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  1. Secret (Korean: 시크릿) is a South Korean girl group under TS Entertainment. Members: Jun Hyo Sung 전효성 Position: Leader, Vocal DOB: October 13, 1989 Height: 161cm Weight: 44kg Blood Type: A Favourite Artists: Shinhwa, Beyonce Zinger 징거 (Jung Ha Na 정하나) Position: Rapper, Vocal DOB: February 2, 1990 Height: 161cm Weight: 47kg Blood Type: A Favourite Artist: Lil' Mama Song Ji Eun 송지은 Position: Main Vocal DOB: May 5, 1990 Height: 162cm Weight: 45kg Blood Type: O Favourite Artist: Tamia Han Sun Hwa 한선화 Position: Maknae, Vocal DOB: October 6, 1990 Height: 165cm Weight: 46kg Blood Type: B Hometown: Busan Favourite Artist: Lee Hyori
  2. "왜 (Keep Your Head Down)" MV cr: sment @ youtube
  3. "뻑이가요 (KNOCK OUT)" MV - GD & TOP cr: BIGBANG @ youtube
  4. "High High" MV - GD & TOP cr: BIGBANG @ youtube
  5. Olivia Wilde x1 Keira Knightley x2 Kate Bosworth x1 Ashley Judd x2 .................. Odette Yustman x3 Monica Bellucci x3 .................. Astrid Berges - Frisbey x1 Kate Beckinsale x2 Kristin Kreuk x2 Shay Mitchell x1
  6. KBS Gayo - 30 Dec. 2010 cr: as tagged
  7. Yeah..I was really interested in looking at tutorials in the beginning, but later on I decided to try my own designs. I get lazy with colorings though. XD

  8. Seulong and 4minute for Cosmopolitan cr: omonatheydidnt
  9. Calvin Klein Jeans Photobook cr: lingading.tumblr
  10. High Cut cr: highcut.co.kr
  11. Even though I love Jay, I have to agree with you about this. I think it was also Jay's decision to leave and fans have to respect his decision. However, fans should continue to support the 6 boys and stop with all the boycottings/7-1=0 <_<. I will always love 2PM with or without Jay. <3
  12. Yes, I don't really look at tutorials. You?

  13. Thank you. :)

    I started making graphics 3 years ago, but stopped doing it for about a year. I just recently got back to making graphics again.

    I love your graphics, also. They're amazing. :D

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    "Thrill Love (스릴 러브)" - f(x)
  15. Group Pic cr: girlsgeneration.smtown.
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