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  1. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    And to think, they could have had Dani Lopez Osorio @DaniL Of all the things SI has done in recent years, that's the one that burns me
  2. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I'm kinda surprised Mia is gone after 1 year- MJ kinda hyped her up so I assumed she'd be back. I'm not surprised Kelly is gone. Nina first year was 2011 if I'm correct--I'm surprised she's out but 7 issues is quite a lot. I really liked Hannah F in the beginning but last year's work wasn't as good. I figured Hannah Jeter and Robyn were likely out. Bo is the biggest surprise exit , and I'm very disappointed. I thought she killed it both years. Why is Sam still around? I always liked Kate Bock, last year was not good but I'll give her another chance I do like the rookie class more or less from what I've seen. I LOVE Jasmyn! Interesting turn of events.....
  3. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    The post said this: LAST SHOT of #SISwim 2018! Unless it's just that location. But, damn. No Nina? No Hannah? Mysterious indeed
  4. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    They just posted a video on Facebook saying this was the last shot for 2018. So it looks like we may have our lineup. And did I miss it, or was there no body paint shoot this year? If so, no problem here, that has run it's course IMO
  5. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    Two thumbs up for Jasmyn!! Very good choice
  6. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    hopefully Kate's pics and vids are better this year. I've always liked her but last year was...... not good
  7. Genevieve Morton

    Knowing how big of a Genevieve fan @jj3 is, and being aware he has conversed with her on social media (it's out there on twitter if you care to dig into it), I give him the benefit of the doubt unless something comes up that suggests that the Genevieve that posted on here is not, in fact, Genevieve
  8. Genevieve Morton

    Yeah I actually read your post after I made mine.. probably not the order that should have been done lol.
  9. Genevieve Morton

    Wow, this escalated quickly didn't it? Here's the thing...we've gotten so used to having everything anyone ever does posted to the internet with no consequences that we've gotten spoiled. I am in my mid 40's and thus can remember the days before the internet, when ANY calendar/pinup photo one could get their hands on was like gold. Now, one google search and you can get almost anything you want. I think because so few models/companies put up any kind of a fight over this that we're taken aback when someone DOES say "whoa, wait, this isn't right. I want control over this". It's tough to do in this internet age, where one leak means an image can be anywhere in seconds. While I of course welcome any image/video of the lovely @genevievemorton I can view, I do not blame her for wanting to maintain some control of how her work is distributed. And I do hope no one holds her in lower esteem for the stand she has taken. It is her right to do so. And there is certainly plenty of other material of her out there for us to view and appreciate
  10. Sofia Jamora

    I love her more and more every day. All of the updates are very much appreciated
  11. It looks like the new issue is out. http://worldswimsuit.com/
  12. Jessica Gomes

  13. Myla Dalbesio

    Dear God in heaven
  14. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I like her. Wouldn't mind her in the issue at all