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  1. Julian might be better suited for Adriana...I think her personality clashes with "macho" guys. Julian has Tom Brady's type of personality and Gisele is a strong, outspoken woman. It seems to be working for them.
  2. Breath-taking beauty
  3. Thank you!!! I guess I will stop too with my posts about this Ella Rose, ugh LOL
  4. There is none, of course. Just looking at her Instagram makes one cringe. I just thought because Sophia Loren is a brunette with similar features as Adri and she(Ella) is a blonde with big(and fake) boobs. Why am I not surprised. LOL? I honestly wish Adriana is happy but I can't imagine myself being involved with this bimbo in any way
  5. Being involved with Julian equals being involved with his baby mamma and she seems like a bimbo/drama queen. Is this pic from her Instagram supposed to represent Adriana Lima being jealous of her?
  6. Adriana.That was easy forme
  7. Her smile is so amazing and Valentina is a cutie
  8. Thank you for the adds!
  9. ^Love that pic. She looks so happy
  10. I actually also wish she would go to her "signature Adriana Lima" look. You know, dark brown long hair, cat eyes(with her natural eyebrows PLEASE,lol) and tanner skin. But yes, she probably is aware that the skin is getting less resilient to tanning as we get older and she can't tan as much. She wants to stay in modeling as long as she can. I also think that the facial peels strip of the surface skin and reveal the paler skin underneath. Maybe some different approach would be helpful, like a product that adds a hint of tan and not a black hair color. I would also like for her to leave her natural eyebrows shape but you know...I lost myself now haha. I guess what I am trying to say that sometimes we can point out some things without being told to not to be taking it too seriously. It's just a fan talk. We obviously all adore Adriana
  11. I swear, I only watch those VS behind the scenes with Adriana and was Valentina getting frustrated with Adriana at the end of that video?
  12. This sounds like a fake doesn't even sound like something Brazilian kids would say. So fake
  13. She has such a presence. Love, love her smile
  14. Her body is insane!!!!
  15. Her and Adriana are just getting prettier as they get older, wow