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  1. I love all these videos of her coming out! Thank you everyone for your hard work
  2. Oh I see, thanks for answering. Backstage pics are always my favorite so I was actually excited they had so many hours of interviews lol
  3. It’s 2.30 and the show doesn’t start till 8? What!!!
  4. omg you guys. adriana is in her mid thirties so she of course looks older than girls in their mid twenties. however, her skin is perfect and her body is probably the strongest of all the girls cos she is a boxer. every single girl in the show is beautiful, just enjoy the show
  5. thanks! backstage photos are always my absolute favorite
  6. can anyone extract that picture from instagram, please?
  7. i saw that and thought it was so funny, but petty. why do they dislike each other? also, you can't tell at all when they're working together so that's great. they're both very professional.
  8. how do you know its for valentine's day?
  9. wow.... she has a lot going on, this is exciting!!!!
  10. you're right. let her share whatever she's comfortable with and not draw our own conclusions.
  11. i would bet anything it was the photographer or editor of lui that made her feel a certain way. she's worked with them before, so there was no reason to hold back unless the photographer was making advances at her. i hope she's okay
  12. sara edited her post with this and then deleted it
  13. Horcrux


    This isn't her first boob job, though. And she doesn't preach plastic surgery, she got it for personal reasons and I respect her for it. And I do think she's pregnant!
  14. Horcrux


    Those pictures in Costa Rica make me think she's pregnant again
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