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  1. I don't know if her hair is naturally curly but I think it's like that because she had braids that day
  2. Did her contract with Biotherm ended? Because if not they will not be happy she posted about Lancome
  3. They were invited at the party? Because I think both of them are just dj-ing at OMNIA
  4. Oh you are so lucky to get invited guys. Can you share something weird you noticed backstage, or something you didn't like?
  5. @peroxideblonde who is the girl on your signature? i don't think i've seen her before
  6. agree This cat is super-cute
  7. No they don't have a show. And with Riccardo out of the house i don't see her working with them unless the new designer likes her. If the rumors about Riccardo heading to Versace are true I would like to see her at a campaign
  8. Well they can dislike each other if they want but they shouldn't let it get out. VS wouldn't want something like that as a headline
  9. She was there with Samsung. Both looks were amazing!
  10. Ok someone doesn't like martha, someone doesn't like romme, taylor.... and everyone has a reason or more for that. Noone started calling her "things" the user just said things that he doesn't like about her. His opinion/preferences. If someone else doesn't agree it's ok if someone agrees it's also ok. There's no reaason to argue about what someone else prefers
  11. Well they propably did that because lancome buyers that go to stores are mostly more mature women but tay's following online is more young people so the YT videos are mostly for them
  12. Seriously I don't get the hate... They do nothing that shows support to Trump and his actions and they are dragged to this with no reason. The photos are not even related to anything political Whats wrong with people?????
  13. That looks nice
  14. Well if Asians feel offended then it is offensive. But sometimes it seems like people that have nothing to do with the culture are the ones to create the drama in the first place