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  1. Noooo... R.I.P. Stranger50. If you get a free 50gb account with mega.nz and get the app you can just link your folder so it automatically uploads anything you save to it! If you do, pm me and I can give you access to my mega Gigi collection. You could grab about 7000 in one hit.
  2. I'm gonna send her a washing machine instruction manual cause she may have just shrunk that top in the wash
  3. {name}

    Brie Larson

    Imgbox doesn't work!!!
  4. Is imgbox not working?
  5. Gigi... in leather!..... ♫ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ♫ 🤶
  6. Lol, yeah I tried joining in with the video..... but I ended up pulling a muscle!
  7. There is some thing weird going there. But not to do with the perfect form that is Gigi
  8. Awesome as usual thanx, but doesn't her knee look kinda low???? weird
  9. is it just me? I get a bit depressed seeing our Gigi in a wedding dress
  10. Dude, I would be very interested to know? I picture you in an air-conditioned server room surrrounded by whirring hard drives 😀
  11. Crikey you must save every single thing! fairplay. I'm about 5700 for Gigi but 100000 for all! I don't save all the catalogue pics. Just the ones when you can tell that she likes what she's wearing and she knows she looks good I like those! + yoga lol
  12. Me too So, after much painful deliberation.... No's 3,4 n 5
  13. No2 ok that's a given but the rest will be hard
  14. I think it would be fun if we all posted our top 5 favourite pics of our beloved Gigi?!?!? It'll take me about a week to decide, I have sooooo many!
  15. I would love her and care for her and call her - Jehane Gigi Plaster of Paris... Lol
  16. Is that for sale? I would very much like to own that
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