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  1. I think after all these years she needs some rest. Lily was working all the time until last year. Still we need a huge comeback models like Lily or Gemma Ward on catwalk.
  2. Wow, so many pages to read! I never be a fan of Martha but she looks amazing, she has beautiful smile! A natural beauty next to Elsa. I used to loved Elsa but I don't like her new face anymore. That's really sad. She looked quite nice in SO video.. now she's covering up her lips on instaphotos. We can't see fer face.. her hair is everywhere. If Ale left VS, Adri should go too.. but still I prefer Lily A gone. Adriana seems tried, her body is different next to other girls. Maybe Ale and Adri close the show together? Taylor, Lais, Martha and Stella are my new fav Angels. All of them are stunning. I hope Blanca or Sui become Angel one day. VS needs Asian girl! Bella seems dead inside as always. Karlie's haircolor is terrible! And I don't like Candice hair too. Her face looks different to me. She lost her spark.
  3. I'm so glad that Martha doesn't have this awful bangs!
  4. Grace Bol is going to China according her instagram.
  5. I can live without Hadids on VSFS ^^
  6. I think Vanessa gets a visa 'cause a few hours ago she posted a photo on instagram where she is traning like an angel, so she is in.
  7. I hope VS doesn't waste outfits of Russian girls..
  8. If it's true she has to open the show.
  9. That's really interesting thought. Fingers crossed for English Roses.
  10. Yeah, she did but according her instagram she is in Shanghai right now.
  11. Poor Kate. I will be miss her so much on VSFS. Jourdan Dunn and Lily Donaldson are in Asia That's would be a nice suprise!
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