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  1. Supposedly he's 5'10 and she's 5'11, but I'd guess she's wearing heels.
  2. Alexander is of Mexican descent, either way, chances are they'll be signing their marriage certificate in LA for it to be considered 100% legal.
  3. It was a fan account. I don't think they're active anymore.
  4. I miss these shots so much. It was white wall, but so well done. Also the lingerie was gorgeous, I wanted to buy both sets.
  5. Yeah, she's the one I was thinking of. Could also be Emily R, Kate Upton, or Iskra?
  6. Absolutely! I don't understand why they have to infantilize her and use all those bows and cutesy stuff. Especially since she's wearing lingerie.
  7. I miss the days when even their white walls were appealing.
  8. They've been doing "natural" hair and make up for ages? I wonder if any of their former spokesmodels will be shooting for them again or something...
  9. Doesn't really surprise me, unfortunately. I loved The Struts, so having them again would be nice...
  10. There is no catalogue anymore. It was done with a few years ago, if I'm not mistaken, Josephine got the last cover back in 2016.
  11. Pretty sure Sui is still considered an "Angel" in China. Their weibo recently posted about her.
  12. To be honest, the thing about Russell's book seems so bizarre to me, especially since I think it's unlikely he mentioned paying those girls for their pictures or offered anything from the book? Otherwise they should've drawn a contract and demanded payment before the shoot, even if most of them happened on 'company time', which I'm guessing VS allowed? Either way, it's silly to get mad about it now, especially if they didn't ask for payment or anything.
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