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  1. Marilyn Monroe lookalike?
  2. I like some of these models... just not for SI. Olivia is certainly a keeper Dessie would be good for the issue IMO and maybe Kayla. The rest? No. I like some of them, but.. again..not for SI. I'm cool with the diversity thing, i really am. This bunch just doesn't do it for me. Also, before we all panic, I think only one of these girls is getting in. So, breathe everyone.
  3. This open casting call thing seemed like a great idea in theory. So far the reality has been far less great. I kinda like Kassandra but the others so far? Meh
  4. Thanks for posting the Treats pics @summer89 You are a great human being
  5. Dear God in heaven
  6. All these videos are now on SI's site except for Danielle's, which I'm sure will show up shortly as well. Myla's video is about as close to NSFW as SI videos get
  7. Myla and Bo and Danielle too
  8. Are here still videos missing? Not all of the models have the "uncovered" clips posted yet...
  9. If only there had been a rookie candidate who along with her looks, seems to be one of the nicest people ever?.... ...Oh yeah, that's right. There was @DaniL
  10. I seriously hope this is Hannah's last year in SI. Next year is out because of the baby anyway, but after that even
  11. Didn't someone here suggest they do something like that? Gradually release material? Well whoever suggested that got their wish today. This year gets stranger and stranger
  12. There is that too The way material has been released this year (a whole week of stuff, then almost nothing last week, and uncertainty on the "go live" time for the web site), it would make more sense that there's turmoil or last second changes of heart in MJ Land . And I'm sure the A-bombing of her IG account didn't help.
  13. That they made it this far without the model being leaked is quite an achievement in this day and age
  14. I didn't make @DaniL my avatar picture for nothing. Just amazing
  15. It's kinda strange they released all this material last week, but except for the Brinkley clan, nothing this week. Also, anyone else find it odd that we haven't heard about a cover announcement? Usually by now they've at least announced when and how they'll announce it. Sort of an odd last week before the issue