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  1. Metin is manipulative in a sly and sneaky way. Adriana isn't knowingly letting him manipulate her. I had problems before, I am not going to go into my own problems but I was told that I attract sneaky and narcissistic people. I brought up Serena because it's true that opposites attract and her husband is a gentle guy. Maybe I shouldn't have used "wimpy". I guess I was thinking of that word because Metin and Julian don't seem nice.And yes, Serena's husband is a nice and intelligent guy.It would be nice if Adriana found a guy that is nice, not some "silent but deadly" type LOL
  2. I am glad I am not the only one that doesn't like this guy. I am never going to understand how they ended up together. At first I just didn't like him, I don't know why. He was giving me bad vibes but some people were like"maybe she loves him for who he is." I didn't want to sound like I hate every guy she ends up dating but Adriana did date some douches(Julian). I feel bad because she is just wasting her time with this guy. If it's not enough that he seems manipulative with his "spirituality", as we see from his behaviour, there is no chemistry between them.
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