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  1. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    For amusement purposes only.....My guesses of the odds of appearing in 2018 (amateur guesses, you folks know much more than I do) Models from 2017 missing - Samantha Hoopes 40%. I keep thinking she's gone and she keeps coming back or I'd have a lower number - Ashley Graham 80% No way MJ cast aside one of her favorites after 2 years - Nina Agdal 85% i hope she's back because they botched her shoot with that awful lighting IMO - Chrissy Teigen 80%. Only reason that's not 100 is this would be year 9 for her, a long time by SI standards - Hannah Davis 10% I'm surprised she appeared in 2017, would be twice as stunned if she returned in 2018 - Bo Krsmanovic 90% She's killed it in both of her years IMO- no way she's not back - Vita Sidorkina-gone, going on Clauds word - Kelly Gale- gone, going on Clauds word - Kate Bock - 25% Like Hannah D, I was surprised to see her in '17. - Hannah Ferguson - 70%. Like Nina, I didn't like her pics last year so i hope she gets another shot - Robyn Lawley- no idea, but I read earlier she's probably back? - Mia Kang - 95%. Clearly an MJ favorite - Rose Bertram (pregnant, 99% confirmed she won't be back)- assumed gone based on that if this is close, that's 3 pretty much gone, 2 I think are gone, and 1 more likely gone than not. That's 6. And we have 6 rookies, so.... We'll see how good my guesses (with some help for the knowledgable posters here) are as we get closer
  2. Daniela Lopez Osorio

    Loving DaniL in the Wurth calendar!!
  3. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    Me too. I wish they could somehow use the Alexis of 2 years ago. I really like Raven. I'm very optimistic about all of this so far
  4. Myla Dalbesio

    I think Myla is absolutely gorgeous. When SI and others talk of healthy body types, THIS is what they should be promoting. She has meat on her bones, but she's not at all fat. It's the same thing I always liked about Kate Upton, though Kate is certainly more "toned" now. I like Ashley Graham and other "plus" models, but I think that concept has been taken too far. Myla is perfect. i don't think I'd change a thing. Oh, and those boobs!!
  5. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    Marilyn Monroe lookalike?
  6. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I like some of these models... just not for SI. Olivia is certainly a keeper Dessie would be good for the issue IMO and maybe Kayla. The rest? No. I like some of them, but.. again..not for SI. I'm cool with the diversity thing, i really am. This bunch just doesn't do it for me. Also, before we all panic, I think only one of these girls is getting in. So, breathe everyone.
  7. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    This open casting call thing seemed like a great idea in theory. So far the reality has been far less great. I kinda like Kassandra but the others so far? Meh
  8. Genevieve Morton

    Thanks for posting the Treats pics @summer89 You are a great human being
  9. Daniela Lopez Osorio

    Dear God in heaven
  10. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    All these videos are now on SI's site except for Danielle's, which I'm sure will show up shortly as well. Myla's video is about as close to NSFW as SI videos get
  11. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    Myla and Bo and Danielle too
  12. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    Are here still videos missing? Not all of the models have the "uncovered" clips posted yet...
  13. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    If only there had been a rookie candidate who along with her looks, seems to be one of the nicest people ever?.... ...Oh yeah, that's right. There was @DaniL
  14. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    I seriously hope this is Hannah's last year in SI. Next year is out because of the baby anyway, but after that even
  15. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    Didn't someone here suggest they do something like that? Gradually release material? Well whoever suggested that got their wish today. This year gets stranger and stranger