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  1. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    He couldn't even get that right, I mean, Danielle is a hairstylist, not a make up artist...
  2. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I can't help but draw some parallels with this situation and the Larry Nassar case. Both men who were in a position of power over the girls they were supposed to work with, both providing "guidelines" to stop abuse, and worse yet? Both believing they did nothing wrong and acting like everyone else was out to get them. It's scary to think how many young women suffered at their hands and were either told to keep quiet and suck it up, or simply told it was all in their heads and the men were doing nothing wrong.
  3. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Worse yet that he thinks being talented means he and others should get a free pass.
  4. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I don't understand him. Talks about accountability but refuses to admit he did something wrong? Also hypocritical to be handing out guidelines when he'd probably be the first one to break them.
  5. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Let's not forget all the agents and other crew members who kept sending girls to him instead of cutting all ties before more women were abused. The crew members are also complicit by not running interference or boycotting his shoots. They knew what he was doing and kept silent. Anonymous complaints to the police from multiple sources could've helped, but they all kept quiet.
  6. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Just the way he was making them pose and how he would act around them, it gave me the creeps.
  7. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    He was the same with Jo some years ago... Definitely made me uncomfortable watching him during the Swim Special.
  8. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    It sickens me that he seems to be lashing out at someone who appears to be one of his victims. Worst yet, that he seems to think he did nothing wrong and his so called methods are somehow acceptable or right. Bravo to all the women who are speaking out, hopefully more will come forward and finally put an end to this horrible situation.
  9. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Well... I think shit's about to hit the fan.
  10. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I found the whole show to be a bit of a train wreck. One of the next episodes will probably be about the VSFS so I'm kinda looking forward to that, but it seems kinda pointless seeing how they're almost 4-5 months behind current times. Had it actually aired shortly after NYFW and the show it wouldn't be that much of a drag...
  11. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Josephine will also be at the Super Bowl. Might attend the party as well.
  12. Josephine Skriver

    Can't beleaf the disrespect.
  13. Josephine Skriver

  14. Josephine Skriver

    Hard to beleaf, isn't it?
  15. Josephine Skriver

    Ohh, leaf them alone! They're just having fun.