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Just now, Prettyphile said:

This time zone shit is killing me :/ I've had maybe a grand total of 7 hours of sleep in the last two days trying to prepare for tonight, I'm a night owl so going to bed at 6pm just so I can get up at 2am is hell lol.... I just want to be 100% positive of when the show is taping because if's not correct I need to adjust everything around.  


Ugh same! Also I forgot I have a party tonight and I’ll be arriving home by the time the show starts so... I’ll do my best and keep myself awake.

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Wow, so many pages to read!


I never be a fan of Martha but she looks amazing, she has beautiful smile! A natural beauty next to Elsa. I used to loved Elsa but I don't like her new face anymore. That's really sad. She looked quite nice in SO video.. now she's covering up her lips on instaphotos. We can't see fer face.. her hair is everywhere.


If Ale left VS, Adri should go too.. but still I prefer Lily A gone. Adriana seems tried, her body is different next to other girls. Maybe Ale and Adri close the show together?


Taylor, Lais, Martha and Stella are my new fav Angels. All of them are stunning. I hope Blanca or Sui become Angel one day. VS needs Asian girl!


Bella seems dead inside as always. Karlie's haircolor is terrible! And I don't like Candice hair too. Her face looks different to me. She lost her spark.



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1 minute ago, Andrew Van Der Hypp said:

I can't believe we're finally getting a Christmas segment after 10 years...wow :oh_no: I hope it turns out to be a good segment, I'm glad it's not an all-white segment.

I don't think A Winter's Tale is going to be christmasy, i think is more inspired by folk tales or something like that

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1 minute ago, Andrew Van Der Hypp said:

I think she would make a great Angel! She just needs to work on her poses and try to be a little more fierce on the runway 

i love her catwalk!!! nothing to complain about this but its better to improve always

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