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  1. OOH - It totally looked like MiuMiu SS17 caps hahaha She's in Day 2 of the shooting - I think it's something big! I'd love her to be the new face of the parfum. The last one was Bianca Balti, for a "Rose" parfum; maybe this is a new one!
  2. She posted some photos on her snapchat some photos, one was miumiu and the other couldn't tell - anyone can try to find the actual pics? Thanksss
  3. Fragrance?
  4. it can also be an editorial for a magazine. Is she still in Miami?
  5. love the campaign
  6. Sara was with Ali yesterday in Miami
  7. what's moda exito? super commercial and mainstream no?
  8. trueeeee:) nothing for Vogue tho
  9. haha omg that was it?
  10. any videosssss? I wanna see her as an actress
  11. same here...
  12. Kegrand was not very useful this season; no MJ; no MiuMiu...
  13. so 9 shows this fashion month...
  14. not even MiuMiu?