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    Vivara Christmas campaign 2017 by Nicole Heiniger
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    kristinakorsholm📸🔥#tb to that time I was on set with the supers of them all @gisele 🔥📸Shot by me during lunch break 🍰😋 #shoot #work #lunch #cake #deserttime#photoshoot #giselebundchen #supermodel
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    Don't think Gisele is covergirl for Vogue Brazil December
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    tonigarrn Starting off the week with the one and only @gisele who is one of my Supermodel Sale’s biggest supporters this year! ✨So grateful to have you on board G🙏🏼Come to Paris this weekend and shop some of her stunning pieces @vestiaireco24bis rue saint roch, Paris 1er #girlempower 💫 #VestiaireXToniGarrn
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    Vivara +1 Rosa Cha +1
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    Backstage VSFS 2006
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    Toda beleza do mundo numa só pessoa! @giseleofficial photo/makeup by Lili Ferraz and Hair by Rogério Magalhães #giselebundchen
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    Harper's Bazaar Mexico November 2017
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    Halloween 2017
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    Vivara Christmas
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    rare polaroid
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    Rosa Cha adds + better quality HQ's from Nino Munoz
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