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EbMCp.jpg yqjsp.jpg th_51fd9d183178556.jpg/monthly_04_2012/post-3972-0-1593850197-2876_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="adrimavitr1.jpg"> adriswings11.jpg

Hi guys,

who is this blonde girl she is with on the Mavi pics? Is it Sarah Ziff?


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More pics, some are repost but i was too lazy to check that. Love seeing her with Kk, i always loved them together, throw Gi in there & you have my fav VS trifecta ever

397930186928514.jpg fd887d186928523.jpg 7f0bb3186928528.jpg 1ebbf5186928534.jpg f9431e186928538.jpg d13caf186928545.jpg 11349e186928549.jpg 066cb0186928554.jpg 93b069186928555.jpg f0968c186928561.jpg c5b267186928565.jpg c1be65186928568.jpg 81bae0186928572.jpg c909fc186928574.jpg b2b7ad186928580.jpg 9a7c0d186928588.jpg 9da869186928594.jpg 32aa88186928600.jpg 6ea94b186928616.jpg e2a298186928630.jpg 95930b186928651.jpg d75e51186928661.jpg

Credits: Me!

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