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  1. she's wearing elie saab tonight
  2. so funny there are a lot of pics of just her butt hahahaha
  3. love it!!! she wrote it's her last premiere - is she leaving cannes? i think she got more press on this look - no wonder why hahaha ( )( )
  4. i love that she took a risk and did something different than we usually see - I Love this look! She's slaying Cannes and I hope she gets more coverage Bella is in the boat with Mo today, is she gonna be there? cause they are all in the same yatch but they never seem to hang out - today there is Peter Dundas, Bella Hadid etc, let's see if Sara hangs out with them (but since Sara is probably friends with Selena idk haha)
  5. that's today? That means she's shooting for Vogue Mexico?
  6. looooove it!
  7. What is she shooting?
  8. what is she doing in Lebanon?
  9. not a fan of the 1st coachella outfit
  10. regarding Oli, he looks way better in person and I think he's just not confortable with the flashes and photographers (and I think he is not very photogenic that's why the pics look .a bit awkward.) .. I love seeing them together and they will make beautiful babies hahaha
  11. OOH - It totally looked like MiuMiu SS17 caps hahaha She's in Day 2 of the shooting - I think it's something big! I'd love her to be the new face of the parfum. The last one was Bianca Balti, for a "Rose" parfum; maybe this is a new one!
  12. She posted some photos on her snapchat some photos, one was miumiu and the other couldn't tell - anyone can try to find the actual pics? Thanksss
  13. Fragrance?
  14. it can also be an editorial for a magazine. Is she still in Miami?