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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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On 11/30/2020 at 4:15 PM, CandleVixen said:

More comfort, less hard to wear items?

I mean both yeah, but other brands just as VS are moving away from displaying the over top sexiness like from the Michael Bay era.

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I lost interest in Taylor a while ago, but she doesn't look good with the short hair. I'm sure I think that just because I'm biased (Edie Sedgwick is the only female I've seen that I like with short hair, and hers is even shorter than Taylors.) I just don't like the bob cut at all, or whatever her haircut is considered. Taylor had really pretty hair, and I like it long obviously. She just is a boring model, so I always forget about her anymore. Same with Romee. I still like Romee's personality, but I always forget about her even though she is so pretty and has a gorgeous smile. I hope she's doing ok with her baby, or if she didn't have it yet, I hope her labor goes well. 


I wish Barbara and Grace had more shots for VS, but that were sexy instead of "sleepover in 6th grade" aesthetic they've been going for. 

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10 minutes ago, kerrforever said:

Anyone know which VS pink model this is, and where/how I can find a larger version of the image? This is from the Fall 2013 VS PINK catalog, thanks!



if she's not magdalena frackowiak, she has a twin lol


and this is the only version i could find in better quality 



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I'm looking at the VS x FLL Holiday campaign and it's interesting to me how they can put out such good work with their collaborations and then be so entirely lacklustre with their own mainline. I'm sure FLL is leading the art direction on this, but you'd think VS would want to at least pretend to compete on the same level with their other lines. 


Edit: For comparison:



for-love-and-lemons-for-victorias-secret-2020-holiday-rosy-embroidery-underwire-bra-hi-res.jpg victorias-secret-holiday-2020-chanel-iman-sheer-hi-res.jpg for-love-and-lemons-for-victorias-secret-2020-holiday-blushing-rose-underwire-bra-thong-panty-garter-2-hi-res.thumb.jpg.5ef60dc40426224a294ac2eb5680b5d3.jpg for-love-and-lemons-for-victorias-secret-2020-holiday-madeline-underwire-bustier-thong-panty-1-hi-res.jpg victorias-secret-holiday-2020-barbara-palvin-flounce-satin-robe-dream-angels-demi-bra-lace-bikini-panty-hi-res.jpg 

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