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  1. Adri's goodbye was soooo cute. I really got emotional. It's crazy to think about it after growing up watching her, literally. ...and OMG, I am simply in love with Shanina and Barbara. They look absolutely stunning.
  2. btw SavageXFenty Show was way better than any of the VS shows since 2015 and I really mean it. It was such a piece of art and I can totally see it becoming something even bigger in the next years.
  3. I'm really disappointed. I expected them to have at least considered diversity at this point and I truly hope SavagexFenty fucks with this brand.
  4. It's Dri's last show. I'm 90% sure of that. She'll probably get some good tribute.
  5. I know but I don't see any reason for that. I mean, why would she do it first? And why would she hide on purpose? I mean, she's there for a lifetime so there's no need for such a mistery
  6. How many days we still have till fittings are over? I'm worried with Adri even though you guys are saying it's pretty sure she's walking. It's crazy that she dad NO fittings at all at this point.
  7. The FB is going for either Elsa or Behati. Probably Elsa though.
  8. But do you think she's actually walking though? I'm afraid she might not walk even though Barbara said so.
  9. About Adriana... No news?
  10. Can someone please post that ET Online video of Adriana's fittings somewhere, like YouTube? I can't download it.
  11. Guys, I heard Ale and Adri are both going to China (Adriana said it in an interview she gave to a Brazilian website on IG Stories). So I guess they'll be doing some promo for the show, right?
  12. So who's supposedly getting the FB after all? Candice or Behati?
  13. I don't remember Candice and Behati being on the website last year.
  14. They're saying it's Adriana's last show because her trainer supposedly said she's training hard for her "last VS show". It's not confirmed though and I didn't see any trainer saying that.
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