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  1. Steph_26


    Hi guys, who is this blonde girl she is with on the Mavi pics? Is it Sarah Ziff? Yes. Thank you!
  2. Steph_26


    Hi guys, who is this blonde girl she is with on the Mavi pics? Is it Sarah Ziff?
  3. Anyone has the pics bigger so you can read the text?
  4. Yes . . . here are some more pictures <3 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1...4054&type=1 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4...4054&type=1 Thank you! I love this ed!
  5. Hi guys, can someone please tell me, where this pic was published? Must be an editorial. And...are there more pics from this editorial? Where can I find it? Thank you!
  6. Isn't she with Raffael anymore?
  7. oh, okay! She seems to like him. Maybe he doesn't want a relationship.
  8. Hi, this is a new boyfriend? She used to be with Roberto, but this guy doesn't look like him. Anyone knows more?
  9. Steph_26


    I love her teeth. I think they make her look so perfect and special and beautiful. I hope she never does anything with them as Alessandra did. Because they are perfect. And I think Ale looked a lot better with her natural teeth as she does now.
  10. Is the girl her daughter in family portrait pics?
  11. Commercial is really crazy. But Cintia beautiful like always.
  12. [ attachment=1376151:alessand...uly_4_01.jpg] Here are some more pics I found at Ales Twitter. First one is from getting ready for Follow the sun party, second one is having lunch or diner or whatever and the last one I found at justjaredbuzznet. - Ana looks fantastic in white. That colour suits her so much. Just ask myself if she did get changed because on another pic from the party she wears something grey and sporty...? - Renata is such a beauty as well. Her face is just gorgeous. Really unique. Wish there were more pics of Ana and Renata from that party.
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