an Admin

4. Bellazon FAQ

How do I post an image?
We strongly encourage members to always use Bellazon's server to host images, it's the only way we can make sure the won't be ads that are against forum rules (i.e no links to porn websites) and also to make sure we are not relying on a third party host that may delete the content with no warning.


If for some reason, you want to use a third-party host, please make sure it doesn't use ads from porn websites or that features nudity.

How do I use the attachment feature?


There's two ways of attaching images to a post, you can either drag the files to your post or you can choose the files from the folder you have stored in.



To insert the picture in the post just click on the + sign and the picture will be added in wherever you wanted to be in the post



Images will be automatically added as a thumbnail. If you are using a third-pary host, you need to copy and paste the BB-Code you are given once you upload your images, it'll look something like this




PIPs are the small squares below your avatar. They represent how many posts you have made. The more posts you make, the more PIPs you get.

If you have a question about anything, contact the staff. Remember, an Admin's word is final.

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