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Natural Beauty Competiton

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Hey guys :wave: !

For a long time, I've been wanting to do a "natural beauty" poll/competition, but partially didn't know how and partially didn't know how it would turn out :blush: . Prettyphile has given me inspiration :flower: and yous_forever has given me advice and assistance :flower: and IreneyQ stood by me on the Top Model competition when I was clearly in over my head :flower: :ninja: . Anyway, I've finally decided to go for it :bellazon: !!!

General Premise

There are 4 groups. I wanted to have 4 separate groups to avoid disparities of popularity.

Example: If Adriana goes up against a barely known woman who is equal or 5% prettier, Adriana will still walk all over her in votes :/ .

We can all see who the most popular is by the size of the thread...

I wanted to have the ladies atleast in the same range of popularity to create a more accurate assessment of the topic at hand, "Natural Beauty".

Group Descriptions...

Group 1) Extremely popular on BZ AND generally well known with HUGE threads.

Group 2) Very popular, but not as much as group 1.

Group 3) Between 2 and 4

Group 4) Can be an up and coming person or someone the average BZ member may not know in general

*Edited* I originally offered for the addition of actresses and singers, but now, I'm going to make this the [Models Edition] due to disparities of the spots and I will eventually make or help someone else make a celeb/actresses and singers competition :flower: .

Please share any suggestions for the rules!

Please make suggestions of who you would like to see represented!

Please PM me natural shots of your favorites :) .


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Some of My Suggestions so far... :hehe:


1. Adriana, Josie, Doutzen, Gisele, Alessandra, Laetitia, Monica Bellucci...

2. Poly, Balti, Wearbowy, Marisa :ninja: , Kerr

3. Paulina Koukilina, Jagodzinska (excuse spelling), Ilze Bejare, Jessica Miller, Barbara Herrera

4. Johanna Jonsson, Bringitta M, Nataliele Ribiero


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Models: Bar Refaeli, Valentina Z, Alessandra Ambrosio, Josie Maran, Gemma Ward, Petra Nemcova

Actresses: Natalie Portman

Singers: Alsou

How many pictures did you want for each woman, and did you want us to resize them? As for the rules, what round robin style? I have a write up already for it if you'd like to see it.


Each Woman will go through two rounds of elimination.

Everyone starts out normally in the competition. If you win you go on to round 2. Now if you lose rather then being knocked out immediately you get bumped down to the consolation round 1. If you lose that consolation round you're knocked out completely. However if you win you move on to the second consolation round.

Second consolation round winners go up against round 2 losers. To put it bluntly you can still lose once and go on to win the competition... coming back through the back door so to speak. This is a double knockout tournament everyone gets 2 chances...

Voting Criteria

1. You can vote up to THREE OR FIVE times.

2. We will have total of 16. 32 or 64 contestants.

3. You're allowed to allocate your votes as you see fit, meaning if you'd like to give a particular woman all five votes, zero or something in between so be it.

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You forgot Irina!!! :chicken:

Could you also put Cintia Dicker in there? :hehe:

And Andi Muise :yes:


And I didn't forget her, I was just throwing out names to start it off :p .

Models: Bar Refaeli, Valentina Z, Alessandra Ambrosio, Josie Maran, Gemma Ward, Petra Nemcova

Actresses: Natalie Portman

Singers: Alsou


Thanks for the rules Pretty :hehe: and the ones you sent TR :hehe: . I will read them further when I get home :hehe: .

As to how many pictures I want, I'm planning to use no more than 2 or 3 per celeb in any given round so whatever pics you guys feel best represents said person :hehe: . Just as long as it's natural and of decent quality.

As to the size, I prefer to use the Last One Standing size and I would prefer that the submitters resize them, but I don't mind doing it :hehe: .

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it's only candid? or professional too

Anything with very, very little (preferably no) makeup is acceptable :flower: .

Laetitia for group 1 (Y)

Paulina for group 3 (Y)

Sophie could possibly crack group 2 (Y)

I only know the others by name, so I'm not sure which group they would go in at the moment :unsure: . But I will see, thanks for contributing :flower: .

I guess I should also establish whether to use 32 or 64 total contestants :confused: . There are 4 groups, so 8 per group sounds reasonable, but it may be hard to get in the actresses and singers too :confused: , but 16 per group may be overwhelming and confusing for all envolved :chicken: .

Any insight is appreciated :) .

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Ana BB


Is it too late to request Izabel Goulart to be there?

I sent you a message with pics. Tell me if you get it.

(Y) Thanks ;)

lol good luck! how many pics max?

I will use 4, but if you have 8 good ones (for example) and can't choose, you can send me all 8 and I will pick from them :) .

16 per group is too many, I wonder if 8 will be enough....I wish I could squeeze 10 in there :mellow: ...but we'll see :laugh: . Or maybe I should just give celebs their own competition. Nothing elaborate. I may just have people order 10-15 actresses and singers and just have 8 models per group in this competition :morning: .

So, Group 1 at the moment looks like... Adriana, AnaBB, Isabel, Josie, Petra, Laetitia...I would assume Alessandra, Gisele or Doutzen would fill the last two spots :unsure: .

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IMO the groups should look like this so far.

Group One:

1. Adriana

2. Alessandra

3. Ana

4. Gisele

5. Doutzen

6. Petra

7. Izabel

8. Laetitia

9. Marisa

Group Two:

1. Josie

2. Bar Refaeli

3. Valentina Z

4. Megan Fox

5. Gemma Ward

6. Tori Praver

7. Rianne Ten Haken

8. Rosie Huntington Whiteley

9. Natalie Portman

10. Irina

11. Cinita

Group Three:

1. Aline Weber

2. Edita Vilkeviciute

3. Michaela Hlavackova

4. Shannan Click

5. Maryna Linchuk

6. Alsou

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