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  1. I don't like the hair and lack of make up on her eyes but Adriana always pulls it off because of her face.
  2. Oh, wow! I had no idea she was pregnant She looks great. I'd say she's having a boy
  3. She looks older sometimes, bad styling or her own mood, I guess but for most of the time she looks younger and under 30. In those pics of her in hotel in Turkey, she looks like sh'e in her early 20ies, to me. Looks a lot like she did in the editorial for Italian Elle in 2003. Somehow her skin looks really good once again. It always was good but she was too pale at one point or "too fake tan" lol. I think she was always known for her beautiful skin. They both look younger then their real age, to me. I don't know what to think of this relationship yet haha...too many random guys lately in short time. I honestly hope they last and that she is happy
  4. On the other note, insanely beautiful in those pictures, how the hell is she still looking 20?
  5. I guess she does date them shorter then 6'7.
  6. She is smiling in that picture.
  7. She usually looks younger then her age but she looks her age here. It's the eyebrows and the dumb hair style. I know those high arched eyebrows are in theses days but they don't suit her.
  8. I think she needs some tan, too.
  9. Just WOW. Her body is the best! I mean, her face is absolutely gorgeous, as well but I rarely see this perfection. Lais deserves way more modeling jobs and exposure. I know it's hard nowadays that there are so many models(not to mention celebrity kids, yuck) but this girl has it.
  10. Such beautiful face
  11. ^Thanks
  12. I was on the topic and I criticized her stylist ONLY. That's unacceptable and ugly? OK, sorry
  13. She should seriously fire her stylists. That make up is bad, the dress is ugly and the hair looks bad. They managed to make Candice look worse, wow ( I am talking about the Met Gala look).
  14. All the girls looks great but damn, Adriana stands out every time. Gorgeous
  15. Ugh, she's too perfect. I wish also they would give her something different than VS sport for change.