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  1. Hey guys, since I kinda love the MK segment and Leomie just killed it I just had to draw this: Hope you enjoy this! Have a great day everyone!
  2. Leomie Anderson!!! I just love her attitude. I was happy that she got that a bit more screentime in the Floral Segment, because she was only wearing one outfit. I just love that girls personality. Other than that I really enjoyed Halsey, Shawn and The Struts. The energy was perfect in those segments! I think the MK collection wasn't that bad, the prints and the details were actually amazing. It just did not belong on the VS catwalk, it was more like a New York Fashion Week collection
  3. I thought it was pretty boring. I wasn't even excited to watch the show this year, but maybe that's because Alessandra isn't walking anymore and she was the one I cared about. Most segments fell totally flat und were underwhelming. The only performers I liked were Halsey, Shawn and the Struts. They should have gone with them and have 2 or 3 remixes like in the good old days. I think the outfits this year were more toned down, it felt less costumy and more like a lingerie show. But one thing that really annoyed me were the wings this year.. All of them were too small in my opinion (except these horrible parachute wings), not one single wing actually touched the ground. I wish they would have made them bigger and most of the wings sadly weren't memorable at all. But I gotta say, the editing actually looks really nice this year! Hair & Make-Up and Casting were really great this year.
  4. Soooo, found videos of both show openings. Both openings are a bit weak, I really preferred the rehearsal version. Maybe the editing will save it and make it a bit more exciting.
  5. seems like they changed Jo's MK outfit
  6. Since the Show is back on ABC, do you guys think the editing will be different than the previous years? Or is it still in Hamish's hands alone?
  7. So, goodbye to a segment with a great remix!
  8. Thank you! Sorry, didn't know this information was already posted.
  9. Some instagram accounts say that the show will air on November 29. on CBS, according to a Vogue article, but I couldn't find it yet.
  10. I really liked Devon in 2013, I don't know why, but she just looked gorgeous in her outfit and I liked her on the runway that year. In 2014 she looked gorgeous too. But yeah, after that she started to bore me. Same with Lily D., Joan, Jourdan, Constance, etc. They were great their first two years but got boring after that, they just didn't bring something new to the table.
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