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Natural Beauty Competiton


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Joe :hug: this is the best competition EVER :D

Oh my :blush: , Jennks :blush: :blush: :blush: :hug: .

Lucia Score

Beauty = 6.42

Natural = 7.45

Natural Beauty = 6.76

See Rankings HERE

Next up :laugh: ...

Gemma Ward (Nominated by Phenobarbie)


Oh Gemma :blush: ! I can't wait to see this one because the opinions varry so widely :D ! To some she is an alien and to others a cute alien. But she's one of my favorite models, what a pro :D ! She's soooo adorable and has a mature voice at the same time its rather funny :laugh: . Although...I don't know how to rate her so...I might just take Chocolate and Michellabella's vote and divide it by two :rofl: .

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She is an alien coming from a planet inhabits by angels... :blush:

:rofl: :blush:

@ Chocolate :rofl: :hug: :)

@ Prettyphile, I thought you were about to slap that good ol' 5 and 4 on her. Guess I still haven't cracked your code and can never see you coming :nicole: .

The variety of opinions on Gemma is always interresting. It seems that right now she has most of the lowest scorers on her side (Prettyphile, Ultralovemoon, Amy Fan, Paula), so that is a big advantage :yes: . But then the variety of assessments in general may just balance ir right back out :rofl: .

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