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  1. I never saw her say that she didn't like facebook on twitter, If I did I wouldn't have mentioned it in the first place. And didn't she have a facebook before she have a twitter. Anyways I never heard her say she didn't like it anywhere Seriously? Just because you in particular didn't see it doesn't mean she didn't say it. She said it a while back a few years ago, I know one of her friends said it on Orkut a while back too. Where her cousin and several friends like Joyse had accounts.
  2. She also has said she didn't like facebook to personal friends...but she has a private facebook. Just because she says something on twitter...take it with a grain of salt.
  3. Personally love Karlie! I feel like she brings that athletic HF mold to the table, something they've been lacking since Gisele left. Frankly think she's the best they've hired in years, she doesn't come off fake or like a walking talking helium tank. on the plus side I'm sure VS is glad they dont have to put her through speech classes to train a heavy accent out of her.
  4. So glad to see these two working together again!
  5. All I can do is laugh and say okay all... You all sure know what your talking about. Yes every pregnancy is different but facts are facts it does not take a woman who is in shape to get her body back and it does not take a half a year for the uterus to contract. I forgot sometimes Adriana is above all other laws of the earth.
  6. I wasn't basing it off of just myself, I was basing it off of my classes I teach ESP my post pregnancy Zumba class specifically for women after pregnancy. I have never encountered a woman who lives an active lifestyle before and after her pregnancy, have a belly like above for half a year. The reason women's belly's pouch out is because of the uterus contracting back to normal size which on average takes about 6 weeks. Some women are in fact longer but not months and months out.
  7. Uhhh Not for half a year they don't. I'm a mom and a fitness instructor and they just don't unless you are out of shape
  8. I sure hope I am wrong about her being pregnant, but I won't get hopeful yet, this woman shot in underwear about a week before she announced she was pregnant with Sienna. I really hope she's not though.
  9. So glad she's back to working. I truly hope she isn't pregnant so she can continue. *crosses fingers *
  10. So I come here with a confession. I'm so in love with the new commercial that's out, honestly love not seeing the same old same old faces. I'm officially thrilled with the line up from VS, while I'm not a Behati fan I feel like she does bring something very real and approachable to the table. Erin is finally getting the exposure I feel like she deserves, with all of her new campaigns and what not and the other girls are self explanatory. My favorites are definitely Erin and Barbara out of the current line up but have no real problems with the other girls. I've recently become a very dedicated
  11. Uh yea. No comparison dear, there is a large difference between knowing knowledge of someone and wanting to know someone's home, floor plan and location, phone number and etc. Two totally different areas. You're creeping people out doing all of this, and the fact you're being rude to everyone is just an absolute turn off. @Dreamss I totally understand. I was a bigger fan years ago but within the last year it's went dramatically downhill. The woman has been in the fashion industry for 10+ years yet she can't style herself at all. Sorry no excuse for that. Her accent has managed to get stronger
  12. Seriously creepy. Stalker much? First the apartment, then the phone number! Sorry, but this is just insane
  13. Yea, I mean I've been visiting the VS website and Victoria's Secret in general since like 1998 or so, and following Adriana since 2000 or so. What would I know? by the way...it's not being a smart ass, it's being well informed over the years. Oy vey.
  14. Oh my my my....seriously? I could so just go on and on but listen I've heard kids screaming all day and haven't had a shot in like...way to long. Way to sober for this crap. I'm CoutureChic, and while I do have my contacts I've gotten to a point with Adriana where I really don't give a shit where her career goes (similar to her view actually) Who cares if she was a virgin or not? Who cares if she was depressed? Who cares if she has sex with squirrels? I mean how is it all relevant to her career? Oh wait...doesn't she have to have a career first for it to even begin to be relevant? Oh Lordy...o
  15. Cherrybomb, the reason I get passionate about it is simple. Adriana fans are amazingly (more so than any other fans I've EVER seen) demandent that she's never pregnant. It's like amazing! Like you stated. It doesn't effect me either way if she's pregnant or not...really could give a damn. But the fact that some of us who believe she's pregnant do get told (like directly above) SHE'S NOT PREGNANT, over and over yet...get told we are repetitive is mind numbingly annoying. Some die hard fans have always been insistent she isn't pregnant...every time...it's like it's a curse or something for her t
  16. LOL "predicting superpowers" wow...that's reaching. You have went out of your way every time to say she's not and she has in fact been pregnant. That's all I was saying. There is no "superpower" to predicting pregnancy it's pretty easy to see it once you've been pregnant. @RafSecret....just because her belly isn't huge doesn't mean she isn't pregnant. There are many more signs, breasts bigger, tummy bigger, and etc. Also, keep in mind she worked well into both of her pregnancies, both with launches and with her first pregnancy she walked in Givenchy when everyone swore she wasn't pregnant then
  17. Uh,,,no offense TKC but I don't think you have room to talk. You go WAY out of your way every time she is pregnant to PROVE she's not, and every time she has been I am not as big of a fans as Adriana's as I once was...so my care is minimal at this point. But, as someone who has children and can predict pregnancies really really well, I'd say she is pregnant again...she's got all the same signs as before and she always has a specific behavior she tends to carry with her whenever she's pregnant. Pregnancy signs are VERY obvious, it's not just the belly and her face, behavior, way she is dressing
  18. Still say she's pregnant (and don't think I'm going to ruin my perfect record) I called Ale each time WAY before she announced it, I called Dri way before anyone wondered about it both times and several others...it's a weird gift
  19. Personally thought she was pregnant first time I seen that photo. Wasn't going to say anything because didnt want to hear the denial bullshit for the third time in a row. If it was fat, it would have been apparent when she was at the launches recently...it's the SAME belly she had when she did the Miami launch last year.
  20. Adriana has a PRIVATE facebook, under a fake name but that's it.
  21. As a HUGE Miss America supporter, I found myself rolling my eyes at all of their answers. Most of them just perpetuated the typical pageant girl. Olivia's answer was not Miss Universe worthy at all..but then again they are a beauty pageant, nothing more...nothing less so beauty wins, nothing else. Most people I have discussed it with though agree Miss Philippines should have won. But it's no secret that Trump picks out the top 15 in Miss USA and Universe, and it's narrowed from that. Miss America doesn't do that so it's really a fair shot for everyone. I wouldn't be surprised at ALL if Trump p
  22. Make sure all of you who loved the Miss Universe pageant tune into the Miss America pageant on Jan 12th Miss America came BEFORE Miss USA/Miss Universe (Both were created out of spite when the Miss America at that time refused to pose in a bathing suit) and is a scholarship pageant (the largest for young women in the nation) the women have to have a talent, and their interview counts more than almost anything in the scoring section. These women are highly intelligent and most go on to become Doctors, Lawyers and even Politicians! Tune in!!! ----------------------------------------------------
  23. Lost_Soul


    Would anyone mind posting photos of Petra from the Amfar Cannes event in 2004 where she wore that gorgeous red dress? I'm looking for some HQ photos if that's at all possible. Thanks
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