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  1. I'm afraid that is indeed an old picture from 2007 and he just tagged the people who were on set 10 years ago. There is definitely a new pic on his ig where Aleksandra Woroniecka is tagged not Alt and Rianne van Rompaey was the model shooting with them. But I really miss Natasha on VP covers so let's hope she will be on the cover very soon.
  2. I agree with you, 2005 and 2006 were the best ones, from line-up, music, outfits, nothing can top those two shows in my eyes. After 2010 all the shows blend into one for me
  3. Haha, they were telling everyone it will be in Paris back in july at haute couture fashion week
  4. Did you guys notice she was shooting Frame Denim ss 16 campaign? She was tagged in one of their pictures two days ago I really hope Natasha is in Puerto Rico for some campaign or at least a Vogue cover
  5. It looks like our wishes were finally answered! I don't want it to be shot by David Sims honestly. All I'm thinking about when I hear his name are boring jumping studio editorials from Vogue US. I know it was shot somewhere outside in the desert but still My dream would be Mikael Jansson (he should work more with Natasha in general), Mario Sorrenti (I miss seeing his work with Natasha, they used to work more together), Txema Yeste or Will Davidson (especially when it comes to outdoor photography, he's a genius). I'm relieved to hear that Testino is in Barcelona. Just please don't let the
  6. To be honest I lost my hope a season ago, especially after I saw Lexi Boling in the campaign. But the fact she closed another Donatella's show and that she's wearing Versace to all the events these days is giving me hope again. My dream cast from the show would be Natasha, Trentini and Raquel but that's too many blondes. Now when I'm thinking about it I wouldn't mind seeing brunette Natasha again. I'm excited about Cavalli, hope to see her there and in the campaign too. I have always dreamed about Cavalli campaign with Natasha and Magda Frackowiak. Ok, I should stop now
  7. Happy that she closed hopefully this time she will finally get the campaign.
  8. Vogue Paris posted today an article called 10 Models to follow on Snapchat for fashion week and Natasha is one of them. I know it probably means nothing and they just want to promote Snapchat but it gives my hopes up, maybe they know something we don't
  9. Isn't it some kind of L'Oréal thing? Like she did three years ago for Madame Figaro when they used only L'Oréal makeup. It's just my assumption but who knows, we will find out when the editorial is out
  10. I think you are right. Yesterday I was looking at instagram pictures where she is tagged and I saw one from St Moritz where she was drinking something that looked like champagne
  11. Those Vogue Brazil covers! I love especially the first one :wub2: I know I have not been here for ages but as I am a huge Natasha fan I would like to add those to my collection. Is there any member who would be so kind to help me with this task? Pretty please
  12. Watching Ale & Adriana walking hand in hand down the runway is so :wub2:
  13. I haven't been on BZ for ages but I love reading this thread! I'm most excited for Magda (she is looking better than ever), Kasia and Eniko. I can't wait for the pictures from runway.
  14. Laetitia Casta (5) Zooey Deschanel (1) Elizabeth Olsen (5)
  15. Can anyone make me a set from these Caroline Brasch Nielsen pictures, please? I would prefer picture number 3 for avatar. Thanks in advance
  16. Charlize Theron beauty of face 10 beauty of body 10 beauty of hair 8 general impression 10 Petra Nemcova beauty of face 6 beauty of body 9 beauty of hair 9 general impression 6 Kristina Romanova beauty of face 7.5 beauty of body 9 beauty of hair 10 general impression 8
  17. 1. Edita Vilkeviciute 2. Doutzen Kroes 3. Adriana Lima 4. Marloes Horst 5. Josie Maran 6. Sara Sampaio 7. Emily Didonato 8. Michelle Vawer 9. Barbara Palvin 10. Kate Upton
  18. A5 Alejandra Alonso A6 Alessandra Ambrosio B5 Gisele Bundchen B6 Hilary Rhoda C5 Candice Swanepoel C6 Katsia Damankova D5 Doutzen Kroes D6 Shanina Shaik E5 Bianca Balti E6 Izabel Goulart F5 Barbara Palvin F6 Christy Turlington G5 Julia Stegner G6 Natasha Poly H5 Josie Maran H6 Adriana Lima
  19. Hello everyone I havent been here for 2 or 3 years Anyway I hope I will be able to find Antidote somewhere
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