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Sweet 32 (eye candy)


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This contest will be very similar to "The greatest models' challenge. THE BEST MODEL OF VICTORIA'S SECRET SHOW", but instead of just models, we will be voting on my Top 32 choices of woman (both model and a few actresses throw in).

The reason I'm doing this is because I'm truly curious to find out which of the woman from my "Top 32" list you like the most.

At the end of the voting I may very well open a Fansite for said person you've all voted on (if time allows for it), but please don't let that sway your voting. :p

Criteria: Who is the OVERALL most beautiful/sexy. Personality and acting/modeling should NOT be taken into consideration for your votes.

Strictly eye candy. :drool:

A HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you to Nem for the idea. :wave: :wub:

Rounds will break down as follows: Sweet 32, Sweet 16, Quarter-finals, Semi-Finals & Final

If you like this idea and want to know what ppl think of your favorites, please feel free to start your own poll!

COMING SOON! (30ish mins)

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