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  1. Vogue Paris
  2. Yes they printed the pap pics inside the mag ^ Arena 2006 outtake
  3. I guess she's works with Inez & Vinoodh today You can hear Gisele in Anne's insta story 😀
  4. Vogue Paris June/July 2017 ph. Mario Testino Full editorial
  5. Vogue Paris
  6. Wow finally! 😀 at first I thought it was an editorial shot rather than a cover shot but I love it.
  7. Thanks Sunshine Wanted to see this interview again for a long time. On Regis & Kelly promote VSFS 2006.
  8. Gisele watching belly dancing last night.
  9. Jimmy Fallon
  10. Jimmy Fallon May 5th, 2017
  11. Thanks! Gisele on a photoshoot today
  12. Etonline Twitter/Stella McCartney Vogue.com
  13. Selfie with Anna 😁 Some others from Met Gala
  14. Its not the most interesting choice but she looked flawless regardless. There seems to be two sides ; Boring/safe OR "she's Gisele and needs no gimmicks". She's never really went with the themes so I don't see the problem...Personally I think its the best her face/makeup ever looked at the Met Gala. 😍