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2020 SI Swimsuit

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The Sportsperson of the Year event is going on tonight. A bunch of the girls are attending. Some have already shot this year - JooJoo, Brooks, Kim, Myla - and some from last year who haven’t shot yet - Anne, Olivia B, Camille, Haley, Robin. But also there are Daniela Lopez and Rachel Hilbert. Does that mean they might be in the issue? Guess we’ll find out.

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Location: Wyoming, USA

Photographer: Ruven Afanador

- Vita Sidorkina

- Emily Didonato

- Danielle Herrington

- Kim Riekenberg (Rookie #1)

- Myla Dalbesio

- Marquita Pring (Rookie #2)


Location: Bali, Indonesia

Photographer: Yu Tsai

- Brooks Nader (Rookie #3)

- Olivia Culpo

- Jasmine Sanders

- Kate Bock

- Shamu

- JooJoo Hwang (Rookie #4)


Location: British Virgin Islands

Photographer: Josie Clough

- Haley Kalil

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