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Thanks Wijin

Busy Blake staying behind

Hot couple Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio are attending star-studded events this weekend, but on different sides of the Atlantic. Lively -- who very publicly gallivanted around Italy with DiCaprio in May -- is staying in Hollywood and will attend BAFTA's Brits to Watch gala tonight rather than be by the "Inception" star's side during producer Ryan Kavanaugh's wedding weekend in Capri. Sources said that Lively stayed put because she's shooting Oliver Stone's "The Savages." She'll join a guest list tonight that includes Prince William and Kate Middleton as well as Hollywood royalty Barbra Streisand, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez. DiCaprio, meantime, is in Italy for Kavanaugh's wedding to ballerina Britta Lazenga. Lively shouldn't worry, though. Her heartthrob brought his mom as his date to hang with fellow guests Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Seacrest.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/busy_blake...O#ixzz1Rb1HkPEf

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^I agree so we never have to stop seeing their clothes! :p

Wow thanks wijn! :hug:

And I agree I am Eden, posting those pics were not necessary :(

And thanks Barbie for the pics! the Stars Uncut photo of them looks soooo real! Also you should rent The Town. Its a really good movie, its quite gritty and raw like The Departed, and Blakes performance in it is steller!

Also thanks fash for the article. Hope we get pics of her at the BAFTA even tonight!

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A little info on how to get Blakes body (I just really want her legs! :drool: )

Leonardo DiCaprio's new squeeze Blake Lively eats 5 meals a day

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively has lost a stone, going from 9½st to 8½st, dropping two dress sizes to a slim size 8.

The 5ft 10in actress has been training with fitness expert Bobby Strom, who's helped her get results fast.

Blake, 23, went from eating calorie-laden Greek and Mexican food to having five small high-protein meals a day and is said to have seen a change to her body in just a few weeks.

‘Eating little and often means she's never hungry and her metabolism is at its optimum level,' says Bobby.

‘If she wants chocolate cake, I tell her to have a few bites.

'If you satisfy the craving, you're less likely to binge, get depressed and lack motivation to work out.'

Blake has gone from doing no exercise to doing two 90-minute sessions of intense cardio as well as yoga and pilates classes each week.

‘We put on loud music so that it's fun and we mix up the workouts, working several muscle groups at once,' says Bobby, who wasn't surprised how quickly she got results.

‘If you get rid of empty calories like fizzy drinks and frothy lattes and work out four times a week, you'll see a difference in just a few weeks.

‘Now Blake loves working out because she feels as if she's accomplished something.

'It's really given her confidence.'

With legs like hers - and Leonardo DiCaprio on her arm - we'd be feeling pretty confident, too.


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Hello everyone :wave: . I didn't really read that much, but just want to preempively make sure everyone is clear on some things. We all know that there is a certain thread here that is known for being a circus and we all know the common denominator there. This thread is about Blake Lively and we will keep it that way. Everyone that comes here may not be interrested in who a model or actress is dating, so aside from pics of them together, there's no need to overdo it when said person has their own thread. Also, for general banter there is also a "Chat Thread" in the General Discussion forum for all of your general discussion needs. The extent of boyfriend oriented material should be limited to pics of them walking the red carpet smiling at the cameras ect. Soap boxes and drawn out discussions about the relationship and all that stuff isn't going down here as I fefuse to have another thread like the one I previously referenced that will remain nameless. I know he's a great actor and we love him and him dating someone new may take time to adjust to for some of us, but this thread will not become a circus and Blake Lively is the star here and the fans will be allowed to enjoy that star without the drama. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation :) .

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Of course Joe Average we understand. :wave:

Thanks fash and aOMG! I love the new pics! I think the dress is sooo pretty, and I think her hair looks fantastic with the dress! Although I'm not a huge fan of the drapping on the fabric. I don't find it very flattering to her body.

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Vid from popcandiesTV of last night. She looks soo gorg in the vid and soo sweet. :heart:

Love it when that guy says "You my #1 gay" And Blake goes "Really? Thats a bold statement!" :rofl:

She was soooooo sweet with all her fans and she took pics with like all of them. How sweet :wub:

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