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  1. Doutzen has the best eyes and butt. I'm so jealous. I can't wait to see her on the show. I'm a fan for life. She seems cool.
  2. She is absolutely stunning. I follow her on Facebook. Thank gosh for real women.
  3. I miss the days when she was fuller. Her round face looked so youthful. Now her elbows and knee caps are bigger than her whole body. Oh well, I still love her, despite the message it is sending to women. Viva La Lima forever. Can't wait to see the show.
  4. Shirley is the best. She's my female idol.
  5. I will always love her, of course, but she's way too skinny now. This is not a healthy public image for younger women/girls. She needs to gain weight. She looks healthy and amazing with curves. Our society needs to change their priorities! Please, Adriana, I know you will never see this, but please gain some weight. I will always be a fan.
  6. Her name is Barbara Palvin Thank you!!!
  7. Please help. I know this isn't Adri. I love Adri the most, of course, but I'm curious as to what this new VS model's name is:
  8. http://youtu.be/0-1PwBUkoj8
  9. Thank you so much, everyone, for all of the pics! She looks bombshell-icious! :)
  10. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos! There are a bunch of promo photos on this site from shows she has attended for The Avengers: http://scarlett-johansson-archive.blogspot.com/ Thanks, again, for the great pics! :)
  11. Thank you! Love her eyes.
  12. I don't think it's her, but I can see the resemblance.
  13. Oh I definitely love those up above.
  14. Who ever had her wearing leather pants needs to be fired. Thank you for the pics!!!
  15. Aww, I love the dress! It's flirty and fun. Her braid is so cute! :) I'll just ignore the bracelet tattoo...
  16. Wow! Thank you so much! Muchas gracias!
  17. Thank you so much for the great pics. God I hate her new "bracelet" tattoo. So trashy.
  18. Holy smokes...great pic; although, her thigh looks like it's kinda broken. Lol! I hate that they photoshop so much...
  19. Yuck! I hate her new "bracelet" tattoo on her wrist...eck. She must have gotten that idea from her advertising exec boyfriend...
  20. What a great commercial! I have no idea what they were saying, but how cute! She looks great in red.
  21. Wow! Thank you so much for the great photos! She looks wonderful. I hate that they gave her blue eyes on the cover of Vogue...oh well. Thank you so much for the pics!
  22. I hope she goes back to brunette soon. Thank you for the pics! She and Michael are cute together.
  23. I don't know if it's the pic or what, but I like her hair that purple-ish color. Thanks for the pics!
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