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  1. i think episode 5 has been taken off youtube? i just got to see the judging, which is a shame because i loved those pictures, probably the most high fashion ones i've seen for a while on that show. and felicia eliminated? WTF? she was one of my favourites, and one of the prettiest ones on there. i'll go see if the next one is up now. haha, when i was reading the comments about the plus-size models i got really worried cus someone was like "size 8-10" and i was like WHAT but then i realised i'm thinking in uk sizes and that's totally different
  2. 1. Nelly Furtado (7) 2. Alicia Keys (10) 3. Christina Aguilera (7) 4. Missy Eliot (6) 5. Elisa (7) 6. Natasha Bedingfield (9) 7. Ayumi Hamasaki (9) 8. Avril Lavigne (4) 9. Madonna (10) 10. Kelly Clarkson (10)
  3. ahhh man i have so many more pics of her from the runway shows in paris, i'll post them later when i'm less snowed under with work!
  4. They're not working for me
  5. i'm still not a fan of her runway work, but i'm beginning to like her in editorials. she's so expressive! i think she's on the cover of french vogue this month, correct me if i'm wrong.
  6. and meeeee! she's still in my top 5 models
  7. after seeing that video, she's grown on me a lot. but the trentini thing was weird.
  8. thanks cyp, gorgeous ed!
  9. i want to wear that middle dress hana's wearing at my wedding
  10. {name}

    Grey's Anatomy

    oh man, i shouldn't have read this thread before seeing the latest episode. IZZIE AND GEORGE, SERIOUSLY?? i'mma have to download it now. the one reason i didn't want meredith to die was because i figured they'd just keep her narrating it, then it would totally be a desperate housewives rip-off. other than that, i'm not fussed about meredith. she's too whiney. george and izzie are my favourite characters. mcdreamy annoys me too, him and meredith are perfect for each other in that respect.
  11. oh boy oh boy i'm addicted to this show. THE SPOILERS ARE KILLING ME, i'm trying to stay away from them because i hate knowing what's going to happen. nooooooo, i hope lynette and tom don't split up, i looove tom and they're my favourite couple on the show!
  12. this show bugs me so much, but i can't stop watching it! my favourites so far this cycle are felicia, jael and sarah. i can't believe the shoots they put them through though, whoever said somewhere in this thread that they should put them in real modelling situations is right. i don't see any of the random stuff they do being made into a vogue editorial. tyra and the rest of them are trying to make good tv, rather than actual models.
  13. i do like her, i think she took great pics on the show, but i don't think she has a future in modelling. at least not in high fashion. anyway, i love how they promised her a six page spread in 17 and one of the pages is just full of text
  14. 3. Doutzen Kroes (0) 4. Inguna Butane (2) 5. Miranda Kerr (4)
  15. trentini stam trentini (one of my favourite ad campaigns!) caroline trentini overall
  16. 3. Doutzen Kroes (2) 4. Inguna Butane (3) 5. Miranda Kerr (4)
  17. 1. Milla Jovovich (7) 2. Michelle Rodriguez (4) 3. Mariah Carey (3) 4. Monica Bellucci (6) 5. Misha Barton (2) 6. Michele Trachtenberg (5) 7. Minnie Driver (4) 8. Mona Johanesson (7) 9. Monica Cruz (9) 10. Monica Lewinska (1)
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