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  1. is she an actual model or Instagram model?
  2. me too, kinda similar but looks more younger
  3. I went back 10 pages...but didn't see any pictures from this event ? anybody have more? she looks perfect
  4. WOW she is gorgeous, shes like a Indian Megan Fox.
  5. Looks like Lana Del Ray with all that plastic surgery... booo really miss the old her
  6. Theres this guess add of alessandra i seen at a guess store i believe its quite old and shes sitting at the side showing her beautfiul smile with her hair up and theres another model beside her with long dark hair and shes also gorgeous...i know its hard to know which picture i am talking about but i have tried looking for all her guess adds online and even went through this whole thread but didnt find it..its black and white ... in the picture theres about 3 or 4 models shes sitting and theother model is standing or sitting i cant remember and i believe theres also a guy in it. anybody help?
  7. is this penelope on the front far right ? anybody know who it is if its not...
  8. shes so cute and gorgeous :wub2:
  9. anybody have HQ for any of these events
  10. i saw this at victoriasecret.com but ive never seen her before? who is she?
  11. i havent seen pictures from this posted.. on here anybody have more?
  12. she looks good when they photoshop her
  13. looks like you got no logic cause they are still together lol
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