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  1. can we call them SAREL? HAHA
  2. do we have videos of the shows? Amazing that she had 2 looks on each show + open + lead the finale Not a fan of her outfit today tho, too señorita hahaha
  3. Omg you're the best thank youuuuuu
  4. does anyone here speak italian? :DDDD I would love a quick translation
  5. thanksss that was it
  6. She's cover of Grazia Italy june
  7. Is she looking for her car? HHAHAHAHA Btw, I don't think she will get any FW campaign unfortunately
  8. HAHAHAHAHA I died
  9. Fantasy Brallette - Sounds so 90s vegas!!! hahaha
  10. @gotportugal I just saw I posted the same as you did in the VS thread hahaha
  11. She gost 16k followers just yesterday (vs 3-4k daily) because of Justin Bieber's post - super nice I am curious - is this gonna be a normal Lip Sync or they actually gonna be in the music video?
  12. the hair was just perfect! She has the best hair in the industry
  13. ugh this shiiiiit
  14. hopefully a cover