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1) PINK (Whatever theme they put this year)

2) VS x Mary Katrantzou (I don't think this is for PINK - they would not use Jas and Jo for the photos)

3) English Countryside 

4) Femme Fatal / Dark Angel Sexy theme

5) Celestial theme

6) _____________________

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2 hours ago, vsfsaddict said:

Sophia posted a story mentioning Cardi B. So...there we have a performer. For me it doesn´t fit but I think her music could fit in the show.

Cardi's music would go well in the designer collab theme. 

Loud and out there.

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8 minutes ago, Sanni said:


Why? :)

I didn’t care for the Highlands section and English Countryside to me screams of a slower, more boring segment which normally isn’t my favorite but they could prove me wrong. 



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44 minutes ago, Dipit said:

I didn’t care for the Highlands section

see if you get invited to mine for christmas now! :blah:


i still remember candice's scrapped harp wings. i can't be fussed to go through the last ten pages but i would love another celestial / astronomically themed segment.

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After watching the Road to the Runway or whatever video, I have to say I really like Aiden Curtiss and Alana Arrington. I don't think Alana is pretty, but her attitude is the perfect combination of calm/professional and excited. Same for Aiden. I like that they aren't over the top, but you can see their enthusiasm when the time is right. I'm glad they're back. 


Barbara P looks really good, too. I didn't think her walk in 2012 was that great though bc of the blowing kisses bullshit. Hopefully she tones that down this time. On the subject of toning things down, I hope Alexina and Josephine are not so extra this year. I think Josephien is beautiful and I really do like her work, but not on the runway. Alexina, well I don't like anything about her at all. Someone I do like, however, is that Lorena Rae girl. I'm excited to see her. 


I like that Leomie girl a lot! Her outfit wasn't very cute but she looked different than the other girls. I'm glad she's back. Georgia F is soooo pretty, but she kinda annoys me. She looks way better without bangs. 


The parachute wings and the outfit on Devon....NO

The shoes.....NO

Performers no matter who they are....NO  (but then again I love Slipknot, Black Sabbath, and Thy Art is Murder type stuff and not hiphop/pop stuff so I always lose out here)

Moon/celestial theme.....sure

Highland/tartan theme....sure


I want Candice to get the bra. She hasn't been working much but I think she deserves one more bra before her time is over. Out of the new Angels, Taylor should get it someday but Elsa i the only one that deserves it now. She hasn't been looking her best, but I hope she gets the FB if Candice doesnt. Or Behati, she should get it at some point too. 



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45 minutes ago, Andrew Van Der Hypp said:

Have we seen those wings before? Idk why but I feel like we’ve definitely seen those wings or at least the exact shape of them in previous shows...

The shape kinda reminds me of Lais Goddess wings from last year, but this seems to be a smaller version of it. And it looks like the wings are going to be white.

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If the English countryside section it’s likely Highland Romance (2006) it’ll be great! HR is one of my favorite segments. Loved the concept and the remix they used.


btw, Alanna is a great spokesperson! (Sui He not so much...)

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