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  1. michelabella


    Here’s a little outtake from my new book, Unfashionable: 30 Years of Fashion Photography 🙌🏻 out October this year @rizzolibooks 🔥 📷 Gisele for @allure, 1999 🌾👢☀️ Hair: @petergrayhair, Make up: @parramoure & Styling: #RickyViderRivers#unfashionable #fashionphotography #rizzoli
  2. michelabella

    Cindy Crawford

    Exactly what I have been saying to myself lately. First it was "Kaia is getting work because of Cindy" and now it's suddenly "Cindy is getting work because of Kaia". Which one is it? 😁 I think Cindy left fashion in early 2000s on her own terms. She started a family sooner than the other supers and moved far away from the fashion world in Malibu. Her kids are grown now and she feels like being more involved in fashion. That's my impression anyways. Its not like the fashion world ever hated her as some of these critics assume. 😂 also she had things working against her with her look. The Healthy,powerful, glamazon type model was not exactly in style in the 2000s and a size 6 was considered too big for a model . Cindy is very much a part of fashion history, fan or not. It's a fact.
  3. michelabella

    Cindy Crawford

    It's not her best shot by far, I'm sure the team had many better ones to choose from but one bad cover suddenly has people bashing Cindy's modeling career. Which is the problem I have. You cannot bash Cindy fcking Crawford's amazing career and think you are a model or fashion "expert" at the same time. Since Kaia's success there is a new trend of hating on Cindy Crawford's career I have noticed. I was just talking with someone comparing Cindy's career with Kate Upton's, so....🤓
  4. michelabella


    Vogue behind the scenes Tom's IG stories
  5. michelabella


    Costa Rica
  6. michelabella

    General Discussion

    rumor from tfs: Also a few rumors she will cover Vogue Brazil/Paris this year.
  7. michelabella


    This is great Brady family Dodge Ball
  8. michelabella


    Shooting something with John Russo
  9. michelabella


    I guess those candids above were of her arriving to a studio ^ so we have a new photoshoot coming. Photoshoot with Patti Wilson
  10. michelabella


    Hope she's going to a photo shoot 😁
  11. michelabella


    from GilesSølveKatie book, unpublished photos QUOTE: And then you did a shoot for the first collection of your own label . . . I set up my own business in 2003, and right after that we all did this shoot for the label with Gisele [Bündchen]. She was in London doing an ad campaign, and the day of my show, Katie proposed we do something. So we all went off to this artist’s house in Ealing and did a whole story for The Face—which never got published because the magazine closed two weeks later!
  12. michelabella


    Thanks for the scans. So this issue is dedicated to sustainability, of course Gisele was the chosen covergirl. 😆 The colors and location are just breathtaking. 💚 Eternal Sunshine Gisele ☀️ I still feel like a proud fan-mom over all this. 😂
  13. michelabella

    Candice Swanepoel

    Aww congrats Candi and Herman.
  14. michelabella


    Tom on Oprah soul Sundays https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1665076066873240&id=234165163297678
  15. michelabella


    Isabeli talks about a memory of Gisele when she was a new model in NYC on her youtube channel Isabeli Fontana recalled the beginning of her career in a video for her channel (link in stories) and said that at 15, in New York, she had difficulty making friends with the models: "No one was looking at me, just Gisele. Gisele was very friendly and helped me alot. I had those other girls who looked at me with disdain, "she recalls. To this day both are friends and two of the biggest models in Brazil! https://revistaquem.globo.com/QUEM-News/noticia/2018/06/isabeli-fontana-comenta-reprovacao-em-casting-de-desfile-para-victorias-secret-nao-fiquei-magoada.html