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  1. effyja2012

    2018 SI Swimsuit

    yeah the whole thing about Meredith selling off SI may render all this moot. of course there's the not-so-small matter of who buys it and what THEY decide to do. Stay tuned folks...
  2. effyja2012

    Barbara Palvin

    wish all the photographers would post outtakes like this
  3. effyja2012

    2018 SI Swimsuit

    I can't imagine why...we're so kind to her around here
  4. effyja2012

    2018 SI Swimsuit

    A couple of early thoughts (I'm still going through pics, and the videos will probably take forever seeing as there are like 900 models this year ). - I have no problem with Danielle as the cover-I kinda like they pulled a surprise, like Hailey a couple years ago-but agree they could have used a better pic. -Barbara and Lais are (so far) the winners this year. Incredible, both of them. -Overall so far the pics are better than I expected
  5. effyja2012

    2018 SI Swimsuit

    this thread as launch day inches closer
  6. effyja2012

    Sofia Jamora

    MY GOD
  7. effyja2012

    Hailey Clauson

    I so want to believe these are real, but.. call me cynical. Someone would have had to release them. Either the photographer (some will sometimes post SI outtakes), SI themselves (doubt it) or Hailey (meh). Just curious where you found these...
  8. effyja2012

    2018 SI Swimsuit

    Love how some people are gonna freak over this when Si has always had a few "nudes" in the issue. I guess the difference here being this spread has zilch to do with beaches or swimsuits, so there's that I guess. Interesting....
  9. effyja2012

    Daniela Lopez Osorio

    whatever the reason for the weight loss, this makes me sad
  10. effyja2012

    2018 SI Swimsuit

    Lais looks amazing! There is hope for this year after all, perhaps
  11. effyja2012

    2018 SI Swimsuit

    Apparently someone at SI read my post. I see 2012 and 2013 are now on the site. I wonder how far back they'll go....
  12. effyja2012

    2018 SI Swimsuit

    Haven't seen an official one yet but based on past years Feb. 13/14 would be a logical guess
  13. effyja2012

    2018 SI Swimsuit

    Voting is only until February 2? Jeez we won't even see all the pics. Why don't they run the poll starting with when all the pics are released? Unless they've already made up their mind of course With the limited resources I have to make a decision, I guess I'll go with Raven
  14. effyja2012

    2018 SI Swimsuit

    I do hope they've saved the better shots for release day. Unless the videos are just gonna be better than the pics for about the 10th straight year
  15. effyja2012

    2018 SI Swimsuit

    Why did they show Olivia, Hunter and Ebonee in the generic one piece and showed a normal one of the others?